Jazzy Black Labrador Retriever Female 9 Years Old ID #2773


black labrador retriever

Jazzy is a beautiful, sweet, nine year old farm girl. Jazzy, along with her friend, Sodona (see her blog too) were rescued by an older woman last summer when the breeder had finished breeding them. Unfortunately, their current owner came upon some hard times, and had some medical issues that needed to be addressed, and was unable to care for Jazzy and Sodona any longer. The owner reached out to Brookline to help take care of Jazzy and Sodona, and find them an amazing forever home. Read about Jazzy in her foster home from the bottom up.

May 17, 2020

Jazzy continues to slowly, but surely come out of her shell. Sometimes, it takes longer for some breeder momma farm dogs to trust humans, and act like a happy lab should. However, the end result is worth the wait! Jazzy now offers her belly for rubs, and flips over whenever I greet her, or approach her. She just started to  show excitement when I come back from work, and jumps up, and down!!

black labrador retrieverI am seeing more tail wags, and Jazz has enjoyed being out in the yard with me for longer periods of time, rather than wanting to run right back to her safe place (her bed). She makes eye contact, and is much less skittish. She even let me use the vacuum hose to clean hair off her bed as she was laying in it. No issues with eating, or with going outside to do her business without prompting with her harness/leash.

I can’t wait to see what another week brings with Jazzy!!

May 1, 2020

Jazzy continues to slowly but surely come out of her shell. She has been seeking out either my husband or I as we move about the first floor of our house. My husband laid down on the floor with her, and she seemed to really enjoy the companionship. She no longer hesitates to eat her breakfast or dinner regardless of who is looking at her or moving around. Jazzy has enjoyed being outdoors, and RAN to the fence to greet our neighbor, and his 1 year old “puppy” with tail wagging, and a grin on her face! She enjoys inspecting the asparagus beds with me each day, and was laying on the deck enjoying the sun this past weekend. Our bathing experience last weekend was much better than expected. Jazzy seemed to love having two sets of hands on her rubbing the shampoo into her fur, and then putting coconut-smelling conditioner on her. She basked in the sun until she was dry, and enjoyed being brushed. She is such a joy to have in our home with her calm, quiet, loving presence.

April 17, 2020

black labrador retrieverJazzy has been walking freely through the entire first floor, and I often find her snoring (yes- snoring- and VERY loudly) in the back office by the computer. She is wagging whenever she sees any of us, and will timidly approach for hugs. She is also wagging when we go outside. Her walks are still based on her mood for the day. Sometimes she loves them, and sometimes she’s just not feeling it. It’s not due to her being in any pain, though. It’s more about her insecurity about being too far from home, and the bed that she LOVES.  Jazzy is no longer needing to be coaxed out the back door, and is happy to accompany me around the yard as I inspect the cold weather vegetable garden beds.

Jazzy loves our neighbors, and runs to the fence to greet them, and their dog.  She eats her breakfast every morning with no fuss now. She expects to be fed at the same time as Boomer which is HUGELY encouraging since she is understanding what a typical lab should do. Also, I no longer have to sit with her to get her to eat her dinner. She is a treat hog which is another great thing she learned from Boomer, and waits expectantly even though she did absolutely nothing to deserve a treat, except look beautiful of course.

She has yet to bark, and is extremely low maintenance as well as low energy. She gets along great with all people, dogs, and cats. She will make some family/person a wonderful gentle companion.
I am planning on bathing her this weekend. Wish me luck!!

April 6, 2020

Just wanted to give a positive update since I’m sure that we could all use some good news.  For the first time, Jazzy ate a small amount for breakfast today. I left her at home when I walked Boomer, and she ate everything!  Although she isn’t interested in walks every day, she does seem to enjoy them on certain days so I’m not pushing her. I’m letting her set the tone. Sometimes, she gets freaked out about leaving the house, and keeps turning around to make sure it’s still there. She is much happier returning back home to her bed. She does give me an occasional tail wag every now and then which is lovely to see, and very heart-warming. She is eating her dinner nicely, but I still have to sit with her, and turn my head. I believe that this would be unnecessary if she were the only dog.
Jazzy spent all day yesterday outside with me when I was turning the raised bed to get ready for veggie planting. She was leaning up against the back of my legs, or very close to me the whole time so she obviously felt comfortable. She really enjoyed the sun, and the fresh air. She has been joining me at the computer, and has made the whole tour of the downstairs now.

Baby steps but it’s all good!!

March 30, 2020chocolate labrador retriever

Jazzy is continuing to make slowww but steady progress. She had a few “firsts” today that I wanted to share. Jazzy walked into the living room to greet me.  Typically, she stays in the family room/kitchen. She also remained with me as I approached her for a hug instead of running back to her bed. Jazzy has yet to explore the whole first floor. When I returned home from work, I left the back door open so that I could take Boomer out. I’ve had to put a leash, and harness on Jazzy to get her out every time BUT this time, she willingly went out on her own!! These farm girls can take a long time to adjust, and to feel at home, and comfortable.

She still only eats once a day, and I still have to sit on the floor with her, and look away, and keep Boomer out of the room, BUT I am no longer hand feeding her. I hold the bowl, and she eats from it. She has not wagged her tail yet, but doesn’t keep it firmly tucked as before.

This being said, I would like to wait a little longer before posting Jazzy as available. I’d like to see her come out of her shell, and act more like a typical, happy lab. I would hate to see her returned because of her behaviors. I’d love to get a video of her or a picture of her “in action” but she’s either glued to my side or running away from me back to her bed. I will keep trying, though…

March 22, 2020

black labrador retriever

Jazzy had another peaceful night. She actually went over to the toy box, and chose a bone and a rope toy last night! We all froze, and watched her, and then started smiling and cheering. She still won’t wander in the house, and just gets up to drink and eat her one meal but she is making slowwww progress.

black labrador retriever

She again enjoyed her morning walk, and allowed me to cut her unbelievably LOOONG nails. The nails were curving under into her pads. We received XXL nail clippers in our foster care package for Jazzy. I could not have done it without them. Jazz is enjoying her Brookline gift box, and has sniffed each toy. She plopped down on most of them to claim them. She enjoyed being brushed outside, and laid out in the sun happily.

black labrador retriever

March 21, 2020

Good morning from Jazzy! She is slowly coming out of her shell, and learning that outside can be fun and not punishment. She again enjoyed our brisk morning walk. She is only eating one meal a day, and does need coaxing but, considering her over-abundance, that’s fine for now. She will make a wonderful companion for a person/family that is looking for a very sedate, chill senior to love.

black labrador retriever
Please notice how Jazzy oozes herself onto the dog bed.

March 20, 2020

black labrador retriever

Jazzy has been gradually settling in after she arrived to our home via the Brookline extraordinaire volunteer train yesterday. She was pacing, panting, restless, and worried for some time, and looking for Sodona. She settled (with Boomer’s help and doggy guidance), had her dinner, and slept quietly all night.

black labrador retriever

black labrador retriever

She seems to be adjusting to living outside of a pen/crate very well. So far no accidents. She is very low-key, and sedentary, and loves to lay around. She LOVES to be talked to, petted, hugged, and loved. She has the HUGEST paws (with the longest nails- that’s tonight’s adventure). I took her and Boomer for a nice walk today and I was pleasantly surprised at how agile, and sprightly she was! We walked a mile, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself-  sniffing flowers, looking at birds/squirrels and was captivated by everything she saw. I have a feeling that walks were not plentiful in her life. Jazz walks sedately, and nicely on a harness, and leash with almost zero pulling.

black labrador retriever

She takes treats, and food gently with no guarding. She gets along great with all people, and dogs. Jazzy is not fazed by my cat. She is not Velcro, and is very calm. Jazzy will need to be HW tested, vaccinated for Distemper, and Bordatella, and microchipped soon.

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