Jenny #2 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 5 Months Old ID #2858

black labrador retriever mixJenny and her brother Jake were found as strays in MS.  Thanks to some dedicated volunteers Jenny, along with her brother was transported North and is settling into her foster home.  Please read Jenny’s blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

April 19, 2021

black labrador retriever mixJenny has been with us for one whole week.  It’s impossible not to adore her.  She’s so sweet and gentle. FD and FM love getting puppy cuddles at the end of the day from Jenny.  She’s a very curious pup and when given the chance she wants go explore the house.  Everyone she meet comments on how calm she is.
black labrador retriever mixJenny spent a lot of the weekend hanging outside with us while we did yard work. She was great and spent most of the time snoozing, running around with the resident dog or taking in all the smells.

Housetraining is continuing to improve. Jenny even scratched the door today to let us know she needed to go out!black labrador retriever mixJenny and the resident dog have been doing very well together and will occasionally share the couch or a dog bed.

April 14, 2021

black labrador retriever mixJenny had another uneventful night last night sleeping in till around 7.  She barks and pulls at other dogs on our walks but if we approach the dog she stops barking and will exchange sniffs.

We are working with Jenny and her interactions with our resident dog.  They still are getting to know each other and how to share.  We have been keeping the dogs separated around food time, and Jenny has no problems with me if I remove the food bowl in the middle of her eating, or ask her to take a break from a kong.  Foster dad is becoming Jenny’s favorite person to hang out with on the couch, and she is thinking she doesn’t want to share him with the resident dog right now but she will learn there is plenty of room for everyone.

We had to run an errand with the resident dog and left Jenny in her crate with a kong.  Jenny does not like being left alone.  She goes in the crate fine but once she realized we were leaving she began to panic.  She apparently was barking so loudly that our neighbor texted me to check in.  We will continue slowly working on time spent alone.

Penny does have an overall calm demeanor.  She has not been mouthy, and ignores not dog items.  She loves her people and enjoys curling up next to us on the couch or beanbag chair.  Jenny is such a mellow dog for her age! She doesn’t mind just snoozing while foster mom and dad work. She spent some time with a couple kids in the neighborhood and she is soo gentle with them. She ran around the backyard with our resident dog and the neighbors dog and they had a great time. Jenny was very tired after. She is just a very adorable sweet puppy. Jenny is 2 days accident free! She even started going to the door to let us know she needs to go out.

Jenny’s care package arrived today and she has been enjoying her ducky and the nylabone.

April 12, 2021

Jenny did very well in the crate last night.  She goes right in for a treat.  She went in around 10:45 and whined for a couple minutes when we went to bed but after that we didn’t hear a peep from her till we got up at 6:45.  In the morning we put her on the scale and she came in at 29 pounds.  We took her on a morning walk and she is a little bit of a tripping hazard. She loves to zig zag in front or behind you.

Foster mom and dad are both still working from home and have a puppy play pen set up next to our desks.  She happily hung out in the play pen this morning and spent a good chunk of the day snoozing.  She must have been tired from from her long journey.  She does a lot of crying if we leave her in the room alone and we are going to work on getting her some alone time.

black labrador retriever mixShe has started coming out of her shell though and started playing with resident dog Rosie. They have been playing together well.  We are keeping a close eye on Jenny to make sure she is not uncomfortable or stressed and after they have had their fun they will lay dog near each other on our love seat.

This afternoon we started working on training and Jenny has been pretty responsive to puppy push ups (sit, down, and stand).  We are also working on paw but she has not gotten a handle on that yet. She is very treat motivated which is helping.

She has been alerting and barking at other dogs on our walks but we are working  on distracting her with a toy and treat.  It is rare for us not see another dog on our walks so she will be getting a lot of practice in curbing this behavior.

She is working on housetraining but we take her out frequently. She did have an accident today and foster mom and dad stopped a couple before they could happen.

April 11, 2021

black labrador retriever mixAfter the ride from Mississippi, Jenny hopped in the car and settled in nicely curled up against foster dad’s leg.   She explored the house taking in all the smells from foster sister Rosie.  The stinky pup then got a bath which she did not love. She tried to escape the tub a few times.

She then got to meet foster sister Rosie and she’s still not exactly sure how she feels about our high energy pup.  Foster sister learned to give Jenny some space.  They generally have coexisted okay but Jenny will bark at Rosie if she gets too close.

black labrador retriever mixShe knows sit and gives the cutest eyes when she is begging.  She is also a counter surfer and we are working on that behavior.

Jenny went for a lap around the neighborhood where she met some human friends who all said she is the sweetest softest puppy.  Jenny did great on the leash.  She is doing great with house training.  She did have one accident in the house but we are going to blame that one on the foster parents.

black labrador retriever mix

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