Janice Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old ID#3120

chocolate labrador retrieverMeet Janice!  She is a 5 year old, chocolate Labrador who has been living on the same farm since she was a puppy.  Janice has not produced a lot of pups so the farmer is ready to re-home her.  Janice is now in a Brookline foster home acclimating to indoor living. Please read Janice’s blog from the bottom up.

November 6, 2021

Sweet Janice – what a beautiful girl and a love bug!

chocolate labrador retrieverShe’s now been at our home for a week and we’re starting to see her personality shine through. She loves belly rubs, butt rubs, well- really any kind of rubs and attention that we give her! She is also definitely a velcro dog as she follows Dave and I everywhere we go. She also doesn’t quite realize how big she is (84 lbs) and thinks she’s a lap dog – She enjoys snuggles on the couch, too!
chocolate labrador retrieverWhen we are leaving or at bedtime, she goes into her crate easily and doesn’t fuss. She likes to lie in her crate to eat meals. Her appetite wasn’t the best for the first few days but it is coming around – we think that it was due to the big changes of coming into foster care, as well as being in heat. She is also now accepting and enjoying treats quite happily! She seems to be finished with menstruating and just yesterday was retired from wearing diapers! No more signs of fleas either!
chocolate labrador retrieverJanice has free roam of the house now when we are home. So far, no accidents and she hasn’t gotten into anything that isn’t intended for our furry friends! She has begun to initiate play – chewing on an antler and rolling around on the floor,  or going after a ball that rolls by. She also joined in on the action of some serious fetch in the yard with our dogs yesterday afternoon  – it was so great to see her enjoy herself and act like a dog! I think our pack was excited too as they have been patiently waiting for her to he comfortable enough to join in the fun with them!
chocolate labrador retrieverShe has met our twin girls (22) and my grandparents (89 and 92), and was happy to greet and receive loving from all of them. She will soon be meeting our nieces and nephew (children) – more to come about that!

More to come about this gorgeous, sweet girl! Stay tuned!

November 3, 2021

Well, we got Janice‘s flea problem under control and got her new fancy print diapers to help with her being in heat.  She has be able to play with our pack and has enjoyed being in the house and laying on the carpet. She hasn’t initiated play yet as she is still trying to figure everything out. So far no accidents in the house. We took her to vip percale for shots today and she did awesome.  The vet tech fell in love with her. She has also figure out how to jump up and lay on our laps and will fall asleep on your lap. She will make someone a good dog.  She loves to be wherever you are.chocolate labrador retriever

October 31, 2021

Well, Janice retired from being a breeder girl and left the farm yesterday. She arrived at our home early yesterday afternoon and shortly after arriving, we were able to confirm suspicions of her being in heat…..SURPRISE! She was quite dirty so we immediately gave her a bath….she wasn’t too sure of it but it went OK. Shortly after that, whrn removing her diaper to take her out to go to the bathroom, we realized that she has fleas……SURPRISE again! So, she got a second bath, this time with flea and tick shampoo and in a more accepting manner….we think she enjoyed the “massage” that she got while we were trying to get the medication in the shampoo to work. At this point, we had already given her a dose of preventative, too. So, she hasn’t been interacting with our pack because we are keeping her quarantined to one room (no carpet, thankfully) to reduce the chance of spreading the fleas throughout our home and dogs (also on preventatives, year round). Today, when I combed her, there were still fleas coming off of her, but all of them were dead….yay!!!

She did ok overnight in her crate with only one incidence of waking and crying. She seems to not mind the crate and goes into it intermittently throughout the day on her own for a nap. No accidents in the house so far.chocolate labrador retrieverWhen we spend time with her in “her room”, she happily accepts head and butt rubs. She also spontaneously flops to the ground and rolls onto her back where she happily accepts belly rubs! She looks at us with sweet, soulful eyes!

She’s been struggling a bit today with being “quarantined “. She cries and scratches at the door intermittently. We’re hoping that she’s flea free tomorrow so that we can consider letting her out of there so she can join the rest of the pack/home. Fingers crossed!

More to come as things progress!


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