Jake Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 5 Months Old ID # 2857

April 20, 2021black Labrador Retriever Mix

Jake had his first encounter with our mail lady as she was delivering the mail. He received a treat, and Jake returned the favor by delivering First Class kisses to her.black Labrador Retriever Mix Today we saw Jake smile for the first time 🙂 He’s been enjoying lying down in the grass, and rolling around, and then assuming the position for belly rubs when you greet him.

When dogs and/or people in the neighborhood go past, Jake makes himself heard, but his tail doesn’t stop wagging. Jake made a friend with an older female neighborhood dog and played very nicely with her. He gets very excited and jumpy when first meeting someone, so we are working on curbing the jumping behavior.

April 16, 2021

Jake has been behaving very well! He sits very politely and doesn’t beg for food. While one of his foster parents was preparing his breakfast, some of his food accidentally fell onto the floor. Jake did not move towards the food, he calmly waited for it to be picked up.

Jake enjoys chewing on soft rubber, and loves chasing after his favorite rubber ball. He is very gentle with his toys and lets anyone take them from him to throw and play fetch with. black Labrador Retriever MixHe especially likes our shoes, but doesn’t give us any problem when we replace them with one of his toys.

Today, Jake has made his voice heard a few times while inside. We couldn’t determine a cause for his vocalness but assured him that everything was ok, and he quieted down. We are working on potty training, and developing a routine.

P.S – Jake received his Brookline Rescue care package today in the mail and loved the cookies that were sent to him! He picked up the homemade rope from the box and brought it right to his bed to begin chewing.black Labrador Retriever Mix

April 13, 2021

Jake is slowly coming out of his shell and showing us his very chill personality. During his walk around the neighborhood, he quickly found two young children who just adored him, and likewise, he loved all the attention and pets they were giving him! Throughout the day, the doorbell rang, packages were left at the doorstep, and many dogs walked by the house, but none of them seemed to phase him. Jake enjoyed the beautiful weather, lying in the grass and basking in the sun!

April 12, 2021

After the ride from Mississippi 36 lb Jack  hopped right into our truck and enjoyed the ride. He got a wash when he got home, which he was a little skittish about, but tolerated it very well! We noticed his hind legs had dewclaws which might help us identify his mix.  Jake was very excited to go inside and sniff around. He immediately found his bed and settled in after the long ride from transport.

Jake walked around the neighborhood where he saw a few dogs which he glanced at, but did not react. He did very well on the leash and kept looking towards his foster parent for affirmation. He’s a very curious boy who likes counter surfing, so we will be working on that with him.black Labrador Retriever Mix

After moving his crate into his foster parent’s bedroom, Jake slept through the night without issue.

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