JJ Black Labrador Retriever Male 5 Years Old BLRR # 2132

February 19, 2020

JJ has been back with us for the past 10 days. He has adjusted back to our routine without missing a beat.  We were only home for a few days before we had to leave for the OBX.  We will be here for a three to four weeks and didn’t want to put JJ back in a kennel.  JJ did great on the 8 hour road trip and was a perfect passenger.

black labrador retriever

JJ will bark when left alone. We put a camera on to monitor him when we leave the house. He will bark for a few minutes then settle in, and may bark every once in a while.  We have left him on one of our decks a few times, and he does not bark.  JJ LOVES being with his people, and will follow them around the house, and lay next to them.  He also likes to help with home repairs. We had to replace the dishwasher in the new home, and he had to lay next to us on top of the tools.  JJ has enjoyed his walks around the neighborhood, and really likes going to the beach.  The beaches at this time of the year are pretty empty so we tied a 100’ rope to his collar, and let him run.  He had a great time running around and tried following Ozzie into the ocean but did not like it when a wave splashed him.

JJ is a homebody who loves laying on the couch with one of his people and his chicken.  He is a gentle soul who has not shown any destructive behavior.  He is a low to med energy dog who loves his walks.

Everyone who meets this big lovable hunk loves him, but we have not been able to find him a forever home.

black labrador retriever

  • JJ is a gentle giant who doesn’t have a mean bone in his large body.
  • JJ loves all dogs and people and especially bonds with females.
  • JJ has done well with cats and small dogs.
  • JJ is 100% house trained.
  • JJ knows basic commands.
  • JJ makes the best eye contact.
  • JJ does have slight separation anxiety but it has been very manageable.

January 2, 2020

JJ is such a love bug, he loves being near his people and has really settled into our routine. He has free range of the house but is always near one of us. If we are on different floors, he will take turns spending time with each of us. Crate training is going much better and while he does not like his crate, he will go in and relax. We have been able to leave him for up to 6 hours with no issues.

Black Labrador Retriever

Black Labrador Retriever
– JJ has had zero accidents in the house.
– JJ sleeps in his dog bed at the foot of our bed
– JJ has not destroyed anything, including his plush toys
– JJ has shown no aggression whatsoever
– JJ walks good on a harness or gentle leader
– JJ has started to put on some weight, his ribs are no longer visible.
– JJ has started playing with all toys (except balls) and chewing on bones. He loves to play fetch with his       chicken and can jump scary high.
– JJ loves his time in the backyard, he patrols the fence line.

Black Labrador Retriever

We had to go away for a few days and had our nephew dog sit and he is another JJ fan. Everyone who meets him can’t help but love this big boy. His perfect home will be one with a fenced yard, people home more than not, children over 8 yrs old ((he is a tall big boy). He is medium energy.

December 23, 2019

black labrador retriever

As I sit to write the update, JJ and Ozzie are laying together on the couch, relaxing after their morning breakfast and run around the yard.  They are saving their energy for our morning stroll.

JJ continues to do pretty good.  He has had no accidents and is getting more comfortable with our daily routines.  JJ has earned free range of the house but is always within a few feet of one of us or his fur brother.  JJ has been sleeping in our bedroom since day 3 and will sleep quietly at the foot of the bed.   He has not tried getting into the bed.

black labrador retriever

We have been working on crating him and it is slowly getting better.  It is still a bit of work to get him to go in but each time gets a little easier.  We have been “practicing” 5 to 6 times per day and I know he gets it but he can be a little stubborn.  On our “practice” crating we leave him in for a few minutes and he is calm.  As soon as we let him out of the crate he runs for his stuffed chicken.  We have been leaving him crated once a day for an extended period.  When this happens, we put the cameras on him and can see that he fluctuates between laying down and barking.  These extended times range from 1 – 4 hours and we are always so pleased at how calm he is when we let him out of the crate.

He does pretty good in the car/truck but we have to keep him tethered since he wants to be upfront with us.  We had him to our place in the Poconos and he enjoyed hiking around the lake.  He has become such a sniffer, it is fun watching him enjoy himself outside. This morning he was running around the fence in our yard for 15 minutes( the most energy we have seen him expend) then he was gone, seems we didn’t lock the 12’ gate in the back and he somehow managed to push it open.  We were panicked… We could hear him in the woods behind the house, I circled around but he went running to Lisa to show off a opossum carcass he had found.  It took a few minutes for him to give up his treasure.  We hope he does not get sick.  JJ is so lean and tall, with his a long tail and long body he reminds us of a black panther when he walking, especially since you can see his shoulder blades moving up and down as he moves forward.

black labrador retriever

Things we have learned about JJ (ongoing)
1. He walks pretty good on a harness, easily corrected
2. He wants to be near his people at all times
3. He is tall enough to see over the counter, given the chance I am 99% sure he would help himself to any food left out.
4. He loves to put his head in the refrigerator and check out the food.
5. He does not want anything to do with his crate, we will continue to work on this.
6. He has respected the new heavy duty gates we purchased for him.
7. He has had no accidents
8. He has started to play with some of his toys, he loves his chicken.
9. He thinks he is a lap dog, we are teaching him boundaries.
10. He loves car rides but you need to tether him in the back
11. He has done great with every person he meets.
12. He has done great with all dogs, both large and small
13. There is not a mean bone in his body
14. He will allow us to groom him, he loves the attention.
15. He was great at the Vet and was very popular with the staff.

December 18, 2019

Black Labrador Retriever mix

We picked JJ,  FKA Jameson, up from Bedminster Canine Kamp (BCK) Monday morning. We can not express how thankful we are for all BCK does for our Rescue. They had JJ ready, bathed, bow tie and all his stuff together. They took an hour to update us on his progress and go over his medications. They gave us a medication chart so it will be very easy for us to make sure we do not miss any of his medication times. We are so impressed with the relationship Sue S. has developed with BCK. It took us an additional 15 minutes to leave BCK because so many of the staff NEEDED to come out and say goodbye to JJ.
JJ did not disappoint the staff, he handed out hugs and kisses.

black labrador retriever mix

Jameson does not know his current name so we decided to change it to JJ. JJ is easer to say ( 2 vs 3 syllables). We are not sure JJ’s age. His paperwork has been anywhere from 4 to 8 years old.  We are going to go with him being 5 years old. JJ has done good on his first day, he already knew resident Ozzie from when we would go to the kennel to walk JJ.  While they are not best buddies (yet) there has not been aggression or negative behavior.  JJ is a big dog, long and tall.  We think he has some Great Dane in him. He currently weighs 85 pounds.  He gained 8 pounds at BCK and needs to put on another 15 pounds. He is being fed 2 cups of food, 3 times a day. He has the largest paws.  They are the size of oven mitts.

black labrador retriever mix

Everyone who meets JJ falls in love with him.  He loves all people and will roll over and give his belly to anyone who is petting him. JJ has met a few dogs on our walks and he has been very friendly. We took him to the tennis courts and he engaged Ozzie in a few chase sessions.

black labrador retriever mix
Things we have learned about JJ
1. He walks pretty good on a harness, easily corrected
2. He wants to be near his people at all times
3. He is tall enough to see over the counter, given the chance I am 99% sure he would help himself to any food left out.
4. He loves to put his head in the refrigerator and check out the food.
5. He does not want anything to do with his crate, we will continue to work on this.
6. He has respected the new heavy duty gates we purchased for him.
7. He has had no accidents.

8. He has started to play with some of his toys, he loves his chicken.
9. He thinks he is a lap dog, we are teaching him boundaries.

We are happy and relieved that things have gone well the first 48 hours.

November 14, 2019

November 5, 2019

black Labrador Jameson facial close upJameson has been with us for about three weeks. He is settling and we have attended a few training sessions. He seems very eager to learn and is picking up nicely. We are focusing much of our attention on his separation anxiety. Thankfully he is not left alone often but when he is he becomes stressed. We are trying some medication and lots of exercise.

He continues to get along with our resident dogs and loves everybody he meets humans and canines.  But no cats for this guy and his prey drive.  He really seems to enjoy car rides, loves to eat, which is great because he needs to gain weight, and loves his treats that he gets when we practice our training exercises.black Labrador Jameson hanging in the backyard

This big guy is going to need a home with a high fenced-in yard or a few acres to run, gallop and play ball. I don’t believe two 30-minute walks a day will be enough for him. I suspect he grew up on a farm and was able to roam and be outdoors where he seems most comfortable. When he settles he is a love bug and wants to be by your side. I really believe he loves being part of a pack and would do well in a home with other dogs.Labrador Retriever Jameson rolling in the grass

Could you be the forever home and family he needs? If he keeps progressing as well as he has been he should be available for adoption soon. This guy deserves to go to a wonderful loving home.





October 22, 2019

Black Labrador Jameson walking in the backyardSweet Jameson is acclimating nicely to his foster home. This gentle giant was found as a stray in Lebanon County. We suspect he may have been a farm dog. Although he does come indoors,  he is learning how to behave indoors. The vet estimates his age to be approximately 8 years old. He is an extra-large lab, possibly a hound mix, with a very shiny coat and quite the friendly fella. Jameson is a bit like Velcro right now but he is getting more and more confident. We started him on one obedience training, and he is learning his manners rather quickly. He really does want to please. He gets along well with our two resident dogs but we were told by the shelter no cats for him.  He also shows a lot of interest in squirrels and critters.

An ideal person or family for Jameson would be one with a large fenced yard since he loves to gallop and run. He also needs someone that is not away from home for long periods as he is still unsure about being alone for long periods. He absolutely loves children and truly enjoys his morning and evening walks.  Although the vet estimates his age at 8, he has a lot of energy. He also needs to gain some weight.

More on Jameson soon…

September 22, 2019
Jameson was found as a stray with two other female dogs. He is around 7 years old, neutered, and UTD on shots. He is a very friendly, sweet boy, that loves belly rubs.
Jameson just came in to foster care yesterday, but we have already discovered he has a very high prey drive, so no cats for him!

We will be updating Jameson’s blog as we learn more.

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