Jovie, 3 year old black lab

December 2, 2017

It’s been awhile! I’m in my foster home and doing GREAT!  Here’s what my FM has to say about me. Can you tell they love me?

black labrador retriever laying down                   black labrador retriever on sofa

Jovie has been with us for a week now, but it feels like she’s always been here!  She is so easygoing and trusting of anyone she comes across that it’s made her transition very easy.  It took her a few days to “map out” the house, but now she gets around just fine. She handles the stairs like a pro! She also uses the stairs to get to our bed – her favorite place to sleep.
black labrador retriever at office                  black labrador retriever blanket over head
She gets along with our mini-dachshund Olivia very well, they’re sleeping together next to me right now : ) At first I think Jovie was really not sure what to do because she would try to find Liv and wasn’t able (Liv can dart around pretty quick and Jovie can’t quite track her).  But as the days go on Liv is getting more comfortable with her and is even initiating some play.  Jovie, like any young lab, can get rough when she plays, but when that happens Liv just runs away.  Jovie would love to live with a dog closer to her size that she can rough-house with!
While she’s adjusting to our house we think it’s best not to leave her for long periods of time, so lucky Jovie got to go to work with her foster dad 2 days this week! She loved it and met lots of nice people.  We’ve been to the park a few times for long walks, and around the neighborhood for short ones.  Today we even took her to cut down our Christmas tree and she had a great time sniffing around and meeting other people and dogs.
She is always happy, her tail is always wagging and she gives the sweetest kisses.  She is just the loviest dog we’ve ever met!
black labrador retriever purple toy             black labrador retriever in bed

October 13, 2017

Just a few more pictures to show you how adorably sweet I am!

black labrador retriever bone

black labrador retriever in car

October 11, 2017

black labrador retriever profile face

Jovie is a three-year old purebred dainty teacup of a black Labrador.  She is feisty and funny and full of life.  She adores children, most other dogs (she can be a dominant wee thing), and cats.  She loves nothing more than to go on long, long walks or “sniffs” and to cuddle on the couch or in bed with her favorite humans.

Jovie happens to also be blind and mostly deaf from birth.  That’s listed last because it’s the least important thing about her.  She is in every other respect a happy, healthy young dog who needs to be treated as if she were any other normal, happy go-lucky Labrador, with a few small life style modifications.

two black labrador retriever looking upblack labrador retriever curled up sleeping

Jovie had a sad start in life.  She was bred by a hunter who mistreated her mother and the resultant malnourishment likely caused Jovie’s blindness and hearing loss.  Jovie was also the smallest pup in the litter.  When Jovie’s impairments were discovered by the veterinarian at an early check-up, the breeder was intent on euthanizing her.  A compassionate tech at the vet’s office quickly claimed Jovie as her own and provided her first home.  Over the next couple of years, Jovie was passed from home to home, likely always treated with kindness and cared for, but passed along when the family was no longer able to keep her.  She was rescued by Brookline from a shelter in Delaware where her former owners had surrendered her before going on vacation and lovingly cared for by a foster who came to know her well.

 two black labrador retriever      yellow and black labrador retriever sleeping

Jovie does struggle with separation anxiety, which is understandable given her loss of two senses and her history of not staying with one family for very long.  She relies heavily on touch, her own sense of tactile touch, as well as the loving touches of the people with whom she lives.  Despite Jovie’s sad start in life and movement from home to home, it is clear that she has always been kindly treated.  She never reacts to a human touch, even surprise touch, with anything other than enthusiastic wagging, wriggling, and kisses. This dog is the love of the world and will be happiest in a busy family of adults and children and other friendly dogs for companions.  Jovie would also make a wonderful companion for a family member who is homebound and would benefit from constant, affectionate companionship or someone who is able to take her to work or work from home with Jovie devotedly lying at his or her feet.  She would be happiest in a quiet, rural setting that provides lots of time outside in the sunshine and fresh air, as well as freedom from loud noises such as traffic, which she can sense and is disorienting for her.

two black labrador retriever poolblack labrador retriever gray cat sleeping

For the past year, Jovie has lived with someone who loves her very, very much.  However, she is single with no other dogs and despite leaving Jovie alone as little as possible, is concerned that she would have a better quality of life with a larger, busier family that also has at least one, if not more, compatible friendly dogs.    Her current owner raised a puppy for The Seeing Eye and Jovie and that pup were inseparable until he returned to The Seeing Eye for training.  Jovie became despondent without a canine companion, which quickly resolved at the introduction of a temporary foster from Brookline.  It’s absolutely clear that Jovie needs a dog of her own.

yellow and black labrador retriever gray cat       two black labrador retriever sleeping

Jovie has no limitations in terms of mobility.  She quickly “maps” new areas by touch and scent.  She can scale steep stairs with no problem and happily uses steps to make her way into her person’s bed.  She runs about easily in a fenced yard and on a large deck.  While she enjoys very long walks (often more than five miles at a stretch), she would enjoy the freedom of roaming about a fenced area off leash and playing actively with other dogs.

Jovie is up-to-date on all vaccinations, recently passed a well check-up with flying colors, has been spayed, and has been on heart worm and flea/tick preventative year round.  She does receive daily eye drops and her eyes will need to be monitored over time; however, no significant issues are anticipated. She is not a candidate for eye surgery as even if the cataracts could be removed, she has passed the time neurologically that she would have developed an understanding of what she is seeing.  It will only take a few minutes with her to realize that her blindness in no way limits her ability to lead a happy, healthy Labrador’s life – the last one to realize she can’t see is Jovie, as she’s never experienced the world differently.

Many times over the past year, her owner has been told how lucky Jovie is to have a home with her.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Her person’s life has been infinitely enriched by Jovie’s presence in it.  She has been a constant source of loving affection and comfort.  She is love incarnate, or perhaps in-canine?  It is breaking her owner’s heart to seek a new home for her, but it is in Jovie’s best interest to have a new home with more opportunities for companionship and interaction.  If her adoptive family is close by and so desires it, her current owner and former foster would welcome the opportunity to visit, to care for her during the family’s vacations, and maintain a relationship with her.  If the adoptive family were at a distance or preferring not to maintain a connection, her current owner and former foster would also understand.  Her current owner would also be very willing to provide support and advice as Jovie transitions to her new home and will cover her adoption fee.

If your family matches Jovie’s needs above, please consider taking this lovely, sweet dog into your hearts and home.  You will be forever grateful that you did.

black labrador retriever on beach

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