Lacey #7 Black Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID#3044

black labrador retrieverLacey is a beautiful black Labrador Retriever breeder Mama who has arrived into foster care after 6 years on a farm.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

Lacey is now available:

December 28, 2021

black labrador retrieverLacey continues to make steady progress. She met some new people over the holiday and was a little skittish but was able to adapt nicely. She shows a preference towards women and seems to be more comfortable with them. With time, she has come to trust my husband but it took a lot of patience. She is doing very well with her treatment for Lyme’s and begs for the pill pocket at each meal. She continues to amaze us by not having any accidents in the house. For an untrained farm girl, this is amazing!black labrador retrieverLacey has tried every dog bed now and rotates through them. She was running in the yard yesterday for the very first time. It was great to see the joy on her face as she ran with the other dogs. Another first two days ago- she began playing with squeaky toys and even showed some interest in her marrow bone. She continues to seek us out for affection and loves being hugged, petted, and spoken to. Like her sister, Fern, she is a loud labrador retrieverLacey still spooks at some noises but this is becoming less frequent as she learns to be comfortable in her environment and to trust us. We have noticed a definite preference for our Hannah. I think she reminds Lacey of her sister, Fern. She follows Hannah every where and sleeps right next to her. I think that she would do very well with a fursister in her adopted home when the time labrador retrieverLacey has a spay appointment set up for next week  Enjoy the new howling video as well as the shots of this beauty under the tree!

December 20, 2021

Good morning from Miss Lacey!

Steady progress from this beautiful farm girl! Lacey has been going out with the other dogs and has not had a single accident in the house.  She has been eating and drinking with Boomer and Hannah and really seems to be enjoying the company of the “pack”. She finally starting testing out the multiple dog beds yesterday and finds them much to her labrador retrieverShe also began exploring the entire first floor without my realizing it.  I went to go out the front door and all three were at the door waiting for me when I returned!  She is wagging her tail more and approaching us for hugs all the time now. Lacey also began taking treats and tried a Denta-Bone this morning. She’s on a diet so I’m limiting the treats but at least she’s showing interest in them. There were many sirens yesterday (Santa was going through the neighborhood on a fire truck) and Lacey starting howling away! After that, we could get her to howl if we howled. It’s amazing how we get our jollies.

Each day is a new set of adventures for the beautiful farm girl as she begins to open up to life off the farm. She will be going to the vet this week for her shots and testing to make her even more beautiful and healthy!

December 19, 2021

Lacey has made a lot of progress since yesterday. She ran to greet me this morning after sleeping peacefully all night. I even got a little tail wag!  She doesn’t need coaxing with a leash but runs outside now with Boomer and Hannah and is exploring the yard right along with labrador retrieverShe’s had no accidents in the house which is unexpected for a farm girl. She is eating regular meals and is excited to hear the words “breakfast” and “dinner”.  She’s definitely showing interest in exploring the rest of the house but only gets so far before she runs back to her “safe area” in the family labrador retrieverShe looks interested in treats but hasn’t taken/eaten one yet. She took a nap with her new stuffed toy from Brookline this morning!black labrador retrieverI sat with her on the floor for several hours last night and she finally leaned into me and fell asleep. She’s slowly decompressing in front of our eyes. I can’t wait to see what each day brings as her whole world opens up.

December 18, 2021

We welcomed Lacey or Miss Chubb as we’re calling her because she is easily over 100 lbs on a good day, into foster yesterday after she was pulled from the farm where she lived for the past 6 years. She was very skittish and needed to be lifted into the car but was quiet for the ride. black labrador retrieverShe enjoyed the Christmas carols playing on the radio. She was hesitant to walk on the harness/leash but seemed to relax in the fenced in labrador retrieverHer tail finally wagged and she perked up after meeting Hannah first, then Boomer. They showed her some love and were licking her. She didn’t want to come into the house so she stayed outside and napped for a few hours. This really seemed to help her decompress. She wore a calming collar and finally stopped panting. After this, I was able to convince her to go inside. black labrador retrieverShe has remained in one fixed spot on the floor since then and has not even attempted to wander or explore. She has not wanted to eat or drink and refused all offered treats. She seemed to enjoy going out with her two companions and was very happy to meet our neighbors’ dogs through the fence! She really loves being talked to, petted, hugged, kissed, and brushed. The calming diffuser also seemed to help a bit. Lacey slept peacefully through the night with Hannah and Boomer for company.
black labrador retrieverLacey woke up happy and even walked towards me a few steps to receive her morning hugs and kisses! She had no accidents overnight and was very happy to go outside with the other dogs. She was offered breakfast but only ate a few bites. She is perkier today and more receptive to us and her labrador retrieverShe is SLOWLY coming out of her shell. She finally went into the yard and did her business (there was much rejoicing). She received her treat box (thank you!) but isn’t ready to get excited or play yet. It will be wonderful, day by day, to see this beautiful girl slowly come out of her shell and live the life that every lab deserves.

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