Keisha Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 8 Years Old

chocolate labrador retriever back of carChocolate Labrador Retriever sleeping
I fell in love with this girl on the day of her rescue!  She knew sit and paw and put her head on your chest and gazed into your eyes!  Some family will  be super lucky to snag this girl!
January 17, 2019

Keisha, forever know here as Chocolate Thunder, is doing well. The whole talking thing has subsided and all three dogs get along really well now. She has finally fit in with our two resident dogs.

We have also found out that Keisha loves to play fetch. She will run for hours and hours! She usually will drop the ball at your feet too. She lets you take it if another dog is close so another dog does not take it. She also loves to carry a ball around and give you a prize. We have a container of balls that we keep by the back door. She will go and get a ball, give it to you, and then immediately go and get another.

Her only fault, so far, is that she likes to chew up toys. She has not chewed up anything else though! She does have her run of the house at night with no issues. We do keep her gated during the day when we are not home.

Here is a rare picture of her not running through the house!Chocolate Labrador Retriever sleeping

January 11, 2019
Keisha continues to show improvements with her step-sisters. The first few days were a little edgy with Keisha warning them she needed some time to adjust. After a few days that has stopped and they get along so much better. Our girl Gracie has decided that it is better to stay a little farther away, but is now feeling safer.
Keisha is a little more active than our two, and flies around the house for about 15 minutes after we come home. She is closed in, so maybe that is why. She lives to be close and thinks she is a lap dog. She climbed on my lap in my chair and promptly fell sound asleep. Also, she snores like a freight train.
chocolate labrador retriever and man
She will be available soon.

January 10, 2019

Keisha is a 85 pound chocolate farm girl that came into our care on 12/28. She is a bundle of energy. They said she is about 8, but acts like she is a pup. She loves to be near you at all times. Keisha is never more than an arms length away.

Keisha will be available very, very soon. I just wanted to let everyone know about her.





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