Jazz Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 11 Weeks Old

Meet Jazzy, one in a litter of seven pups that just made the long trip north from Mississippi.  Jazzy will be in foster care for two weeks to get one more set of puppy vaccines, at which point she will be made available for adoption.  Stay tuned for updates on this little gal.   Read her blog from the bottom up!

11 week old black lab mix

November 9, 2020

It’s hard to believe that a week has gone by, but who has time to write with a puppy in the house!  Seriously, Jazz continues to be a great pup and has been doing great with the  housetraining and crate training.  She is a bit of a pest to the resident dogs (and yes he has sharp teeth so they correct her when needed) but they are starting to get used to her being around and not running the other way.  I might have even seen a tail wag or two when she approached them.

11 week old lab mix Jazz

I continue to think that Jazz is a great combination of both an active and spirited dog and one that likes to cuddle and chill  and also hide behind her foster mom’s legs when she’s not sure about a situation.  She loves being outside and running around- and don’t we all with this wonderful weather we have had of late?!  Some family who has the time and energy for a puppy to make her the wonderful adult dog she should become will be lucky to have her.  She’s a winner and we will miss her!


November 1, 2020

Foster mom is too tired to update my blog so I thought I’d help her out and do it for her.  Excuse any typos as keyboards aren’t really designed for puppy paws.  But I wanted to let everyone know I am doing well and I’m doing a great job training my foster parents to never let me out of their sight- unless of course I’m snoozing.  Yes, I love my naps, and foster mom says she is really grateful for that. Not sure why, but whatever.  Why doesn’t she nap?  She’s missing out.

I’m having a great time exploring both in and out.  I’m constantly being offered something to chew when they don’t like what I have picked, and for the most part I’m catching on.  But please foster dad, understand that if you leave the cord to your phone charger dangling off the couch, it’s fair game.

I’m doing well with my “housetraining” and realize now that if I squat when I go out and “produce” I get an amazing amount of praise.  “Good potty” they  keep saying in an animated voice.  Potty?  I don’t see any potty, but again whatever.  I know what I’m doing.

I think I’m starting to adjust to the colder weather but foster mom picked up a sweater for me anyway.  I’m not a fan of dress up though and don’t really want my photo taken in it, so I’ve done my best to be uncooperative. If she asks me really nice, maybe I will pose nicely though.  They finally raked up all those leaves, but they left all these acorns lying around.  So guess what game we’re playing now?  Chase me when I have an acorn in my mouth!  It’s so much fun if you ask me.

I love eating and I could use some fattening up, so I get lots of small meals.  Foster mom thinks I might need a slow feeder bowl. I hope that doesn’t mean the meal frequency is going to slow down.

I think what I love the best is cuddling though.  I can’t get enough of it.  Luckily everyone seems to be happy to oblige.

11 week old black lab mix


11 week old lab mix

October 31, 2020

Jazz did really well her first night in the crate.  She fussed a little but quickly succumbed to the fact that she was bone tired.  We didn’t have a small enough crate for her, so we put some newspaper at one end, just in case she couldn’t hold it.  Without it being small enough to not want to soil her own area, she doesn’t know any better.  So sure enough we woke up to a little pee on the newspaper end.  No biggie- and it’s probably why she slept until 7 am.  We appreciated the extra shut eye since puppy watching can be exhausting.

There are four other labs in the home, three residents and foster Harriet (check out her blog too).  We were a little surprised that they wanted nothing to do with her at first, and acted almost afraid of her.  Of course they are more likely to be the recipients of puppy bites with those razor sharp teeth, so I guess it’s understandable.  As you can see it didn’t take very long for them to accept her though.  Good thing as she wants nothing more to snuggle with a warm body, two or four legged or both!

She seems tiny, at about 12 pounds, but it may be just that everyone else looks so big!

11 week old black lab mix

11 week old black lab mix


Now that she was rested, however, as I suspected she wasn’t nearly as happy to be in the crate last night, but we’re working on it and she spent most the night in her crate. I’m afraid we succumbed to letting her snuggle up with us in bed when it was just a bit too early for us old folks.   She is a great snuggler and didn’t have any accidents in our bed – which wold have been our fault of course.  When it was time to get up, I carried her down the stairs and got her out immediately and she did her business.  Good girl Jazz!

October 30, 2020

Here is Jazz right after she got off of transport.  She wasn’t feeling great, so we took her right to the vet to get her checked out.

11 week old black lab mix

Jazz was being treated for a uti and it turns out the antibiotics did a number on her tiny tummy, and she wasn’t eating or drinking well.  Dr. Jeff got her all fixed up with IV fluids and and an anti-nausea med and within hours she was eating and drinking well, and was back to being her normal energetic self.  Here she is checking out her new yard.  Looks like her foster parents better get those rakes out and get busy.  There are way too many leaves for me to put in my mouth!


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