Jingles Silver Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old ID#3375


Silver Labrador Retriever Meet Jingles! She is a 5-year-old, pretty silver momma who got her rescue ride off of the farm and left her breeding days behind her.  Jingles, being a good Mama,  ran over to the pen of pups to say a quick goodbye before heading out to her Brookline foster home.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn about her time in foster care.

October 3, 2023

Jingles weathered the tropical storm in Sea Isle City, NJ two weekends ago.  She didn’t like the gale-force winds (who the heck did???) or the pummeling rain but she overcame her fear and walked on the leash all weekend. She overcame her fear of doing her business on the leash is now a pro. She acclimated to the different home and the new people very well. These are all big steps for this beautiful girl. She is still skittish with certain things but has come so very far. She loves loves loves her walks and has met a lot of children. She is a favorite at the bus stop and greets all the children so sweetly. She would do well with a family with children.Silver Labrador RetrieverJingles relaxes the most around other dogs and will need another playful submissive dog as a companion to help her further come out of her “farm-girl” shell. She is better each day on our walks but still needs some leash training. No bark yet, 100% house trained, does steps well, and is completely quiet and peaceful at night.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe takes treats gently but has not mastered commands yet. She LOVES affection and puts a paw on whoever she wants to pet her.Silver Labrador RetrieverJingles has her spay on Friday and will be placed up for adoption as soon as next week.

September 22, 2023

Jingles continues to make progress and decompress every day. She loves to go for walks and is the first one ready every morning. She is no longer afraid of her harness. She will need continued leash training and is still a little skittish on our walks because there is a lot of hammering from construction in the neighborhood. She is not a fan of loud noises and is still adjusting to the TV. She has yet to do her business on a leash but we are working on it.

She loves the couch and it has become her safe haven. She has been initiating play with resident dog Boomer each day and they romp in the yard together.

Another playful dog would be a great bonus for Jingles in her forever home. She would also love a fenced yard (although not a requirement) since she loves to wander and graze.

We have yet to hear her bark, she sleeps peacefully every night, and appears to be 100% house trained. She loves affection and constantly puts her paw on for hugs and kisses. We woke up the other day to find almost all the toys from the toy box spread around the room. Jingles must have been playing with them through the night!

This weekend should be interesting because we are taking Jingles to the south Jersey shore to go visiting. It will be a whole new set of exciting circumstances for her to adapt to.

September 16, 2023

Jingles has made great progress since yesterday! Last night I was reading on the couch and she decided to join me. I saw her under the table looking at me and hesitating to come out and interact and she finally overcame her fear, jumped up onto the couch, and put her head in my lap.

She again slept very quietly and peacefully with Boomer downstairs. Jingles has not had a single accident in the house. On our walk this morning, I tried a front clip harness and she adapted nicely. She is still skittish with all the new sights and sounds but is learning that nothing will harm her and that walks can be fun.

Jingles was SO happy to see us this morning when we came downstairs!  She was prancing, wagging, and making happy noises. While we had breakfast, she climbed into one of the dog beds and settled herself in! (see pictures)Silver Labrador Retriever Silver Labrador Retriever Silver Labrador Retriever Silver Labrador RetrieverToys, chew bones, and balls are next on our list to introduce play with Jingles. She has been running up our set of outside steps with no issue but hasn’t attempted our second floor yet. It’s still early days.

September 15, 2023

Jingles has gone for 3 nice walks since yesterday afternoon and absolutely loves being outside! She is doing well with the harness and leash considering this is probably her first time using them. She pulls moderately and zigzags some when walking. She is adjusting to all the new sights and sounds of suburbia and is slowly coming to terms with school buses, landscapers, and trash trucks.

She watched some Animal Planet last night and was a little scared but captivated. We will work our way up to Dr. Pol and some other shows soon. She is still skittish with all the sounds and sights that come with living in a home and has not discovered the joys of a dog bed yet. She lays on our hearth and follows Boomer everywhere (even when he gets into trouble digging holes in the backyard). She slept peacefully all night downstairs and has not attempted the steps to the 2nd floor bedrooms yet. She has done all her business outside without an accident in the house. She loves her hugs, being talked to, and many kisses. It’s wonderful to watch these farm dogs slowly open up to domestic life and begin to feel comfortable and discover new joys every day.

September 14, 2023

Jingles was rescued from the farm yesterday after two volunteers kindly picked her up. They also gave her a bath and had her vetted as a huge bonus.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe is heartworm and Lyme negative and weighs 88 lbs.Silver Labrador RetrieverJingles had her last litter at the end of June and is now retired as a breeder dog. She just turned 5 years old. Jingles was being kept in a pen with a young female labradoodle and an intact male lab who she was very friendly with. She interacted with the farmer’s children also with no issues. She lived with cats, horses, and cows on the farm without any problem.

She has beautiful, expressive light eyes and is very friendly towards every person and dog she meets. She was docile and submissive with no resource guarding and travelled very nicely in the car yesterday.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe was extremely excited to meet resident dog, Boomer, with tail wagging and they played and ran in the yard together. She was hesitant to come inside but was gently coaxed with a treat. She was very restless and paced all night but came over to the couch (where I slept) for hugs and reassurance frequently.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe loves to put her right paw on my arm and loves her head and ears rubbed. Jingles has been eating her meals nicely, learning to take treats gently, and has not had a single accident in the house so far.Silver Labrador RetrieverWe will begin harness/leash training later today. Jingles has shown no interest in toys, tennis balls, or chews. I’m sure as she begins to decompress, she will find the joys in these items.

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