Jack #6 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 11 Years Old ID #2772

June 9, 2020

Hi everyone!
So a big change for Jack…  he no longer needs to be in a Ranch or split level forever home.   A 2-story house with carpeted steps is now an option!
His mobility and strength have really flourished while he has been in our care….  so much so that I caught him counter-surfing yesterday!
He’s likely not going to race you up and down the stairs,  but he is confident and strong and doing stairs with no issues now.   Yay Jack!

June 7, 2020

Jack is loving the cooler mornings and enjoying them in style.  black Labrador Retriever in flower bed
Please let’s find this sweetheart his forever home ❤❤

May 31, 2020

Jack is enjoying his leisurely Sunday morning on the deck.  black Labrador Retriever

May 29, 2020

Jack is liking the air conditioning, but would rather be rolling in the grass!
Jack got a bath this week,  and he stood very politely and waited for the toweling off (and more grass rolling).
He is hoping to meet his furever family this weekend…  paws crossed

May 23, 2020

In honor of all our Veterans, respect and a big thank you.
Jack is enjoying the nice weather and also wants to thank all the Heroes in today’s new normal.

Stay safe everyone and Cheers to the all the Heroes.

May 18, 2020

Jack is enjoying these great days with the windows (and doors) open.   He loves chilling on the deck and people watching or hanging in the kitchen next to me while I work.

He is getting to know all the neighbors on our walks and politely waits while I chat with them.

Here’s Jack hanging after a fun weekend.

May 12, 2020

Look what an admirer of Jack’s sent as a surprise today!  Jack will be in doggie paradise later today.

Dog Toys

May 11, 2020

Jack has been with me for over a month and he is just a sweetheart.  He is definitely feeling more comfortable as he now barks when he wants to play and will let you know if play time must continue.  But he’s not overly persistent and will stop if you ignore him.  He has filled out nicely and his coat is looking great.  He loves to get brushed and will stand patiently for a few minutes…  then it’s off to find a toy 🙂 He politely said hello to the grandchildren next door and was not triggered by their running around and being active children.

He will definitely chase squirrels and cats and his focus and speed are quite impressive for his age!

Jack is taking 3 walks a day and has become a neighborhood favorite.

April 29,2020

Jack is loving these past few sunny days!  He is very content chilling on the deck and sunbathing.black Labrador Retriever Face

Jack is getting more playful and will let you know when it’s time to log off from work and play tug of war, his favorite game next to destroy stuffed toys.

His coat is looking great with daily brushings which he enjoys.  He’s also very ticklish and the brush finds all those spots 😀

Jack is an amazingly sweet dog and has great energy and health for a senior guy.   Nothing is slowing this boy down with his three walks a day, and of course a round or two of tug-of-war.

April 26, 2020


April 20, 2020

Jack is continuing to do great!  He watched calmly while I mowed the lawn, either watching from the deck or a place in the yard. Showed no signs of anxiety or interest in chasing the lawnmower. He’s not as thrilled about the vacuum.  He did not attack it but changed rooms when I entered and seemed to be happy went the vacuum disappeared 🙂

Jack will NOT be an excuse to stop doing your workouts.  He literally does not care if you are jumping up and down or doing exercises on the floor, he will just sleep.  I do take him for long walks before starting, but that’s about it.  As much as he won’t bother you while you are working out, he also does not care about “space”…. so, he may just decide to take his nap in the middle of your exercise area.

Once Jack settles may need to try a different brand of food.  Not going to lie, this boy can clear a room.  Thank heavens he’s cute!

April 18, 2020

Jack has been with me now for 2 weeks and has really blossomed. His hind legs are getting stronger with our walks and he’s much more stable on my short deck steps. black Labrador Retriever sleeping

The vet completed his blood work and gave him high marks – so that is great news!  All the staff love his sweet disposition.  We are giving Jack 1/2 tablet of Dermaxx daily to help with any arthritis discomfort.

Jack is an expert at systematically destroying his stuffed toys. He takes one limb off at a time and has a grand ole time doing it!  Then he contently and with pride takes a nap 🙂 He will often take one of his toys to bed with him, but is not possessive about any of them.  black Labrador Retriever sleepingHe is always ready for a good game of tug of war or chase the squirrel.

Jack stands nicely at the door when coming inside if it’s raining.  He understands that he needs to be toweled off and will wait patiently for you to dry him off.  He greats everyone with a tail wag and LOVES to get butt and head rubs.  He also enjoys his daily brushing and his coat has really started to shine.

He is a great dog and companion and has a lot of love to give (and laughs).

April 13, 2020

Jack is settling in nicely.  He LOVES taking walks.  We took a nice leisurely 1 mile walk today, and Jack did wonderfully.  Barking dogs did not bother him and he stopped and calmly waited when mommy needed to catch up with neighbors.

Jack was left alone for 4 hours today and did great!  He was sleeping on his bed when we arrived home and from our cameras, he settled shortly after we left.  We did block all stairs as he will climb to make sure no one is home.

Jack is a wonderful dog and has been a very welcoming dog to all those he has met.  Zero food aggression and he takes treats very gently.

Jack just wants and deserves a family that loves him.

April 10, 2020

This is lovely Jack, a true 11-year young Lab mix.  His mother was Chocolate Lab and dad Border Collie, so he looks black with nice auburn highlights 🙂

Jack lived his whole life with one family, but Jack needed help with his medical needs so he was surrendered to Brookline. The vet feels confident that the large lump is fatty tissue and can be monitored for discomfort.  We are getting a full blood workup and x-rays in the next few weeks as we understand what he needs medically.  Jack broke his hips falling out of the car window when he was young and the vet would like to check the current situation.

In general, Jack is a sweet very lovable older gentleman.  He loves people and wants to be near you.black Labrador Retriever laying down

Due to his hind leg issues, Jack is limited to having no staircases in his life.  He also seems to not hear very well, but does look at his humans to understand what is being asked of him.  His eyesight is great as he definitely sees the squirrels 🙂black Labrador Retriever laying down

He loves to play with his toys and tug of war is a favorite.  He will bark to ask you to play more, but doesn’t push it.  He seems to not care about human food, or at least he doesn’t beg.

Jacks walks great on a leash and LOVES to take walks and car rides.  He will try to get in to the front seat immediately, but if you block his entrance to the seat, he will not persist.  Jack is fully housebroken, no accidents!  He will potty on concrete during his walks, but for the most, he finds grass.  Jack will cause a fuss if another dog gets too close to him or gets excited around him, so no doggie housemates for this guy.  During our walks he ignores other dogs, so walking him is nice and easy. Even when he does get agitated and lunges if another dog gets too close, he isn’t muscularly strong so he can be pulled back and he will refocus immediately.  He is not insistent or looking for trouble 🙂

Although Jack would be harmless around young children, I do not recommend living with them due to his physical limitations.

I do not believe Jack has separation anxiety in that he would be destructive, but he does get upset when you leave him in a room and go upstairs.  He will try and climb the stairs so as not to be left alone. I will be attempting to leave him in the house for short periods of time over the next few days to get him use to being alone in my house and to see how he manages.  I will need to block the stairs (up and down) so he can’t fall if he tries to use them.

Jack is a wonderful boy and will be a great senior addition to the family.

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