Isabella (Izzy) Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female, 5 Years Old

February 25, 2019

Chocolate Labrador Retriever pink bandannaIzzy here everyone!  I had another great day with FM and FD.  I get so excited when FM gets my leash and tells me we are going outside!  I just love going on walks!  I hung out with FM and FD downstairs yesterday and I love when they pet me.  FM said I did great in my crate last night and no accidents inside!  I wait till I get outside to do my business.  FM and FD still have to put some treats out to get me in my crate and sometimes I need my leash on to be led in there.  They also worked with me yesterday on going closer to those stairs.  They bought me some new treats from the store yesterday but I really don’t like them.  FM got me some cheese cubes and hot dogs though and I just love them!  FM put some out for me and I got about 3 feet Chocolate Labrador Retriever pink bandannaaway from the steps and FM and FD were so proud of me.  But that’s all the further I got so far!  But FM went downstairs this morning and when she came back I was standing further out past the counter than I have before and she was so excited!  FM and FD are being very patient with me and taking me outside and around the house to get me in downstairs with them.  The first day I got there I ate all my food but yesterday I didn’t really want to eat.  FM put some shredded boneless chicken in my bowl and I ate that and some food.  This morning she put some tuna in with it but I haven’t really ate it yet but we will see!  They also bought me some canned food that FM said we may try!  

February 24, 2019

Chocolate Labrador Retriever pink bandannaYesterday we went and picked up Isabella from the vet!  She needed some help up into the car but once she was in she loved the car.  She is a good 98 pounds of loveable chocolate!!  She would lay down for a while and then sit up and watch the cars.  Once we got home we went through the house and sniffed around.  We found that the kitchen seems to be our favorite room!  But when foster mom (FM) tried to get me to go down the stairs in the kitchen to go outside I wouldn’t go.  FM and foster dad (FD) are trying to figure out what is scaring me from going towards those steps.  In the meantime we have been going outside via the deck.  FM and FD keeing knocking on wood everyone because I have had no accidents in the house and have gone outside every time!  FM gets so excited when I go outside and pets me and gives me a treat!  I love going for walks and FM tells me that she can’t believe how good I do on my leash for never being on one.  FM and FD hang out downstairs and I will go in there but not down those steps but come through the garage.  I did stay down there a little longer last night but came back up to the kitchen and wanted to go back down but wouldn’t do those steps!  FM and FD said they are going to work on me with that and getting me some other treats to try!  FM left both doors on the crate open for me and after a while I did go in and lay down and have a great.  I wasn’t sure what that round thing and rope were, but FM told me it was a ball and toy.  She told me we would work on playing with them too!  So far I think this is a pretty cool place and FM and FD are really nice and pet me a lot!  I’ll let you know how today goes!  Here are some pics attached of me!  

February 21, 2019

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverAnother sweet calm friendly chocolate farm girl was added to the Brookline family today.  Izzy is 5.8 yrs old, very laid back, good with dogs and young kids.  Takes treats gently.  No health issues other than needing to lose some weight.  Great dog!  She is at the vet for a few days getting vaccinated and then going into foster care.  Stay tuned for updates!

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