Jessie #3 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 2.5 Months Old ID #2647

November 19, 2020

black labrador retriever mixJessie still continues to thrive as a puppy. She’s learning how to walk on a leash, sit for treats and comes when called (well comes when she wants to, lol). Nights are great. She’s goes into her crate when we go to bed around 10:30pm and we don’t hear from her until the next morning when we get up around 6:30am. Her and Clyde (our other foster) are really starting to bond.  They play with each other until they’re exhausted, then have to take a nap and start all over again.  Her accidents are getting are getting less and less. I understand her signals and now know I don’t have much time to get her outside.  Being outside is where Jessie loves being the most.

black labrador retriever mixShe lays in the sun, takes herself for little walks around the yard exploring leaves, sticks and of course dirt. She’d stay outside all day if she could.

Jessie is also such a snuggle bug. She can’t get enough hugs and kids from the family.  She’s definitely a wonderful dog.

November 16, 2020

I can’t believe a week has gone by with this super cute puppy already. It went by so quick and I feel like we’ve done a million things with her. Jessie has settled into our family’s busy schedule.  She likes going for car rides and attending my son’s soccer games. She gets lot of attention.

She loves playing with our other foster and resident dog. They run around the yard wrestling with each other until they’re exhausted.  I hope this week is a little less hectic.

November 15, 2020

An update on Jessie. She is doing great. She loves running around the house bossing the other dogs around.2 black Labrador Retriever Mix She really is such a cutie pie and very spunky.  We lovely call her “trouble”. We haven’t been able to do too much the last couple days with the rain. Having 3 dogs in the house there is a lot of drying of paws and bellies when they come back from playing in the yard. Jessie is definitely labby as she’s obsessed with my koi pond.  She really wants to get into the water. black Labrador Retriever MixYesterday Jessie had her vet appointment to get her next set of shots. She did great at the vet and got a clean bill of health.  Today she’s just snuggling with my daughter all nice and warm while its rainy outside.

November 13, 2020

Jessie arrived yesterday along with 2 other puppies from MS.  She was so happy to get back to our house to get a bath (several honestly), eat breakfast and drink some nice clean water. She quickly settled in and took off running around the backyard with our other foster (Clyde) and our resident dog (Lily) and then took a long nap.


Jessie is super cute and loving little girl. She’s defiantly not shy and will chase the other dogs around and steal their toys.  She loves emptying the toy basket, especially after I just put everything back in.  She makes me laugh.  Yesterday afternoon we took her to our son’s soccer game and everyone loved her.  She did really well meeting other dogs and walking around on the leash.

She’s only had one accident, but we take her out a lot.  With this nice weather we’re trying to keep her and the other dogs outside to play and lay in sun.  Last night wasn’t too bad. She slept in her crate and whined to go out around 2:30am. It took a little while for her to settle back down, but she finally did. Luckily, she didn’t wake up the other sleeping dogs.   Today we went for a walk around the neighborhood and then met the kids at the bus stop, but other than that it was a quiet day.    Luckily the dogs entertained themselves.

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