Kylie Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 10 Months Old ID #3373

September 4, 2023

Sweet little Kylie went back to the vet to get her incision checked out and staples removed. Everything looked good so she is off of her restrictions and finally able to play! She enjoys running around the backyard with the other pups and wrestling in the house with foster dog Cleo. She is easy to settle when things get too wild and takes nice long naps after playtime is over. She will often go in her crate and sleep even though the door is open or she will snuggle up with Cleo. She is a great puppy!Chocolate Labrador Retriever

We are starting to take longer walks around the neighborhood using a front clip harness. Kylie will bark or whine when we pass another person or dog. She wants to meet everyone! She will also lunge at squirrels, birds and cats and is an expert cicada catcher. She keeps a fairly good pace by my side when she isn’t distracted.

Kylie watches what the other (older) dogs are doing and follows along. She loves to take naps and cuddle with foster Cleo and really seems to look up to her. Our daughter went back to college so Kylie is now sleeping in FM and FD’s bedroom on a mat at night. (Two other dogs also sleep in the room on their mats.) She made the transition to our room just fine although she has made it known that she would rather be in our bed than on her mat. 😂

Kylie wanted to say thank you to Brookline for her toy box and awesome Penn State bandana. Since FM and FD are PSU alumni and big football fans, Kylie got to wear it to cheer the lions on to their first win Saturday night.Chocolate Labrador Retriever

When we were at the vet’s to get her staples out, we asked about spaying her. The vet would like her to wait at 1-2 months to let her body fully recover from the major abdominal surgery that she just had. He also said that he generally recommends that females her size wait until about a year before spaying. Since Kylie is 10 months now and she cannot be spayed for at least a month or two (maybe longer), she will be looking for her forever home very soon and will be adopted out with a spay contract. She will need another dog – older and more confident – that she can find comfort in and learn from but also play with. Kylie and Cleo are so sweet with each other – I would love to find them a home together!Chocolate Labrador Retriever

August 21, 2023

Kylie is a superstar – she is doing so well in foster care!chocolate labrador retriever

She loves to follow the older dogs around and try to play with them. They are all getting used to her puppy energy and showing interest in playing with her too. Of course, we spend much of the day redirecting her and breaking up the fun as she is still on restrictions from her surgery. She is your typical happy, energetic, silly puppy.

Since she is missing the fun of playing with the big dogs, we took her on a short car ride for some excitement. She did so well! She just sat calmly in the seat like a person, looking out the window. Then she curled up and went to sleep before we were even out of our development. She stayed that way the entire trip.

Kylie continues to go out to go potty with no issues. She is very obedient and smart. We are working on “shake” and “down” right now. We got her a bodysuit to wear instead of the cone and she seems much happier!  She also wiggled her way into our college daughter’s heart (and bed) – Kylie seemed to enjoy sleeping in bed and she was quiet all night. She didn’t fuss at all when she had to go in the crate today when we went to church – I was worried she might since she had a taste of the good life sleeping in bed last night. This girl is a dream!

We will update again after her vet visit to remove staples on Wednesday. We can’t seem to stop taking pictures of her, so here are some to enjoy. 😊chocolate labrador retriever

Kylie snoozing with foster dog Cleo labrador retriever

Kylie trying to play with foster dog Luckychocolate labrador retriever

Kylie hanging out with resident dog Tuckerlabrador retriever

Kylie patiently waiting for dinner with fosters Jayda and Luckychocolate labrador retriever

Sleepy puppy!

August 17, 2023

Meet Kylie!

Kylie is a 9 month old chocolate lab who weighs 55 pounds. She is long and lanky with big paws and sweet as can be.chocolate labrador retriever

Kylie was brought to a vet in Lancaster for a partial obstruction. Her owner could not afford surgery and wanted to euthanize her but the vet contacted Brookline and the owner surrendered her. Kylie spent almost a week in the hospital – several days of observation, surgery Saturday to remove the obstruction, and was finally discharged on Monday. Kylie is doing very well in her foster home and trying to stay calm while she heals for the next 10-12 days. This could prove to be a challenge as she is very interested in playing with the other pups in the house.

Kylie is super sweet and affectionate. She knows her name and “sit”. She understands the word “no” although we try to say “ahh ahh’ instead and she is easily redirected. She is curious and a little bit Velcro but getting more independent by the hour. As you can see from the pictures, she is a beautiful girl!chocolate labrador retriever

Kylie is doing great going outside to potty – no accidents! She is sleeping in a crate through the night and is agreeable when we say “crate up”. She has been happy to meet new people and is well behaved for a 9 month old although she is starting to show a little more of her silly puppy personality every day.

We are currently transitioning her from canned sensitive stomach food to regular dry food and she has been eating fine with no more stomach issues.

Kylie tested Lyme positive when she came into the vet and is on antibiotics for a few weeks.chocolate labrador retriever

Kylie will have her staples removed 8/23. She can’t wait!!

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