Hunter #13 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 3 Years Old ID#3109


chocolate labrador retrieverHunter is a beautiful 3-year-old, male Chocolate Labrador Retriever that came into Brookline’s care from an owner surrender. This sweet boy’s previous owners needed help getting some medical issues assessed and surrendered Hunter to Brookline in order to provide the medical evaluation he needed to get him on the right medication.  He loves dogs, kids and is house trained. He rides beautifully in the car and plays nicely with his toys. Please read his blog from the bottom up.

October 21, 2023

Hunter celebrated his 3rd birthday in style with a trip to St Michael’s, Maryland. He had a great time roaming and barking at geese. Hunter continues to be steady on his medications.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverAnd while his seizures are every few weeks, they are quite manageable. A friend told Hunter he is no longer a baby, but to me, he is still a big little guy full of love of life who just wants to be near his people.

September 10, 2023

Hunter wanted to show off his bath well earned after his playtime outside. He continues to live his best life. His seizures are well controlled and manageable with his twice daily medication schedule and he loves his GI dog food. Honestly he loves all food but his new favorite is a bit of watermelon sans seeds and rind.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverHis alter ego “fudgie” does still show for some counter surfing and dumpster diving if left alone but Hunter is a great listener when his people are nearby. He continues to be happiest when one of his humans is with him sleeping happily next to them.

July 25, 2023

Hunter continues to thrive. His medical issues are under control, and he seems to have reached an excellent, consistent level of care with his seizures though every few weeks, he has a seizure that is very well controlled and minimal in duration and intensity.

He is an active guy and a big love. Hunter isn’t a huge fan of the heat but likes early morning walks and chomping on ice cubes.  He loves loves his people and, if we aren’t around, will hang with our other resident dog.

Hunter is a great home office companion and tries to make himself useful too grabbing a fly swatter just in case ;>  Chocolate Labrador RetrieverHe just had his bloodwork and got a two thumbs up from the vet! Hunter is a velcro love and needs people home more often than not. He can play a little rough at 95 pounds tends to throw his body around a bit so a home with older children or savvy lab parents would be best.

June 15, 2023

Happy Summer from HunterHunter has been having a great month.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverHis seizures are getting less frequent now, every 2-3 weeks and mild so it isn’t long before he is back to playing in the sunshine with his foster sister. Hunter is a velcro dog with a big heart and no prey drive so great with all animals and people, but he is a bit of a clumsy and energetic young lab, so smaller pets and young children may need to be watched more closely around him. His digestive issues from a reaction to his medication last fall have settled. And he loves the evening snack when going to bed to help his stomach stay on track, not too full, not too empty. Hunter needs a family with the ability to be with him more often than not and give his meds to him on schedule, which is key to maintaining his health. He’d also love a playmate like his foster sister or some humans ready to cuddle and play with him because he is active in the morning. Hunter loves routine and can certainly tell when it is time for a meal with even a 10-15 minute warning bark to remind you. He is a joy!

May 18, 2023

Hunter says hi! He is doing great. His seizures are very mild, so despite their occurrence every few weeks, Hunter lives the full life of a happy, young lab.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverHe loves food, taking long walks, and playing with his foster sister, but most of all, he loves his people. He is a velcro dog. Hunter is a dumpster diver, and counter surfer but does well with the command “leave it” If he is alone, he does tend to get a bit more curious and attentive to trash cans and counters. He likes to nap in the sunshine and cuddle with his foster mom at night. He also doesn’t mind the bits of chicken he gets in the evening when going to bed to help his digestive system stay on track… not too empty, not too full. In Hunter’s mind, it is never too full. He is a big love bug with lots of energy and needs a family with the ability to be with him more often than not and give his meds to him on schedule.

April 15, 2023

Hunter (aka Fudgie) just had his annual neurology visit and passed with flying colors! He is doing great on this med combo and living his best lab life. Hunter is also doing much better with counter surfing and table manners since settling into the new meds that initially made him very, very hungry, even for a lab, but we love his nickname so much he is still “la fudge”. La Fudge is at the top of his weight chart at 95 pounds, so he is on a bit of a reduction. We are confident with his metabolism settling that, he will slim down.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverHe will likely continue to have seizures every few weeks that is just how his brain works but they are quite mild and his meds have room to make changes should it be needed. The Neurologist gave him a thumbs-up! Hunter and his foster sister are embracing Spring with a gusto but he loves his naps and still stays close to his people. He is a big love bug!Chocolate Labrador Retriever

March 23, 2023

We are celebrating Hunter’s 6 weeks of being seizure-free. When he did have his seizures this past week, they were less intense and handled well with his recovery doses. A few down days and he was back in full lab mode, playing and loving his foster family and dog foster sister.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverHunter loves a good snooze in the afternoon and still likes to be anywhere that his people are bathroom, office, or kitchen.

He does have a sensitive stomach, so gets “baked chicken and rice” a few times a week with his prescription gi dog food. Hunter loves this part of his routine! He travels great in the car and loves all animals and his home and has no desire to wander. He is house-trained and other than for food, or attention is a quiet guy. Hunter goes for his annual neurology visit at the end of this month, and we are feeling really good about it. Chocolate Labrador Retriever

This big love is still available for the special family that can help Hunter stay on his routine medicine schedule and are home more often than not since he loves to be with his people. He is great with older kids, dogs of all sizes, and likely cats. Hunter weighs about 90 pounds and can counter surf with the best of them though he tones it down around his people.Chocolate Labrador Retriever 

February 23, 2023

Hunter (aka as fudgie) loves to play and is doing well on his new medications which have reduced the frequency and intensity of his seizures. He is a happy playful 2 year old lab. Hunter does have a somewhat sensitive stomach so he’s on a low fat diet and gets some extra chicken and rice from us from time to time. And when he goes into “ fudgie mode” can also score a few trash scraps, unsuspecting toaster bagels and other food that keeps his foster family on their toes. He is a lover of his humans and plays well with other energetic dogs.

January 24, 2023

Hunter has been having a great few weeks. He is adjusting wonderfully to his new medications and living a young lab life.

Hunter loves his people; if they are too busy to cuddle with him, his foster sister Harper steps up for the task.chocolate labrador retrieverHis alter ego, “fudgie” is quite adept at opening the garbage can, posing a few challenges for his family after three bungee cords and a gate couldn’t slow him down.

He is easily trained since he is highly food motivated and a great cuddle on a cold night!

Hunter  (aka Fudgie) is a love! He is an energetic guy with a lot of love to give!

January 8, 2023

chocolate labrador retrieverHunter is an adorable young lab full of love, spirit, and play with a neuro disorder that needs a special family to adopt this diamond in the rough. At two years old, he doesn’t know he is any different and loves his people and his foster sister, Harper. Every few weeks, Hunter does have a bad day or so of seizures and extra meds, but if kept on a regular medicine schedule, Hunter thrives between these off days.chocolate labrador retrieverHe plays, goes on walks, and counter surfs with the best of them (lol). Hunter also reacted to certain seizure meds, so he is now on a low-fat veterinarian dog food that can be ordered directly from Chewy to keep his internals on track. He is a survivor, a lover, and a great dog who needs someone to see beyond his struggles to the beautiful, loving guy with years of love ahead of him. He truly loves everyone and all pets. He is a love.chocolate labrador retrieverHe would do best with a family that has children over 4 since he is a big guy at 85 pounds and with a family that has a regular schedule and is home more often than not.

October 10, 2022

Hunter deserves to celebrate this milestone! From seizures to pancreatitis, Hunter is a fighter. He’s come out the other side with new meds, great energy and the same happy lovable spirit.chocolate labrador retrieverJoin me in wishing Hunter an amazing future. He’s earned it! Happy 2nd Birthday!!

October 5, 2022

Hunter was doing so well since my last update, and his seizures were well controlled with his medications, and his seizures were stable and predictable since they are cyclical.

Unfortunately, Hunter was not feeling well on Sunday, September 25.  He wasn’t eating and was vomiting when he drank water.  We brought him to Blue Pearl.

chocolate labrador retrieverThey determined that the combination of drugs that Hunter was on for his seizures most likely caused a severe case of pancreatitis, which can happen suddenly without any warning signs.  It was touch and go for a couple of days but we remained hopeful that this strong and resilient boy would keep fighting through his illness.chocolate labrador retrieverchocolate labrador retrieverHunter was taken off his previous seizure meds and was started on a new combination.  The pancreatitis was causing fluids to collect in his stomach, so he was given a gastrointestinal tube to prevent aspiration, and heavily sedated to help his body recover.  chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverAfter a couple of days of heavy sedation, he was showing signs of improvement and was transferred to the ICU at his regular vet.  The new medications were controlling his seizures well, and though his breathing was a bit labored, his x-rays were clear of pneumonia. They were able to transition Hunter off all his IV meds, and fluids, and he was eating 4-6 small meals a day.

chocolate labrador retriever After a week in intensive care, Hunter was finally able to come home.

chocolate labrador retrieverAlthough Hunter was still medicated and sleepy, he was happy to see his foster family again, and he definitely needed a bath! Hunter is currently on eight different medications to help recover from the pancreatitis so this Foster Mom feels like I have a newborn with his current medication schedule.  Things should get better after a week or so, as some meds are phased out, and others slowly merged with some other medication dosing schedules.  He’s a little dopey still from all the medication, but is eating, and happy to see his furry foster sister, Harper.chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverHe is definitely improving each day, and today he even was super playful with Harper while they were both laying down, and he has been chewing his bone and playing with his stuffed dragon.chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverMornings are great but he’s pretty beat by 5pm.  He has been through a lot but is on the path to recovery.  Hunter has a follow up appointment on October 18 to recheck his pancreas and to make sure the new seizure medications are working well for him.  chocolate labrador retrieverPlease keep Hunter in your thoughts for a continued recovery!

September 9, 2022

Hunter is having a great week. He is in full spirits and loving life. He had his meds tweaked slightly after having a seizure last week and is in full “young lab” mode. He has earned the nickname “fudgie” for his ability to find something entertaining to do with himself constantly! The question “what is “fudgie” doing now?” as we hear him clamoring down the stairs or rolling a bone across the tiled floor is the new motto of our home.chocolate labrador retrieverWith his renewed energy, he is taking mile walks, playing, and generally loving being a lab. Hunter will always have seizures and a few bad days, but it makes these weeks even sweeter to watch his love of life. He should have someone who is home more often than not for the ability to give his rescue dose of medicine relatively soon after a seizure to prevent an additional seizure from occurring.  The seizures on his meds are mild, lasting less than a minute, in the event that he has a seizure.  He loves his people/person, and if that person isn’t there, any person, even strangers, will do.  He also loves all animal friends.

August 19, 2022

Summer is fun for Hunter. He is loving the sun and cooling off in the pool… a little too much as swimmers ear has sidelined those adventures for a few days. He does like the nap indoors in the AC too.chocolate labrador retrieverHunter’s vet is pleased with his progress. Although he does have a seizure every few weeks, the seizures are quite manageable and he is back to living his best life nearly right after as a loving somewhat clumsy young lab.chocolate labrador retrieverHis heart is full of love to give to the family that sees beyond his special needs of a wonky brain.

July 25, 2022

Hunter loves summer. He likes to jump in the pool for a quick dip, and car rides are fun.chocolate labrador retriever

He loves to lay outside and play with his foster sister too.

We continue to fine-tune his medicine to minimize his seizures. He has had a few break-through seizures, minor compared to before his meds and very manageable. Once given his rescue med dose he is back to living his best life as a young lab. Hunter will always have seizures but we are pleased with his progress in managing his illness.chocolate labrador retrieverHe is a great guy with a wonky brain looking for someone to see past his illness to how lovable and wonderful he is in life.

June 20, 2022

Hunter is doing great. He has been seizure-free for 6 weeks and recently reduced his meds slightly because he is doing so well.chocolate labrador retrieverHe takes a dip in the pool but isn’t an avid swimmer but does love to play ball.

May 31, 2022

Hunter likes his ball time out in the yard,

and cooling off in the pool.

April 25, 2022

Hunter is thriving with his new medication which he takes only twice a day. He adjusted really well and should have been named beans because he is full of them ;>. A lively, loving dog he is super playful with our dog and loves cuddles at night. Hunter loves everybody and is submissive to even our little dachshund mix. He is a lover, not a fighter.chocolate labrador retrieverA side effect of his medicine is that he is a very hungry guy but it does help with training since he is highly food driven. He is completely house-trained and will bark if he needs to be let out. He also doesn’t bark at much else which makes Amazon deliveries a breeze. ;> chocolate labrador retrieverHunter had only one minor seizure 1 month after starting his new meds. He quickly recovered with the recovery dose and was up and bopping around within a few minutes of the episode. His bloodwork came back great too… right in the middle of the zone for the meds.chocolate labrador retriever

April 10, 2022

Hunter is full of Spring Fever with lots of energy. He loves to play tug, ball and find sticks outside.

March 7, 2022

chocolate labrador retrieverHunter is doing great after a short medical scare with a cluster of seizures. It was the first time he has had seizures since being with us. We’ve updated his meds and  I have a medical follow-up shortly. It took a few days of rest and he is back in full lab mode. He is enjoying life with our other dogs, the couch, and playtimes and walks outside.chocolate labrador retrieverWe gave him lots of love and even a few extra treats for being such a brave boy. Hunter is doing much better walking on a leash and is learning manners with food and counter surfing but it is hard…  he loves food. ;>chocolate labrador retrieverHunter is secure and his separation anxiety is behind him but he still prefers to be with his people and dog friends. He will rest comfortably in his crate during the day and sleeps in it through the night. He is a good boy!

February 21, 2022

Hunter is doing great. He’s had his vet visit and been microchipped. While the Vet wasn’t his favorite place. He was a very good boy. We are working on stabilizing his meds for seizures. He hasn’t had one with us in foster but has had them in the past. HIs bloodwork came back clean which is great news so we celebrated with some extra belly rubs.chocolate labrador retrieverHe had some stiffness in his left hip on vet exam though it doesn’t seem to slow him down with his play or give him any pain. He’s added some over the counter doggie fish oil supplements to his diet as advised by our vet.

While he still tends to like to stay near me when I’m home, he does fine if left alone when I leave without demonstrating anxiety. He and my dogs can rest and eat together.chocolate labrador retriever

February 7, 2022

Hunter has passed a milestone tonight! He has been battling separation anxiety but decided to leave my side to find better things to do than state at me on the treadmill. 😉chocolate labrador retrieverHe checks back but now can relax without having to physically touch me or my dog.chocolate labrador retriever

He also no longer jumps on the counter if someone is in the room. He has a huge food drive so this is tough for him.chocolate labrador retrieverLeash training is great. Still loves the shower!chocolate labrador retriever

February 2, 2022

For having been an only dog previously, Hunter does beautifully with our dogs. He’s learning cues and even yields to the little dog who reprimanded him when he got too forceful in play.chocolate labrador retrieverHe loves wrestling and hanging with our large dog. Hunter is very active and needs lots of attention. The dogs play all day.chocolate labrador retrieverWe are working on leash manners, “place” and “stay”. He is house trained and barks by the door to be let out. Still nervous he needs to be touching or with someone to be secure. We are working on this each day.chocolate labrador retriever

January 31, 2022

Hunter is settling in beautifully on day two.  Last night, he slept soundly in his crate after about a half-hour of expressing his concern. He had two luvvies with him and was quiet till we woke him this morning for a walk. Today, he had more playtime with Harper outside in the snow. Play today was less about wrestling and more about chasing balls. Hunter was tired especially because a fox wandered just outside our yard that kept both dogs scanning the fence line. Very Exciting!  Hunter was calm and sleepy this afternoon to meet Sandyman, the smaller dog. They had a nice time in the sun in my office window seat.

He spent the afternoon by my feet as I worked. Tonight, all three dogs were able to have dinner together in the same room. After that they each chose a bed to relax. We had a small incident of counter-surfing but Hunter was a good listener when he realized he was caught. He is such a good doggie.

January 30, 2022

Hunter is a very playful and loving young guy. He rode in the car beautifully.chocolate labrador retriever We did a meet and greet with Harper in the yard and they were off, playing nearly all afternoon.

chocolate labrador retriever

He went into his crate very politely for about 30 minutes while I ran an errand but was quite pleased to get out and play with Harper again while we ate lunch. chocolate labrador retrieverHe is very curious and will be meeting our smaller dog and cat later today or tomorrow. He has his own space in my son’s room to give everyone a breather when needed but so far, the dogs are thrilled to be together or if Harper takes a rest he lays at my feet. chocolate labrador retrieverLater Day update:  He is also a surprise shower diver so that was unexpected.


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