Jackson #5 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 1 Years Old ID #3175

January 1, 2023

Happy New Year, Everyone!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful Holiday Season! We celebrated this thing called Christmas.

I got to spend it with the family and company. Yellow Labrador Retriever It was so much fun to get presents, although, I must admit I had no idea what a present was!!! From the doggie Christmas cookie to the Benebone box with four different bones in there.Yellow Labrador Retriever I had the best time of my life. I am so thankful for all the help my foster family has given me.  They’ve helped me come such a long, long way.   I’ve been on my medication for almost a month now and I am gaining weight, FINALLY! It’s awesome to know I’m on the right track and never have to look back to the way things used to be.  Foster mom is slowly introducing other foods and treats into my diet and that’s going very well.  My favorite is medium sized Milk Bones!  Funny, they don’t taste like milk, but they sure are crunchy and tasty, too!  Now, I don’t get lavished with them but I can have a few per day for now with no side effects which is a far cry from where I was 3 months ago when chicken and rice were the only things I could eat.   I’m super happy now that everything is normal. Yellow Labrador Retriever Besides food, I love going on walks and getting chased by that little gremlin, Benny, but my all-time favorite activity is FETCH!  Foster dad uses this thing called a Chuck It Launcher so I can run longer, faster, and harder while we play fetch.

December 14, 2022

Hey Ya’ll!!! It’s been a while, but I thought I’d update you on how I’m doing.Yellow Labrador Retriever  As you know, I had some GI issues, but that’s all behind me!!! The medication the doctor prescribed is fantastic!  I have been on this medication for almost 2 weeks and I’ve never felt better!!!  I’m gaining weight and enjoying life like nobody’s business!   But that’s not all that’s going on.  My foster family lives up north in PA and we have a little bit of snow on the ground.  In fact, they’re calling for about 6 more inches over the next few days.  Turns out I LOVE the snow!  Check out my video if you don’t believe me!   It makes finding the ball a bit of a problem, but I don’t mind.  Foster mom thinks she’s funny when she throws snowballs for me to catch and they land before I can even get them.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out where they go.

I’ll keep you posted on the snow that’s coming up.Yellow Labrador Retriever

December 7, 2022

Action Jackson here. Yellow Labrador Retriever I just wanted to update you on the new medication I’ve been taking. Believe it or not it works like a charm.  No more chicken and rice, although I do love it. My GI tract is feeling better. I never really knew what it was like to feel normal, but I sure am enjoying it now. I might even start gaining some weight.  Foster mom says she thinks I’m stable enough now and ready for my next adventure.  I’m so thankful she had the right people to finally find a solution to my problem. Anyway, since it rained all day yesterday, playing outside was not an option so I’m hoping today foster dad will take me to the park for some hardcore running with my foster siblings.Yellow Labrador Retriever

I love when my foster dad uses that Chuck It Ball Launcher because it throws the ball really far! I do my best to get that ball before anyone else does and it makes my foster siblings so mad.  Ha Ha Ha.  You see, I’m a super-fast runner and there’s nothing I love more than getting some vigorous exercise. Yellow Labrador Retriever Snuggling with my human is obviously my second favorite pastime.Yellow Labrador Retriever

December 4, 2022

Hey everyone!  Jackson here ready to give an update.

I had lots of visitors for Thanksgiving and had an awesome time with all the grandkids.  They all slept over that weekend and I really enjoyed being the center of attention! yellow Labrador Retriever Not sure why little kids insist on dressing me up but I went along with it.  I was a good pup for the most part and minded my manners with all the company but I did have to attack one of those baby dolls the grand kids were dragging around.  I swear that thing was evil! This weekend, I finally got to go back to the dog park to run!!!!!  Boy did I miss that!! Two weeks on restricted exercise was very difficult, but they say I have healed very well from being neutered without any complications. yellow Labrador Retriever I was NOT a fan of the donut around my neck, though. As for my intestinal issues, they ran lots of tests which took a lot of time to get results back and have determined that I have few genes that predispose me to intestinal issues, but we are working on a cocktail that gives me relief.  My latest medication came in today, so we’ll see how it goes.  The vet says that I have to eat special dog food called Purina EN Gastrointestinal. I still have chicken and rice mixed in with my kibble but foster mom is simultaneously increasing the kibble and decreasing the chicken and rice.  I have to take a probiotic daily, puree pumpkin with all my meals, and a powdered medicine called Tylan Soluble. I’m not allowed to have any other foods than what the vet prescribed for me.  They say I must remain on a restrictive diet.  Even my treats have to be Purina EN. Foster mom says that once my intestines are stable, I’ll be ready to find my forever home.  This is really exciting news for me!

November 20, 2022

Action Jackson here again. Boy it sure has been really cold outside and this getting dark early is for the birds.  We seem to spend way more time inside than out but that could also be because I went in for my “procedure” last Friday. Now, I’m on restrictive exercise. Everything went like clockwork with the “procedure”. Post Op was a little more difficult.  Not sure if it was the anesthesia or the pain meds, but I don’t think my tummy liked either. It took a long time before I started feeling better.

I think I ran foster mom ragged. You better believe, the next morning, I was feeling much better and totally famished!  Oh, how I do enjoy my chicken and rice. YUM! YUM!  As for that GI panel, you know, the one they made me fast for, it came back inconclusive.  Foster mom says that they have to run a different test that will be able to look more in depth into my GI problem.  I sure hope they figure out what’s up with it since gaining weight is very difficult for me.  After I recuperated a bit, I got to go to this place just for animals, where there are isles and isles of toys, dog food, and savory things to chew on which of course, I couldn’t have.  Foster mom let me pick out a toy of my choice for being such a good boy.yellow Labrador Retriever  Honestly, I think she was feeling a little guilty and the whole snip-snip thing.

November 11, 2022

Apparently, something called “standard time” began early last week, but no one sent me the memo, so I was up at 4 AM last Sunday.  Foster mom knows I’m an early bird anyway so it was no big deal, plus I think she was ready to get up anyway, NOT. yellow Labrador Retriever Just so you know, I have a busy week coming up.  This morning, I went for what they call a GI Panel.  Hopefully, they can find out why I have Gastro-intestinal issues and determine the best course of action for me.   The hardest part about it was having to fast but I was really patient with the whole no food for 12 hours thing.   It’s really hard not eating when you can’t gain wait and chicken and rice are the only things you can eat.yellow Labrador Retriever  Next Friday,11/18, they say I’m scheduled to have a procedure called getting neutered.  Get this, I’ll have to fast AGAIN! UGGG!  I can’t have breakfast that morning and I have to wear a cone for a while after this so-called procedure is done.  I will NOT be a happy camper, but hoping foster mom feels so bad about taking me for this “procedure” that she buys me some more deer antlers.  They have become my favorite pastime and I’ve gnawed all the ones in the house down to stubbles.  As for getting into the routine and house training, all is going well.   I always go to foster mom and lift my paw when I have to go out.  I use to bring her my leash but she didn’t like the fact that I would chew on it more for fun than actually as a signal that I needed to go outside.  Apparently, if it’s not in the toy box, it’s not a chew toy.   Rules! Rules! Rules!yellow Labrador Retriever  My foster siblings and I have been getting along well and playing ball a lot.  I love teasing them when I have to ball, plus it infuriates that little rag muffin, Benny.  HAHA.  He chases me all around the yard but he can never catch me!  I’m too quick!

I’ll let you know how that GI panel works out!   Hope it doesn’t take too long!!!

October 26, 2022

Action Jackson here for another update!  I’ve been super busy lately.  Foster mom took me and my foster siblings for a hike the other day and we came across this thing that’s kind of like a mirror but the surface moves and you can see your reflection. According to my foster mom, it’s a small creek, whatever that means. I seriously thought there was another dog locked in that “creek” so I barked and barked to get him to come out and play but he just ignored me.  I even did the downward doggie thing, with my paws hanging over the edge, but that didn’t work either.

My foster sister jumped into the creek and began running all over the place.  At first, I was afraid, but I got brave and jumped in too!

Man, what a feeling!! I love the water!! I loved being in it so much that I began doing Zoomies in and out, up and down the creek and all over the place. yellow Labrador Retriever WOW! Who knew that being wet could be so much fun. Got to admit, I was exhausted after that.yellow Labrador Retriever

I’m getting used to going outside for my potty breaks and my foster mom says I don’t need to go outside as often as I used to.  Apparently, I can “hold it” whatever that means.  I mean really, I have paws.  What exactly does she think I’m holding?  LOL.

I have adjusted to the crate nicely and can stay in there with no problem.  I usually chill in there when my foster parents need to go out.  They know I like my Nyla bones, so they always leave a few different ones in there in case I get bored.  It’s nice to know my foster siblings stay close by when I’m in the crate.  That makes me feel like I’m safe and everything is okay.  Plus, the foster mom throws some chicken treats in the crate first.  YUM YUM!

This past weekend we had company.  My foster parents had their granddog over.  She’s a min-pin but we got along really well because she likes to snuggle too.yellow Labrador Retriever  I’m getting pretty chummy with my foster sister, Remi, as well.  We love playing together, chasing the ball, or playing tag.  She’s pretty good at it and she’s teaching me a lot.  I can’t wait to see what my next adventure is!!

Stay tuned!

October 19, 2022

Hey Ya’ll!  Jackson here!  I just wanted to let you know how things are going.  Well, I got to go to a dog park that only had my foster siblings and me running free.yellow Labrador Retriever

My foster brother is back and is tolerating me okay.  He sure does get grumpy!  He even chased me around the entire fenced area!  Boy, that little guy is fast!!!  I played fetch for almost an hour and that helped me burn off some energy!  I am gaining strength and weight so my energy level is getting up to normal.  See foster mom finally has my digestive system regulated.  I’m still on chicken and rice, but now she’s up to adding a 1/2 cup of Natural Balance Chicken and Sweet Potatoes into my diet during each meal.  I’m still eating three times a day because I am always so hungry. I’m only 60 lbs. but my ribs are starting to recede.  For over a week, I couldn’t handle anything but chicken and rice so this is a step in the right direction. My stomach is still getting used to food in my belly.  I’m sleeping through the night without any accidents and my foster mom is only taking me out about every hour to hour and a half to relieve myself during the day. She’s a fanatic like that.  She is pretty cool for snuggling!  I love to snuggle with my humans.

Maybe it’s because I am so exhausted by nighttime or because no one ever did that with me before.  Foster mom has put up the crate, you know that metal thing I was stuck in all my life, but she doesn’t make me go in it or lock me up.  She leaves the door open and leaves my favorite chew toys in there.  I pass that crate every time I go outside, but today, I decided to try it out and get a feel for what it’s like and it’s not bad.  In fact, it’s totally different in person and it’s not a punishment.  It’s my space.  I can come and go as I please and I get to chew on bones if I decide that’s what I want to do.yellow Labrador Retriever  Foster mom even gave me treats (my salmon food) when she caught me being a good boy in the crate.  I was so good, foster mom bought me a Chuck It Ball with a rope attached so I could play fetch!yellow Labrador Retriever  Life is good!

October 16, 2022

This weekend we took a very long ride to a place called the shore. yellow Labrador Retriever Foster mom and dad created this super sweet bed in the backseat where we all could stretch out during the ride.  I’d never been to the shore or anywhere special for that matter.  When we got there, foster mom and dad took us to a park so we could get some exercise, blow off some steam, and go for a long walk.yellow Labrador Retriever We reached the campground around 11in the morning and I got to explore this thing called an Airstream.  That’s where we stayed.  Not sure what I’m supposed to do with only 32 foot to explore?  My foster sister taught me to wait patiently by the front door while the humans unpacked.yellow Labrador Retriever  Seems like a lot of trouble for a weekend.  Then we went to this huge place with a floor made of sand and water that moved back and forth.  I didn’t let that water get me though!  It tried many times but I was too fast for it.  Plus, foster mom said I wasn’t allowed to drink ocean water.  Good thing she takes a gallon everywhere we go!   There were even other dogs and humans walking around on this beach.  I got to meet a few of them from a safe distance, of course.  My favorite part was searching for these things called shoe carb shells. yellow Labrador Retriever They were scattered all over the beach.  I would catch them and crush them into pieces, spit them out and then run around again searching for more.  After that, we went out to dinner and got to eat out on a dock!  My foster sisters and I had baked potatoes as a snack since we ate earlier.   YUM!    So glad they took me for such a fun day! Oh!  Foster mom and dad said I was a very good boy on the trip and at the restaurant.  I even slept all night in the Airstream without one accident.


October 12, 2022

Hello Everyone!  My name is Jackson and I’m a 1.8-year-old yellow lab and 59.5 pounds.

Brookline took me in as an owner surrender.  Luckily, many people stepped up to get me  where I am today.  My future is bright!  So, let’s talk about me!  I’m handsome, affectionate, and easy going!  Everyone says that I have THE sweetest disposition because I L-O-V-E to cuddle and snuggle with my peeps.  While in my new foster home, I met a few resident cats but they are pretty antisocial and frown on me sniffing them. Apparently, they don’t like me drooling on their fur.  My 3 resident sibling dogs keep me company and let me play with all their toys and even let me chew on their deer antlers.  I am learning and experiencing so many new things every day.  Foster mom realizes that I am still a puppy at heart even though I’m in a full-grown body.  I am super smart and I’ll even bring you my leash when I want to go out.yellow Labrador Retriever  I learned that in just a few days.  Today was fun because I went on my first hike! We had to drive a way to get there but the ride was awesome!  I was able to look out the window and watch these trees move past me really fast. When we finally got there, lots of people were already hiking on the trails.  I got so excited that I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm! I barked and barked thinking that would get their attention but they kept trucking up the mountain. yellow Labrador Retriever On the hike, I noticed the trees weren’t moving anymore and that all the leaves were changing color. I’m just not sure why.  Foster mom tried to explain but I couldn’t pay attention because there were so many critters running around out in the woods like squirrels and chipmunks.  I wanted to catch every one of them to make the trail a safer place but foster mom said that it was THEIR home and WE were just visiting.  It seemed like we walked forever because I was exhausted by the time we got back to the car.  I think it’s time for a nap.yellow Labrador Retriever

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