Koda #5 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 3 Months Old ID#3086

Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Meet Koda!  He is an almost 3 month old chocolate Labrador retriever who came under Brookline’s care from a breeder.  The breeder was unable to sell Koda due to a severe overbite.  Brookline will provide him with the dental care that he needs while in foster care.  Please read Koda’s blog from the bottom up.

March 12, 2023

Hi! Koda here pup updating on all the pup news that’s fit to print. Lots happening lately. FM, FD and my FB and I all went on a big adventure, big car ride so I could see a dental vet specialist. She was super nice and the other ladies there told me I was handsome and a really good boy – of course I was, no doubt about it. They checked out my mouth and told my FM and FD that one of teeth needs to be taken out. I’m not sure about that cause I like my choppers  … but FM explained it’s just a baby tooth and it was not a big deal.  Baby tooth – hey I’m no baby. I’m a big boy so that tooth can go!  My FB brother and I love to play and he’s my carrot, whatever that means, when we go for walks. Walks with FM, FD and FB Dunkin are awesome as long as my FB doesn’t get too far ahead. Then, I become sled dog, that’s what FM and FD say, and I have to catch up pronto.  So that tooth is going to come out this week – good riddance. I’m not going to let it slow me me down … too many sniffs to sniff and places to explore. Right now tough it’s dinner time!!! Yay, I love food but hey I’m a lab!

February 13, 2023

Koda here with the a pupdate! One adventure after another since I gave my last pupdate … a box showed up on the doorstep filled with lots of fun stuffies and tugs that I love having in my mouth!chocolate labrador retrieverOh, and tasty, yummy treats that I share with my FB. I try to share my toys too, but that is hard sometimes cause we want the same one most of the time.   We go for walks around the neighborhood every day and let me tell you there are some great things to sniff and these things called sticks and twigs that I love to pick up. Sometimes I do that to tease my FB and sometimes he does it to me!

One day last week, I went for a car ride with FM to the Vet. She said I was a little timid or shy – not sure what she means. I just wanted her to be close to me while the Vet lady, who was very nice and gave me treats, checked me out. I didn’t even realize when she snuck some medicine in my mouth and gave me a quick poke in my shoulder. Didn’t bother me a bit! I’m a big boy – 27 lbs to be exact. Everyone says I’ve got big bones and big paws. You better believe it baby! The nice vet lady said my overbite or underbite was not too bad and my soft palate looked good. FM told her how I eat like a lab – well of course I do – and chew on my chew toys and struffies like a lab – again, of course ’cause I am a lab!!!chocolate labrador retrieverFM did tell me I’m going to see a specialist about my overbite as soon as she can get it scheduled. But it might take a little while to get an appointment. If I get some treats and scratches I’m all good.  Gotta go, more adventures ahead and I think I need to go potty, which if I say so myself, I’m great at going potty!

February 1, 2023

Monday, Tuesday and today, FM, FD, FB Dunkin and Koda all got up early for a short stroll around the block. FM and FD say it’s so I, Koda, take the opportunity to do my business and I do! Then it’s time for my tasty kibble – yum!!!chocolate labrador retrieverAfter kibble, my FB Dunkin and I usually settle in for a little snooze before it’s time to go out in the yard to play. We really love to play and I love to run after my FB. He loves to tease me with a twig, ball or stick so I will chase after him. But boy is he fast! FM says I bunny hop or bounce when I’m trying to keep up with Dunkin.

While FM and FD go to work, I hang out in my crate next to Dunkin. The next thing I know though is someone is home and I’m going outside to do my business and getting lots of “good boys or good Koda’s” because I pee’d or pooped.  Since FM and FD get so excited and make me feel so great when I go potty outside, I think I’ll keep that up! (fingers crossed, he’s getting the hang of it. only two accidents so far.) Usually, I play outside with Dunkin after FM or FD comes home or we go for a stroll or sometimes both!!! I rest in between all of my bursts of energy or activity. I like my crate, even if I sometimes fuss/whine when I first go in my crate. At night, I go to bed in my crate around 9:30 or 10 and get up about 5:45.chocolate labrador retrieverNext week, I go to the Vet, whatever that means. I hope there are lots of nice people there for me to meet. FM says I am a little shy or cautious when I see new things or people – today I got very bouncy and alert when these things called leaves were blowing around. So, I pounced on them and decided they are no big deal, but fun to chase and pounce on! Time for me to go outside and do some business and maybe bounce around with Dunkin.

January 30, 2023Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Wow! What a whirlwind! I’m not sure what a whirlwind is, but FM and FD have mentioned it a few times. Yesterday 2 super nice ladies, picked me up from my farm and the next thing I knew I was at this big park where I met two knew people – FM and FD. We walked around a little bit before I was back on the road. FM sat next to me in my crate and said I was a good boy because I didn’t fuss too much. I liked it when she would scratch my head and behind my ears – I really liked that!

Next, we got to this new place with all new smells in the back yard and I have a foster brother, Dunkin! He’s chocolate like me and we both like to bounce and romp. Last night after my big day, I slept in my crate form 10:00 PM until 6:30 AM!!! I was fussy and whined for about 15 minutes when I got in my crate.

Today, we all went for a little walk and spent time in the back yard. FM and FD say I walk pretty well on a leash for a puppy, but I do zig zag a bit. FM and FD are working with me on potty training – something about reading my signals. so far only one accident. we will keep working on it. I’m going to play with Dunkin for a little bit before I settle in for the night! I don’t stay still too much – puppy energy!!!

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