Janie Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 10 Years Old ID #2830

chocolate labrador retrieverJanie is a 10 year old chocolate girl who is finally leaving behind her breeder life on the farm.  She just had her final litter in January, and is ready to relax.  Janie is currently in a foster home to get acclimated to joys of indoor living!  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

May 11, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverJanie has bounced back from her surgery and should be ready to go up for adoption this week!  She really comes across as being nowhere near 10 years old.  She goes up and down stairs, trots around the yard and even jumps here and there without any trouble.  She has not shown much desire to get on couches or people beds and only chooses a dog bed at night.  She loves a corner of our back room or in front of the couch or kitchen cabinets during the day.  She can get stressed with strange noises (leaf blower) or bad weather but hasn’t shown any aggressive behaviors, just a desire to get as close as she can.

chocolate labrador retrieverSo where does Janie’s personality shine?  She’s always eager to be close to the humans in the house and is absolutely at peace when someone just gently rubs her head.  She is one of the most easy-going dogs I’ve ever met.  Maybe she is just enjoying the peace and quiet after all these years.  She has become buddies with our other retired breeder mom, and they are often found together when outside.

chocolate labrador retrieverJanie is always excited for her meals and treats. She sits nicely and does not gobble up her meals. We are still working on treats and how she has to wait her turn. She is getting better at understanding she has to wait and won’t be forgotten.  She is getting better and better with this every day. I honestly think she worries she’ll be left out as we have 3 resident dogs.

chocolate labrador retrieverJanie is starting to use her voice when she wants to go out or come back in or if she wants to follow you to another part of our house. She does not use her voice a lot but its good to know she can use it when needed.

chocolate labrador retrieverHer and her always happy tail will be missed when she’s gone.  The sound of her tale beating against a table leg or cabinet is something that always makes us smile.  She will make an absolutely perfect addition to a family in the near future and we couldn’t be happier for her!chocolate labrador retriever

May 3, 2021

Janie went to the vet last week for spaying and a little dental work and came back just as happy and sweet as she left!  The veterinarian said everything went well and as far as we can tell she never even missed a beat.  She should be ready to look for that Fur-ever home in the next few weeks!

chocolate labrador retrieverJanie continues to be comfortable in the house and with the other dogs.  She has become a member of the pack and seems to get along with both the dogs and people she meets.  She’d probably be very happy living life with a few companions of the human or dog variety.  She’s been excited to meet new people and hasn’t shown any negative behaviors.

chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverAlthough everyone says she’s ten years old, it is hard to believe when you meet her.  She is still agile and very curious about what is going on in the world around her.  She will run outside and goes up and down stairs without any stiffness or pause.  She is both big enough and agile enough to occasionally take a peak on counters and tables but she hasn’t gone after anything.  She listens very well to basic commands and will come back to someone if called.  Janie loves to take rides in the car and has gone several times to complete errands like dropping the little humans off at school.

chocolate labrador retrieverShe is doing a great job at eating her meals and hasn’t shown any reaction to being interrupted or being interacted with while eating.  She is still learning to wait her turn and delicately take a treat out of hand.  She has emerged as our homes leading receiver when it comes to catching flying treats.

We have found one thing that will get Janie uncomfortable.  Thunderstorms will turn her into a panting and Velcro companion pretty quickly.  As soon as they pass though she is right back to her normal relaxed personality.  We haven’t seen any bad behavior with bad weather, just a noticeable increase in anxiety.  The first and only time she ever climbed up on the couch with her Foster Mom was during the first storm after she arrived.

chocolate labrador retrieverStay tuned as this lovely lady gets ready for her next chapter!

April 26, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverJanie has been here for over 2 weeks. She just fits in so well. She goes with the flow and enjoys being apart of the pack. She loves being outside with the other dogs or inside laying down next to her good friend Natalie Rose. If you see Natalie, mostly likely Janie is right next to her. Natalie was a farm dog once and has helped Janie in figuring out how to just be a dog. I don’t think Janie needs another dog in her forever home but I do think it would help Janie continue to come out of her shell and keep her company when her humans are out of the house.

chocolate labrador retrieverJanie does well with getting her meals. She waits patiently for her bowl and does not gobble her food either. She still won’t eat just plan kibble and I can’t completely disagree with her. Janie wants some flavor to go with her meals. I have been putting a little pumpkin puree in her meals and BAM! she is eating her meals like a champ. We are still working on treats with her. With 3 other resident dogs, she can be a bit pushy in waiting her turn. Janie doesn’t want to be forgotten or be given her treat last. She is slowly learning that she wont be forgotten.

chocolate labrador retrieverJanie might be 10 years old but I am still amazed at how spry she is. She goes up stairs and runs around the backyard with grace and style.

chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverJanie is not really interested on getting on couches and over-sized chairs. She is perfectly fine finding a spot on the floor or a dog bed. She is still sleeping next to my bed on a dog bed and does not really get up during the night. She is a perfect house guest!

April 19, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverAs each day passes, Miss Janie is becoming more and more comfortable in her new surroundings. She is becoming more comfortable with the resident dogs and is slowly becoming part of the group. I find Janie hanging around my yellow female lab the most. I would say they have the same personality, easy going. All Janie wants is to be apart of the pack and to not miss a chance to be petted or get a treat. If one dog is getting petted, she is nudging us to not forget her. How could you forget to pet Miss Janie! I would not say she is a total Velcro dog but she is always a few steps away from a human companion.chocolate labrador retrieverWe are thinking of changing her name from Janie to wiggle butt. From the moment we met her, her tail just never stops wagging. The sight of her constantly moving tail is absolutely adorable and never fails to put a smile on people’s faces. Of course we would never actually change her name, Janie fits her so well.

Janie does not seem to be interested in toys or bones at this moment. I’m not sure that will change but time will tell. Janie has had no accidents in the house. Woohoo! Go Janie. She know the commands sit, stay, lay down and paw. She is getting better in waiting for her meal and treats but she gets so excited that it takes her a minute or two to listen to what is being asked of her.  She might be fresh off the farm but she is adjusting wonderfully!

April 15, 2021

Janie has been with us for almost a week. She is settling nicely to her new surroundings very quickly and gets along with my 3 resident dogs but she really enjoys the company of her humans. Janie is usually not far away from her humans. She loves to be petted, kissed and a good belly rub. She does not care who is giving her attention, just that she is getting attention. She loves woman, men and kids of any age. Just keep giving her attention. As I write this blog she is right next to me sleeping away.chocolate labrador retrieverShe does not like to be left alone at night. So after two nights of no sleeping for both Janie and I, I decided that she could sleep upstairs next to my bed on a dog bed and that did the trick! She knows that her spot and lays down until the next morning. She does not try to get on our bed as she is very content sleeping on her dog bed.chocolate labrador retrieverJanie might be 10 years old but she has no problems with walking or going up stairs. She does it like a pro! I have not seen her run much but I would not put it pass this lady.  She has jumped up on me a couple of times especially when I have a treat in hand. She is corrected and she gets down.  Such a good girl!

Janie was a bit picky at first with her meals but adding a bit of water and pumpkin puree changed her mind on meal times. Treats are a totally a different story. She LOVES her treats. She can get a bit pushy with the other dogs while waiting her turn. We are working on waiting her turn. She does listen very well.chocolate labrador retrieverWe found out that Janie does not like thunderstorms at all. We had a thunderstorm over the weekend and it scared her. She just panted and her body just vibrated until the storm was over. Once the storm passed our area, she settled onto her dog bed and slept the rest of the night.chocolate labrador retrieverWe took her to the vet on Tuesday morning. She loves going for a car ride. She is very calm in the car. At the vets office, she got so many complements about her. She enjoyed the attention and was not scared to be a the vets office. Janie weighed in at 78 pounds. All looks good with her except for her teeth. Janie needs some dental work done but at this moment, her teeth aren’t bothering her too much. We have an appointment in a couple of weeks to take care of her teeth and to be spayed!Stayed tuned for more about Miss Janie!

April 12, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverPlease let me introduce Miss Janie. Looking at this beautiful lady its hard to believe she is 10 years old. Age is nothing but a number. Janie is a beautiful chocolate lab that we picked up on Saturday morning.

chocolate labrador retrieverShe was a champ in the car. Just sat there just wanting to be petted and loved.

chocolate labrador retrieverShe was introduced to my three resident dogs and it went extremely well. She loves humans of all ages too. Coming off the farm, Miss Janie needed a bath. I would say she tolerated the bath as best she could. By the end day she found a comfy spot to lay down for evening. Stay tuned for more blogs about this beautiful lady!

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