Jett Black Labrador Retriever Male 7 Months Old ID #2766

June 2, 2020


A quick update on Jett. We can’t believe we’ve had Jeff for almost a month. We are really trying not to be 1st time Foster Failures. Jett is a very loving and happy boy. He has just blended in with our family and dog Lily. They play a lot in the backyard and love to sleep by the front door sunning Labrador Retriever and dog at front door He enjoys going for walks and has really improved with not pulling.  He’s learning to come on command, but we lose any control if a squirrel runs by.  Those rascals drive him crazy. Jett loves car rides. black Labrador Retriever , dog and boy in carMy daughter is even trying to teach him to jump and goes through polls with her canine agility obstacle course.  This week we’re going to take the dogs on some trails at a local park and see if he likes water.  It should be fun to see how he reacts. We’ll take pictures or a video.  Stay tuned. That’s it for now! 🙂

May 20, 2020


Here is the lasted update on Jett.  He’s doing great. Jett is such a well behaved and very smart dog.  We’ve been taking walks every day and he is so much better at walking. No barking at other dogs anymore. Still curious and wants to go and greet them, but learning to just leave it. The kids just love having him around and playing with him the backyard. Trying to get him to catch a frisbee, not going so well. He just looks at it.  BUT if we throw a ball Jett loves to run and catch it. He even brings it back, but doesn’t give it up so easy.

A work in progress. He’s also my shadow around the house and my office mate during the day.

He even got on video meeting the other day and was introduced to my colleagues. They all were excited to see him and thought he was the cutest thing.

Most important to Jett is our dog Lilly they are by each side all sitting at the front looking outside watching people go by and sunning themselves. Not a bad life.

We also took Jett on his 1st play-date with 2 family dogs and he adjusted to playing with them easily. We were super excited about that, because they are big dogs.three dogs one black Labrador Retriever

This weekend we want to take Jett on his hike, we’ll let you know how that goes on the next update.

May 9, 2020

Jett in his 1st 24hrs with his new foster family. He’s doing great and settling in nicely.  Jett and our 3yr old dog are getting along fabulously. Tiring each other out. (yay for me).

We took on a walk this morning that was a bit challenging he gets very strong trying to get to other dogs, so we have some work to do on manners. black Labrador Retriever and man walkingHe’s only had one accident, but we’re watching for any signals that he gives us to go outside. And taking him out very often. Other than that, he’s very kind and loves being with our kids.

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