Janie #2 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Female 11 Weeks Old ID #2874

July 21, 2021

Janie is improving every day. She has learned so much in the very short time she has been with us.

Janie has accepted the fact that she will be crated at night and if we have to go out to run errands. She no longer barks or whines at all. She gets a treat to go in and goes quietly to sleep. I still do get up once during the night to let her out. Her little puppy bladder is not very big. She then goes right back in and is fine until the morning. She will even go in to lay down during the day. What a great thing that has been!

Janie is also learning some commands. She will “sit” for treats and her food. If “leave it” meant picking whatever she has and running away, she would also know that! We are working on it.

She is so full of energy. She runs and plays at the speed of sound. She tries to eat everything g she comes in contact with, grass, bark, sticks, rocks, leaves, etc. If it is in our yard, she has tried to eat it. That also includes fingers and toes! Janie loves to be outside.

She has improved on the accident total too! She will go to the back door, sit, and look at the door if she needs to go out. There have still been some accidents, but she is so much better. A few times there was a small row of droplets as she goes to the door. We will take that for now if she is at least trying!

Stay tuned for more as Janie’s journey continues!

July 16, 2021

Janie is settling in nicely. She is getting better with accidents, but still has a couple a day. We have been trying to stay on top of her, but she has a pretty small bladder.

Janie is getting much better at sleeping in her crate. She will go in during the day and sleep with no issues. At night, however, in a different story. She will bark and whine for a while before she settles down. Things are improving, but still has a long way to go.

Janie did receive her fun filled foster dog box. She loved the toy and really liked the treats. The fuzzy bone is now her favorite toy! She also like just playing with the box. Great chew toy!chocolate labrador retriever mix

She also likes to lay down under stuff. Table, bushes, beds, behind trash cans, and even under our small child’s pool if upside down. Maybe part of being a stray and staying out of sight. She has also found out that she can slide down our pool when we are drying it out. It is on our deck upside down to dry. She will climb on at deck level and slide down to the bottom. chocolate labrador retriever mixI have been trying to catch on video, but no luck yet! Janie also enjoys playing fetch. Will even bring ball back, well sometimes.

That’s all for now. Be back soon!

July 13, 2021

Wow, Janie is truly a handful! Boundless energy and always going at 100% until she isn’t. She is a real heartbreaker and brings a smile to face of all that meet her.

Crate training started great and did not get greater. Janie had a sour tummy on Monday and slept most of the day. This made her night so not good for everyone else in the house. She barked and carried on for a few hours. I did finally go down and we went out and I sat with her for a little bit. She then went back in her crate and slept until the morning. Not the best of nights.

Janie went to work with me today to check in and see how things were going during summer break. She got to run around in the gym. We took her around to see some co-workers and everybody loved her, even the students! We then went for a walk when we got home. Every noise is a new experience so she has a little trouble concentrating on the walking part. Our goal is to try to tire her out! Hope it works.

Janie is much better at going outside too. No accidents today. Trying to get her outside as much as possible. She loves being outside exploring the yard. Even chased a squirrel and two birds out of the yard.chocolate labrador retriever mix

Janie is going to the vet tomorrow for her booster shots and chip. She will also more than likely break some hearts too!

More to come as we get to know this sweet puppy!

July 12, 2021

Janie is a 10-week-old chocolate female puppy from Mississippi is 12 lbs.chocolate labrador retriever mix

Janie, AKA Mississippi Mudpie, AKA Missi, had a great first day and night here at the Foster house. We were used to a senior dog and Janie is quite the opposite! She moves at 200 MPH and then all of a sudden, she is sound asleep. WOW! Janie enjoyed a day of running around the yard, wrestling a stuffed friend into submission, swimming, eating grass (well anything that went near her mouth), and napping. She even went up and down the stairs like a pro! Usually takes the farm girls a few weeks to do that.  What a fun filled day for her. She is a ball of funny energy. As I said above, it has been a long, long time since we had a day with this much energy.

Night also went really well. She cried and barked for about 4 to 5 minutes. She then settled down. I did go down and check on her and let her out a couple of times during the night. The second time I put her in she cried about 2 minutes or so. The next time, no crying and no accidents! Awesome! She did have an accident in the house today, but we have been trying to keep an eagle eye on her.  She spent a lot of time outside yesterday and today exploring the yard and playing with anything that moved.

Not really sure what she is mixed with, but she does have a number of lab traits. Loves water, rolling around in the grass, side saddle sit, and front leg bend when lying down. We may have a clue to the mix. She has double dewclaws on both back legs. After some research, we found Grand Pyrenees, Beauceron, or Briard have them. Here is one web site we found. https://www.dogster.com/lifestyle/dogs-dewclaws-dew-claw chocolate labrador retriever mix

Well, if we can catch up to her, we will have a further update tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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