Lacey #6 Black Labrador Retriever Female 1 Year Old ID #2948

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July 22, 2021

black labrador retrieverLacey has been with us for about three months and is still looking for her forever home.  She is a ball of nonstop energy!  Her CCL surgery was successful and she is making up for all the lost time when she was down and out.  Lacey is a 14 month old puppy!black labrador retrieverWe were away for the past week and many thanks to Suzie and her family -especially Bodhi- for taking such good care of Lacey.  Lacey came home today exhausted!black labrador retrieverblack labrador retriever

Some things to remember about Lacey:

  • Lacey enjoys her crate.  She sleeps in there at night without any problem.  There are times she might just need a time out and takes a rest in the crate.
  • Cats and Lacey are not a good mix.  It was confirmed while with Suzie.  Lacey tried her best but the cat always let Lacey know they were not going to be friends.
  • We also found out Lacey loves to play especially with someone who will give it back to her.  Tug, chase and wrestling and lots of activity.  Therefore another dog would definitely be best for Lacey.
  • Walks are improving but she still pulls at times.  She is very strong.. watch out when a bunny appears!  Birds and squirrels can also be distracting.
  • She is not a swimmer.
  • Lacey is a beautiful young lady that has a lot of energy.  She is so sweet – and with the right training, she will only get better!

June 10, 2021

Lacey is officially six weeks post op for her CCL surgery. She continues to do well though she is testing the waters lately with the hopes of getting a free run in the backyard. She is definitely feeling better and has decided she is the guard of the yard. We have added chipmunks to the list of – “I can’t wait to run so I can catch these things.” So watch out bunnies, birds, chipmunks and any other moving creature!black labrador retrieverWe have starting working on Lacey’s walking skills. We can increase our walk another 5 minutes. She is a strong and determined little girl! I am using a freedom harness on her with hopes the pulling stops. She can be distracted with treats but does not stay focused on me for very long.

We have tried many games and puzzles to try to keep Lacey’s mind busy. All soft toys are now gone as it does not take her very long to destroy every bit of the toy. So bones and Kongs are our go to. We bought a lickey mat and that does keep her busy for about 20 minutes or so. Dee’s snuffle mat works also. Lacey is still on trazadone to help keep her calm. I can’t wait for the day she can run and play.  She sleeps well all night in her crate and sometimes goes in her crate for some quiet time during the labrador retrieverShe can get a little mouthy when she gets excited. We are working on getting this under control. The mouthy behavior can sometimes get out of control and the nipping starts. Most of the time a firm “no”will stop it but there are other times she just ramps up and the nipping escalates. I really think she has so much energy that needs to be released and she can’t as she Is still on restrictions. Poor girl.

Lacey likes to be around her people but doesn’t usually stay super close. She gives kisses but she is very selective who gets them and when.

Lacey had an ear infection earlier this week. She was scratching her ear and shaking her head so off to the vet we went. It was treated and she seems to be okay now.

Lacey goes for her final check for her leg June 24. Look for her to be posted after her visit.

June 5, 2021

We are into week five post op with Lacey.  She seems to be doing well.  Walks have been increased 5 minutes per week and we are working on her walking skills – she has lots of energy and everything is very exciting to her.  She is quite a puller so we are slow and steady.  Bunnies, birds and squirrels have caught her attention!  I know she is eagerly waiting for the day she can have a good chase!black labrador retrieverLacey’s follow up appointment is June 24.  Fingers and paws crossed for this sweet girl.

May 23, 2021

Lacey is three weeks plus a few days post op for her CCL surgery.  All things considered, she is doing great.   A one year old Lab puppy is hard to keep quiet!  And can be quite challenging.  I emailed the Doctor yesterday with photos and video and she said Lacey looks good.  I just want the best for this sweet girl.  Good girl Lacey!

black labrador retrieverWalks can now be  increased by five minutes so we are up to a ten minute walk. Next week we can add another five minutes.  Lacey is very strong and can pull like a champ.  The freedom harness has become our best friend.  Lacey enjoys all the scents and is hoping someday she will be able to chase the rabbits and birds and any other moving thing she sees.   But for now she  walks by my side on a very short leash!

May 13, 2021

Lacey is two weeks post- op from her CCL surgery.  She really did well and is recovering  nicely.  I sent the doctor a picture of her incision and a video of her walking and she was pleased with the way everything looked.  Lacey was released from the cone!  Yah Lacey!

black labrador retrieverAnd she is now able to go on 5 minutes walks this week increasing the time a week at a time.  So we are on a good path.  But we are finding it is not so easy to keep a one year old lab quiet. Many puzzle games, filled Kong’s bones and the special snuffle mat are all helping to keep Lacey’s mind busy.  Quiet time in her crate is appreciated by all!

May 5, 2021

Lacey is day 5 post op for her torn CCL, and she is doing great.  It is hard to keep a one year old lab quiet but we are both doing our best!  Lacey has not enjoyed her cone and at times is very frustrated, but I keep telling her that if she listens now, one more week and the cone will come off. Baby steps as we go through this.

Lacey has been enjoying breakfast in her snuggle mat.  This does keep her busy for awhile. Kong’s, antlers and other bones and chew toys During the day have helped as well.

Look for more updates as this sweet girl continues her road to recovery.

May 1, 2021

Happy Birthday Lacey!  Lacey is 1 today!  A well deserved special treat is on order for this beautiful girl today.

black labrador retrieverLacey came home from Blue Pearl Animal Hospital yesterday and is doing good. She has been a trooper – taking her meds and resting and sleeping. She was a little restless during the night, and let me know she did not like her cone!  Lacey ate her breakfast, went outside to pee, and came in to take her medicine and is now resting.

She did have a completely torn CCL rupture.  A TPLO was done – so now the long recovery.  Her activities will be restricted for the next 8 weeks – no running, jumping, stairs or rough play.  How do you keep a 1 year old lab quiet?  I guess Lacey, and I will figure it out together.

Thank you a Brookline for taking this sweet girl into the rescue and for giving her the care she needs.

April 29, 2021

Lacey went today for her torn CCL surgery.  She did great through surgery and is overnight tonight at Blue Pearl (VSEC) in Conshohocken.  The Doctor called and reported everything went well .  I will pick Lacey up in the morning.  The next 2 weeks will be very quiet with lots of crate time and no activity.  We will slowly start walks after that time.
More to come as Lacey returns home and we get into our new routine.

April 26, 2021

black labrador retriever mixLacey has been with us for 3 days and it has been non-stop fun!  Lacey is a almost 1 year old with lots of energy despite having a possible CCL tear.  We are all learning how to manage the lab zoomies while  keeping her somewhat quiet to protect her leg.

Lacey has been the perfect house guest.  She is house trained and always lets us know when it’s time to go.  Lacey loves being outside and is enjoying the sunny, warm days.

Morning walks and breakfast are good.  On our walks Lacey has been great.  She is interested in dogs that we pass but doesn’t pull or whine to get to them. I am reluctant to let her get too close for fear of anything that might hurt her leg more.  Lacey spends some time in her crate during the day for some quiet time.  Her energy comes fast and furious and she gets tired the same way!  Right now she is resting by my feet waiting for her final time outside before bedtime.  She has been sleeping in her crate at night and is good until around 6am when we go out for our morning walk.

Lacey is very vocal and is always trying to tell us what is next.  If we don’t listen she tells us again and again.  We are enjoying her energy and her spunk!

April 24, 2021

black labrador retrieverI picked Lacey up this morning from Bedminster Canine Kamp.  She had a really good day – some exploring outside, toys and treats and rest.  Lacey is scheduled for surgery on Thursday for her torn CCL so she must have limited activity to prevent more damage.  She is a sweetheart and such a good girl. We are both tired after a long day so we are saying goodnight.  More tomorrow.

April 19, 2021

First, a bit of news.  Lacey will be transitioning to another foster home this weekend, where she will be the center of attention.  Why?  Lacey and our resident dog Turner had many discussions in her first 5 days here about why Turner would prefer to be left alone, and why Lacey felt he should play with her.  They kept having more and more discussions, and just couldn’t come to an agreement or even a truce.  Our family made the difficult decision, while we came to love her super-fast, this was not the optimal home for Lacey as she went through surgery and recovery.  Even more difficult for us was coming to the realization that Turner would prefer to be an only dog in his senior years, and we owe him that.  Turner decided to take a short vacation and be spoiled at his aunt’s house to allow us to really focus on Lacey.  We wanted very much for Lacey’s first experiences away from her old home to be all positive, and having her here alone really allowed us to show her that.

Here is the wonderful news to share about her:

-While the vet did confirm her CCL tear, there was no evidence of arthritis in the joint so she was very hopeful about her prognosis after surgery.  Lacey will be seeing the veterinary surgeon once she settles into her new foster home.

-Once Turner left for vacation and Lacey could be off lead in the house, she showed us what a WONDERFUL guest she is.  She is very mature for her 11 months, and would only have brief periods of getting into things she shouldn’t like house plants and small bouts of zoomies.  She settled so nicely every morning at my desk, and was really such a joy to Labrador Retriever She has had no accidents, and sleeps quietly in her crate every night until I come down to greet her each morning.  It has been amazing to see how just a little bit of structure in Lacey’s life allowed her to almost completely stop her games of leash biting and keep away.  She is doing very little nipping now as compared with a week ago, and we think she realized quickly that all the good stuff happens when we are not treating people as toys.

-While she was initially a big puller on lead, a Freedom Harness has done wonders for her.  While Lacey is still a little hesitant to have the harness put on, she settles quickly and really loves going on walks.  Below I have a video of her wonderful new walking skills.

-We have exposed Lacey to many neighborhood dogs, and she hasn’t met one she hasn’t liked.  We have even gone on a few morning walks with another Lab and they walk so nicely together.  She gets very excited to see dogs and we have been working on that outside, and she greets them timidly but excitedly.

-We have taken one or two car rides a day, and while she is still a little nervous, she gets better every day.

-Meeting people outside and also in our home was clearly a new experience for Lacey.  She has come a LONG way in just a week, and will greet almost anyone on the street as long as you allow her to say hi first.  Once she says hello and the tail starts wagging, she can’t get enough attention from new people!  Children are clearly her favorite.  Lacey also went from being very upset having workers in the house Monday to greeting some other contractors Friday on our front porch, saying hello, and then everyone walking happily in the house together with Lacey’s tail wagging the whole time!  She went to a lacrosse game on Saturday and didn’t make a peep the whole game, just watched and greeted people.

While we are sad to have Lacey leave our home, we are excited for what awaits Lacey in the coming months.  I have told her new foster home that we are committed to continuing to help Lacey if they need us, and we look forward to see her running in their backyard in the near future!black Labrador Retriever

April 11, 2021

Lacey continues to inspect every area of our first floor and notifies us of any non-puppy proofed places.  She has announced her affinity for wooden legs and furniture corners, and fortunately we had been warned in advance by her owners so this has been kept to a minimum.  She loves plush toys but works quickly and efficiently to chew them open! black Labrador Retriever

She and my dog Turner continue to feel one another out, with the occasional growling and the occasional sitting a few feet apart calmly. Turner’s warning growl isn’t always perceived well by Lacey, it gets her going and she throws her paws up to play!  Turner, as I have mentioned in prior updates, is not a player.  Lacey will continue to stay on lead in the house until these two can learn to coexist and read each other’s signals a little better.

Today my sons have been teaching her a little “paw” and she enjoys playing tug-of-war with them.  She gets pretty worked up and her default then is to start chewing and biting her leash (and us) so we are helping her to understand that there are better toys here.  She doesn’t seem to be interested in Nylabones and scarfed down a Bully stick in maybe record time.

We continue to work on getting her to pay attention to us on our walks.  Sadly, for us Lacey is not super treat motivated – unless you have something good like small bits of people food! – but we will continue to work on what motivates her.  She loves being outside and I can’t wait for the post-surgery/rehab day when she can run free in a backyard!

We moved her crate downstairs and we heard nothing after her initial peep last night.  This was such a relief since she will have to stay downstairs during almost all of her time with us.  She is definitely very comfortable in her crate and goes in with a small treat at night or stuffed Kong during the day for some downtime.  One place she is NOT comfortable is the car.  She happily goes up the ramp with a small treat but is very nervous once inside.  We are treating her and giving her lots of love in the car and will keep bringing her in there so she learns that getting in the car is fun!

More to come for this beautiful girl!

April 10, 2021black Labrador Retriever

Meet sweet Lacey!  We picked her up yesterday afternoon.  She was very excited to meet us!  She is super-friendly and as cute as can be.

We spent yesterday having Lacey get to know our resident dog, Turner, in small bits, and taking some short walks in the backyard and neighborhood. black Labrador Retriever Since Lacey came to us with a probable cranial cruciate ligament injury she has to stay on lead outside.

On our walks aside from a small limp you would never know she is injured.  She could pull Santa’s sleigh by herself!  She also loves to chase squirrels and birds. Her harness is not really helping so we are thinking we will try the Freedom No Pull which a trainer has recommended in the past.

She had a really good first night.  We carried her upstairs so she wouldn’t be alone the first night in the house and she stayed in her crate all night with only a small whine at the outset, she was great!  With a great first night we will try the crate downstairs tonight since that is where she will have to sleep now and after her likely Labrador Retriever

Today Lacey is going to her first lacrosse game.  We will see how she likes it!

She will meet our vet on Tuesday, then get set up with Orthopedics ASAP to have her injury evaluated.  Stay tuned!

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