Ketturah Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 4 Years Old ID #3130

September 6, 2022

She is will come with a spay contract.

Ketturah (aka Ketty) is a 4 yrs. old (she will be 5 on Halloween) breeding mom who is a sweet, affectionate girl. She loves to be close to her people. She does well with kids that are gentle. chocolate labrador retrieverShe is good with dogs and seems to have low prey drive. She continues to do well on lead. However, she does not poop or pee on walks; only in the back yard. She is crate trained but now has free access in my home. She is completely reliable and has not had any accident since she has been with me.

Kettty requires a patient family that can continue to help her with life off the farm. She responds well to a soft voice, positive reinforcement and being told what a girl she is. Ketty would like her family to be around more often than not. She is such a lovely gentle girl who would be a perfect friend to your family.

September 2, 2022

Ketturah (Ketty) will be ready soon to find her forever home. She will be posted next week. She has come so far in such a short time.

Ketty is comfortable with kids, her farmer had very young children under 5. She is great with other dogs. She walks well on lead she needs practice since this is a new thing for her.chocolate labrador retriever She hasn’t figured out that she can potty while on lead. She will need help understanding that concept. She is a low activity type of girl.

Ketty is very affectionate loves to sit on the couch snuggling or touching. She will gently paw you for attention. She takes treats very gently. She knows many basic commands. She learns fast, she is extremely smart and wants to please.

She has low prey drive unless you are a fly in the house. I haven’t seen her pay attention to any critters running in my yard.

She needs a loving home to help her to continue to grow and be more confident. She gets nervous in new situations (walking in the park and seeing bicycles or runners). If you tell her you’re okay, good girl she relaxes. The more she experiences new situations and places the more confident she will become.

She is an amazing girl who loves her people.chocolate labrador retriever She is very sweet. She is more on the petite side around 70 lbs. She has minor allergies which I am treating with Zyrtec.  She is very healthy. She loves to play fetch. Would Ketty be a good match for your family?

August 25, 2022

She has really settled into the routine. She is no longer spotting (yay) and we are both happy to see the diapers go. She is no longer afraid of the dark. Ketty is initiating play with my resident lab. They are becoming close. She did have a pal on the farm but I think if her new family is home most of the time, she will be fine.  She loves to snuggle and doesn’t know what personal space is, half the time she sits or lays on me. I am teaching her to go settle when snuggle time is over, work in progress. Next goal walking on lead once her heat is over. We did do a short walk in my yard outside the fence on lead and she did well. She just needs practice. She is so smart I think she will catch on fast. Honestly, she is so easy to work with. She will make a great dog for a loving family.chocolate labrador retriever

August 19, 2022

Ketturah also known as Ketty is doing amazing. She has been totally reliable inside. No accidents at all. Her favorite pastime is snuggling on the couch. She loves to sit next to me or sometimes lies across me. She wants attention but settles nicely once you are done petting her. Ketty is no longer in her crate but she is crate trained.  She is very laid back, very sweet. We have only gone for one walk (she is in heat) but she did not pull. She loves to play catch and fetch. She is excellent with my resident dog.

She enjoys being with my dog but I think she would be happy being the center of attention as well. The farmer that had her had little ones so she is good with kids. She takes treats gently, comes when called. It’s been a pleasure fostering her. She will make an excellent addition to any family or single person. I have attached a video showing off her catching skills and a video of her playing a little with my 10-year-old lab. She has only been with me 2 weeks and she has blossomed. She loves people, is no longer nervous of the dark or cars. She is becoming a confident girl.

August 13, 2022

It’s hard to believe that Ketturah has only been here for one week. She is learning new things so fast. chocolate labrador retrieverShe is great on the lead. She doesn’t pull, if anything she is a little pokey. She plays a little with my resident lab, they are becoming buddies. chocolate labrador retrieverShe is crate trained now, is getting more comfortable going outside when it’s dark.chocolate labrador retriever She is very reliable in the house no accidents. Ketturah is very affectionate. Loves to be with her people. She loves to sit on the couch either lying on you or next to you. She is very smart and wants to please. She is a pleasure to have here.

August 8, 2022

Lots of changes for Ketturah since she arrived. She has had no accidents and signals to go out. She went into heat and will be spayed prior to adoption.

She has learned to go up and down stairs which is very impressive since she didn’t encounter them in her previous life. She is extremely loving wants to be snuggled all the time, but no kisses are given.

She went to the vet today. She weighs 74lbs. I was surprised I thought she would be smaller. The vet says she could lose 4 lbs. Otherwise she is very healthy.

She loves to play fetch and is pretty good at catching the ball.  She brings it right back to me but doesn’t like to release it. Something to work on. She is still nervous with car passing by and of the dark. I am pretty sure we can conquer that. She is very smart and an eager learner. I expect great things from her.

August 5, 2022

Meet Ketturah a beautiful petite chocolate lab a former breeding mom. chocolate labrador retrieverShe is approximately 60 lbs. and very sweet.  She is very athletic, loves to play fetch with tennis balls and stuffed animals. She is very affection.chocolate labrador retriever Stay tuned for more information. We are just beginning to know each other.

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