Jane #3 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID #3378

September 11, 2023

Jane had her two-week anniversary at our house yesterday.  She received her care package and of course loved her new gifts.  She especially loved the pink dragon and promptly removed the squeaker in about 10 minutes, before we even realized what she was up to!  We took the squeaker away.

Our son’s female chocolate lab, Remi, was over for the weekend.  We are working with Jane on playing with Remi.  Jane seems to not always know that Remi is trying to play with her.  Remi just turned one and is a very active pup.  They did enjoy playing tug with a tug toy together and Jane let Remi play with her toys.

Jane is such a sweet dog.  She loves following her humans around the house and really just wants to be loved, praised, and petted.  She will make a wonderful adoptee!

September 5, 2023

Jane’s first week at our house went very well.  Jane is a very sweet dog, who seems happy and content just following us around where ever we go.  She’s great on her lead, and knows commands well.  I made her dog cupcakes this weekend, which she liked.  The cupcakes are her dogfood, ground up into flour, an egg and water.  The icing is plain yogurt. Yellow Labrador Retriever

She is really a wonderful dog.  She goes today to have her lump checked.  We are hoping it is nothing serious.  We will let you know.

August 29, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever

We are now the proud fosters of Jane.  She is a six-year-old, 90-pound, spayed, yellow, purebred female from Pennsylvania.  Jane is lovable, friendly, quick to listen, and just wants to follow us around all the time.  She is completely housebroken and will go to the door or give a little yelp when she wants to go out.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Jane lived with 3 other dogs and several cats before coming to stay with us.  She got along well with all the animals, except one small poodle.

She has a mass on her chest and is scheduled to go to have it aspirated.