Jonah Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 7 Months Old ID#3010

Black Labrador Retriever MixMeet Jonah!  He is an adorable little Lab mix who was found by a good Samaritan as a stray (most likely dumped) in a bramble thicket on the side of the road in MS. His rescuer in MS vetted him and temporarily fostered him.  Through a coordinated effort of Brookline volunteers, he was transported North and is now in a Brookline foster home.  Please read his blog from the bottom up to learn more about Jonah.

February 19, 2024

I have been in my comfy foster home for 10 days now and my FM says I am the best boy ever! I have learned to play fetch with a ball and have been flinging my treat ball, rubber balls, tennis balls, and every other ball I can find throughout the house. I love playing fetch outside too. I got to experience snow for the first time ever and it was very scary at first but then I loved playing outside in it. I was flinging the snow up into the air and then trying to catch it like … a ball!

My FM got me some nubby teething toys which I love and I still spend a lot of time emptying the toy basket. I love to fling them and then chase them and pounce on them.Black Labrador Retriever MixI went on a long car ride this weekend and was sooo good in the car. I settled in at the new place and enjoyed exploring it and went for long walks in the country. I loved it!Black Labrador Retriever MixBlack Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixI am getting so good with the leash and harness and get plenty of treats when I listen to FM on our walks. I never have accidents in the house and always signal when I have to go outside. We tried something different this weekend. I got to sleep on a soft, warm, comfy dog bed with my favorite Brownie blanket! I slept all night without wandering.Black Labrador Retriever MixI have been learning to snuggle with my family once I finish running and playing. Black Labrador Retriever MixI am such a happy boy and am so grateful to Apryl, Maggie, and Brookline for saving me!Black Labrador Retriever Mix

February 12, 2024

Jonah here! Once again, I slept through the night peacefully in my crate with my crinkle toy and blanket. I did zoomies in the house
this morning because I love my new life in a warm, safe home with a family! I went on a long walk this morning and saw a trash truck!!
I was so scared but FM told me she would protect me and there was nothing to be afraid of.

Black Labrador Retriever MixI am such a good boy and signal when I have to go out. I haven’t had a single accident in the house and FM is so happy! I love my toys
and sleeping on the big brown hassock in my foster home. I’m really starting to show my personality now. I wander around in the backyard
but haven’t run yet since I’m still getting the lay of the land. I can’t wait to meet my forever family because I am such a good boy and will
make them so very happy.

I don’t need a fenced yard and would love a home with kids but I love adults too so either would be great! I like other dogs but haven’t been
around any cats. Have a good day!

February 11, 2024

Hello from Jonah!

A big shoutout to Brownie Troop 57109 who made Jonah the beautiful blanket that he’s sitting on in the attached picture! He drags it into his crate at night and loves to lay on it. Thank you girls!!Black Labrador Retriever MixJonah slept peacefully all night in his crate. He whines for the first several minutes them settles in for the night. He is a typical happy, joyful, playful lab puppy! He loves toys of all kinds and is really enjoying removing every single one from the toy basket and flinging them around. His favorite is his pink pig.Black Labrador Retriever MixHe has learned the “sit”  and “come” commands and almost mastered “leave it”. He listens very well to correction with a firm voice.
Jonah appears to have house trained himself and does his business outside every time (yeah!). He has a very cute habit of nudging his nose against my leg when he wants to be petted. Jonah loves children and is great with them. His little tail wags a mile a minute when he sees them!Black Labrador Retriever MixStay tuned for more Jonah tomorrow!

February 10, 2024

Seven month old Jonah came up from Mississippi through the efforts of Apryl who rescued and fostered him, Maggie and Katie who arranged transport and all other details, and Deb who so kindly gave him his rescue ride. Jonah is absolutely adorable with the cutest little underbite ever. He is just precious!Black Labrador Retriever Mix Black Labrador Retriever MixHe was a little shy and hesitant at first but came out of his shell quickly. He loves affection and seeks it out and then shows off his cute wiggly butt. He tolerated and even enjoyed his bath since he had 2 pairs of hands petting him and loving him. He ate his dinner with no fuss and has taken treats gently.Black Labrador Retriever MixBlack Labrador Retriever MixBlack Labrador Retriever MixJonah loved taking all the toys out of the dog basket and then hoarding them in his crate. He loves soft toys, chew toys, and was afraid of the squeaky toys but loves to toss them and bark at them now!

He also likes to chase tennis balls. He settled nicely in his crate for the night and we didn’t hear a peep out of him. He was so happy to see us in the morning and went out and did his business so nicely!

Leash and harness training began today and Jonah did really well considering it’s probably his first time. He was fascinated by all the sounds, smells, and sights.Black Labrador Retriever MixHe got to open his Brookline gift box this morning (thank you Theresa!) and was overjoyed with his pink pig, more balls, and the other toys.

Big thank you to Brownie troop 57109 for Jonah’s beautiful blanket !! Here he is sitting on it! He has not had a single accident in the house and considering his long transport yesterday, he’s adapting and settling in incredibly quickly. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!