Lacey Black Labrador Retriever Female 8 Years Old

October 16, 2018

Lacey visited the vet today. She was put on antibiotics for 10 days and we have to give her Mucinex DM 2x a day as well (yup the human medicine) for her cough.  The doctor examined the mass and was able to determine by feeling it that it is only a fatty tumor and not of any issue…so that is really great news!!

Lacey continues to be such a sweetheart!!  She is a bit velcro with us, especially with my husband, but she just loves to be with you.  She will follow us all over the house or lay at our feet.  She will lay by his desk in his office while he’s working from home. black Labrador Retriever tongue out

She ALWAYS want to play ball…boy that’s her absolute favorite thing ever!!  He even told her tonight that he didn’t have a ball to play with and she took off into the yard to find one.  She is one smart cookie!!!  Someone put a lot of wonderful training into Lacey.  We knew she knew sit, paw, and lay down.  She also knows speak and of course ball 🙂

At the vet today Lacey was happy to meet everyone she saw…humans and dogs alike.  She didn’t see any cats, so don’t know about them yet.

She loves it when you let her lay on the bed with you, which we allow once early morning hits…at least some mornings.

Lacey is just an incredible dog.  She’s the perfect petite size, lots of pep – even though her face looks quite gray – and has a very gentle, sweet personality.  She is just such a good and happy girl!!!  Someone is really going to hit the jackpot with this special girl!!!

October 14, 2018

Lacey had a great night’s sleep.  She slept on her bed on the floor of our bedroom by my husband’s side of the bed and didn’t move until we were ready to get up this morning. That’s my kind of girl!!

She continues to eat well and has shown no interest in our 2 resident dogs food bowls.  We are feeding her 3x a day since she is so very skinny.  We figured 3 smaller meals were better than trying to give her larger portions 2x a day.  So far, she has handled eating just fine. Everybody knows how much labby’s love their food 🙂

She continues to love Love LOVE playing fetch.  She is so much fun to play this with as she’s quite skilled at it and lets you know which direction she wants you to toss the ball.

She absolutely loves to be with people and especially follows my husband all over the house.  Our daughter reported that she quietly cried/whimpered for a bit when we ran out to Costco this afternoon, even though she was here with our older kids.  She just really loves my husband (which isn’t surprising since all dogs seem to love him).

Lacey is an absolute joy!!  She is super calm and sweet and just a perfect lady.  She is obviously house trained and knows to go to the back door if she wants or needs to go out.  She happily greets all people and is just fine with our dogs.  She generally does her own thing.  However, when she is playing ball with someone, our resident dog Lia tries to jump all over her and thinks its play time and Lacey doesn’t seem to be interested in playing with anyone other than her ball.


October 13, 2018

Welcome Lacey who joined the Brookline family today! She is an 8-year-old petite black lab who came from a Delaware shelter. Lacey has settled in quite nicely with her foster family and two fur sisters.  She is such a gentle sweetheart and is really a great girl.  She is a wonderful, petite size and really just such a love.  She LOVES (and I do mean LOVES) to play fetch!!  She’s a champ at it and knows to bring the ball back and drop it in your hand or at your feet.  She takes off running expecting you to throw it.  She can also catch the ball out of the air!  Don’t let that gray face fool you, she moves like a young pup.

Dinner was an easy thing…she went into the laundry room to eat her dinner, while our two resident dogs enjoyed theirs in the kitchen.  Lacey got done first and walked out…walked right by our two still eating, never trying to steal their food and “help” them eat.  She is very gentle when taking treats and doesn’t beg for Labrador Retriever

She is incredibly skinny with her backbone and hips sticking out, she has what seems to be dry skin, which should all improve with a steady diet of some good quality food. She also has a large mass on her left shoulder that we will be visiting the vet to be evaluated very soon.

That’s all for now! We will check in again later with how she’s doing after a good night sleep.

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