Kooper Yellow Labrador Retriever Male, 3 Years Old

April 19, 2019

Kooper had another good day. He went for a car ride to visit family and was a hit with my mother. Kooper travels very well in a car. We went for a few walks and he continues to walk very well on a leash. He loves to play fetch in the tennis courts and the backyard.

I think Kooper’s favorite thing is being with his people; he will take turns laying with both of us. He is going to make some family a great companion. Kooper and our resident Lab have started to play a little in the back yard; so far Ozzie has been too fast but Kooper keeps trying to catch him. He continues to eat well and has had no accidents. Kooper enjoys playing with all of the dog toys; last night he proceeded to take every toy out of the toy bin and try them all out. Kooper will be at the Pet Valu in Souderton on Saturday from 10 to 12. We look forward to meeting any potential adopters.3 year old yellow lab Kooper

April 18, 2019

Kooper continues to blend into his new foster home. He is a quick learner and has adjusted to the daily routine.(especially the part about waiting at the bone dish after his walk) There has been little interaction with our resident Lab and there has been no aggression or bad behavior. Kooper continues to eat well (typical lab, he LOVES food) We left the dogs home alone for an hour and all went well. We had a few cameras on them and they sat on the couch together looking out the window, wish we could of taken a picture. Kooper loves to be outside playing in the yard or going for a walk. He will play fetch for as long as you throw the ball although he is not so good at giving it back to you. He will only play fetch, we tried to play catch with him but the ball coming at him scared him. He walks great on leash and does not react to other dogs or animals. Kooper has had 0 accidents but the interesting thing is how he signals he needs to go out….. he kind of barks, growls and grumbles all at the same time, there is no mistaken when he needs to go potty. With everything going so well we plan on taking him to the Petvalue meet and greet this Saturday at the Souderton location. If anyone has any families interested in this big love bug this will be a great opportunity for them to meet Kooper and for us to meet the potential adopters. We will continue to work on his commands. He has sit and down mastered but stay and recall are a work in progress. Stay is very hard for him since he wants to be near his people at all times.

April 16, 2019

3 year old yellow lab KoopKooper is in a foster home now, and he is loving every minute of it.  Here’s what his foster mom and dad have to say about him so far: Kooper has been one of our easier fosters so far, He walks good on a leash He has had no accidents He barks and growls to alert us he needs to go out He has only played with dog toys He eats well, not too fast not too slow He allows us to do anything to him, he loves the attention. He sleeps through the night He loves to play on his new dog bed He loves his new toys ( Thanks Carolyn) He loves to relax on the couch so he can be near one of his people He has the softest fur and loves to be pet anywhere on his LARGE body He weighs about 90 pounds, is tall and just about the perfect weight He is medium energy. He loves going for walks He has the most active tail we have ever seen, it is almost like a snake. He is working through a case of Happy tail, I think he will be all healed in a week. He knows sit and down and we are working on stay and paw. He loves to be in the kitchen while we are cooking, if you drop anything he cleans it up in less than a second. Kooper just wants to be near his people and be part of the pack. He has already earned free reign of the house because he is such a good boy. We have not left him alone yet but will try leaving him for short periods this week. Kooper will make some lucky family a great pet. Do you agree that he looks pretty content?!   3 year old yellow lab Kooper

April 7, 2019

3 year old yellow lab KoopToday I picked up Koop from the kennel where he was staying, and we went on a road trip.  Before today I was interacting with him and taking him for walks on the kennel’s property.  Today I decided to see how he’d do at a local park that lots of people and dogs usually frequent in the nice weather (and it was pretty nice today). I am happy to report that he did very well.  He was so much better in the car.  I still tethered him just in case, so he didn’t end up in the front seat, but he was pretty content to hang out and look out the windows.   And he did great on our walk.  I used a Freedom Harness and there was minimal pulling.  He definitely noticed the children but got close without an lunging/pulling and while he wanted to meet other dogs, he was easy enough to correct since I didn’t know the other dogs and didn’t want to have him meet them.  I also tried out the Gentle Leader and he did really well considering he has probably never had one on before.  But I didn’t really feel the need to use it. He had a hematoma from his neuter but that finally has healed up (he’s so happy not to be in a cone anymore) and the Happy Tail is under control.  It isn’t wrapped but still looks a little sore, but so much better. Half way through our walk I stopped and sat on a bench.  He just leaned into me and put his head in my lap and took in all the loving.  He needs a family to love him. 3 year old yellow lab KoopAfter the park outing,  I stopped by home  and tested him with my three labs outside (4 year old female lab Liesl, 6 yr old chocolate male Maddie and 9 year old female Izzy).  He did great but he did try to hump my goofy foster flunky male Maddie (everyone seems to though).  Mostly though he was really interested and wanted to sniff/check them out at first and then was happy to move on.  I was really pleased.  This boy doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  He just needs someone to believe in him and give him a home. Here’s a few photos from today.  I love the one where he is passed out (I have an Orvis hammock that has been wonderful) for the ride back home. 3 year old yellow lab Koop

April 1, 2019

yellow Labrador Retriever standing profileMeet Kooper.  Kooper was an owner surrender to the rescue.  His family loved him very much, but their situation changed and so  they made the tough decision to surrender Koop to Brookline.  Koop is a sweetheart who loves his people but we’ve been working on teaching him some manners.  At 90 pounds he’s a big boy. Koop lived with young children, but he gets very excited by new people so we’ve been working on that.  Koop also needed all his shots and was recently neutered.  Please stand by for updates.  He is going to make a great family dog.


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