Kayla Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 1 Year Old

April 19, 2019
Kayla has completely adjusted and decompressed from her past, and her true character has come out. She is a wonderful companion, very affectionate, settles easily, loves everyone, and is very polite. She now knows when you say “outside”, it’s time for a bathroom break. Kayla is also fine being crated.
When we do play, she loves to fetch a tennis ball and does take periodic breaks to chew her bones.
Kayla’s spay was put on hold due to going into heat shortly after coming into foster care. It’s best not to have the procedure done during or right after a heat cycle. Kayla will be available for adoption soon. She will be posted with a spay contract. Which means she will need to be spayed while with her adoptive family.  This will give her reproductive system time to recover from her cycle before being spayed.  Her lucky forever home that is chosen, will have a great companion with Kayla!
April 14, 2019
OK…Kayla has been with us now just under a week and here is what we know:yellow labrador retriever mix sleeping

She is the sweetest young lab. Kayla is great with kids, other dogs and new people.

She greets everyone with kisses. She does not have the “knockdown factor”. She gets her energy up every other day or so, and is not a hyperactive pup. Some exercise, and she’ll sleep 12 hours straight.yellow labrador retriever mix on bed

She is also not a counter surfer and very polite taking snacks from our hands. She would be great with an older couple, young couple, and kids.
We are working on her call name “Kayla”, which she still seems to be learning. She is 80% housebroken and is fine in the crate when we leave. We received a martingale collar from Carolyn, which is helping greatly with her walking skills. Lastly, she doesn’t chew our human items, but does like to shred paper…what Lab doesn’t like to shred paper as a pup?!?! 🙂
April 8, 2019
Hi All. We picked up Kayla around 5:30 yesterday from Denise S. (thanks Denise for your time spent saving these doggies!!!) Kayla greeted me (and my mom, who took a ride with me)  with a ton of kisses. She was a different dog from the picture we all saw at the shelter. I swear she knew she was on her way to a better life.
She is a spindly 42 pounds and is a year old. Kayla’s coat is a beautiful yellow, almost white. The car ride across the state with her was fine. She sat on my mom’s lap and it was like she had been with us before.yellow Labrador Retriever and women
We arrived home and it was time to introduce her to the pack. All three of my resident dogs and Kayla played in the yard for 2 hours. Kayla was fine with them and was welcomed. I almost felt as though my other three knew how young she is and kind of guided her. She has a great sense of smell and still getting used to all the new scents in and out of the house. She’s not high energy and is still a little anxious. She has only eaten once today, but drinking fine. We also crated her today while we were out and she seems to be housebroken. Kayla also met a few knew strangers today with more love and kisses.
Her spay is set up for the April 16, and I think she’s going to a popular little yellow when she’s healed.
Stay tuned for more to come in the next few days.

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