Kona #4 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Male 2.5 Months Old ID #2888

May 20, 2021

Kona is an awesome puppy!  Last night he slept straight through the night from 11:15 to 6am.

And more about his awesome-ness…he eats like a champ, is friends with everyone he meets, human and canine and is quickly learning his name!

He is going to make a wonderful dog for his furever family ❤️

May 19, 2021

Kona is settling in!  He plays nicely and respectfully with all our dogs even the ones who don’t want to play with him!

He is definitely teething, chewing on everything in sight. So we give him lots of toys to choose from.

He’s doing well with his crate training. He still doesn’t want to be there but after a few minutes he settles down. He eats all his meals there, spends a couple of daylight hours in his crate with his snuffle mat (he likes those treats) and sleeps in there without an issue. He does get up once during the night to go potty but is good for 4-5 hours at night. That’ll get better as he gets older.

All in all, Kona is a real joy. He’s the sweetest baby and only wants to be with his people or dog friends!  He’s going to make some family a fantastic dog.

May 18, 2021

Kona in a 2.5 months old Chocolate Lab mix who arrived 5/14 from Mississippi. Kona weighs in around 10 lbs and is the sweetest chocolate morsel ever!

He loves to follow us around the house and play with his much bigger foster fur siblings. Like most puppies, he has 2 speeds, all out and flat out nothing!

For a baby, he’s doing pretty well with sleeping at night. The first 2 nights he got up during the night to go potty. Last night, he slept straight through from 10:30pm to 6am!!!

As for potty training, he’s a work in progress…but all puppies are!  But he’s doing well. He has the occasional accident but we’ve finally figured out his cues.

Crate training is also a work in progress but he’s getting there. He’s had no accidents in his crate so far. He doesn’t like the crate but we’re doing lots of things to make it fun for him. He eats in his crate; he has a Kong and a snuffle mat. He loves to eat!!!

Kona is going to make a wonderful addition to whichever family chooses him. He’s a confident puppy who is as sweet as can be

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