Lady #6 Chocolate/Silver Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID#2824

chocolate labrador retrieverLady is a 6 yr old  gorgeous, chunka chocolate in color, breeder Mama, though said to be silver by her breeder.  She came from a very nice looking farm where she was free during the day with other Labs and in a clean kennel at night.  Lady is in her foster home settling into indoor living! Please read her blog from the bottom up.

March 15, 2021

chocolate/silver labrador retrieverIt’s been a bit since Lady’s last update. She’s had a busy 2 weeks. Lady went to Virginia with us to see my sister and brother in-law. She did great on the car ride down. While in VA she played with my sister’s 3 dogs and my dog on their 17 acres. We went for hikes, she laid in the sun and played majority of the day.  I was so happy to see her enjoying herself. I can tell she’s been losing weight too.

chocolate/silver labrador retrieverOn another note, last week Lady went to the vet for her ultrasound. Fortunately for Lady she is not pregnant. My kids were bummed.  Although it was good news Lady wasn’t pregnant, but she did have a couple issues. When I got Lady, she had some cuts and what looked like bite marks. For the most part everything was healing, but the cuts on her cheek and leg were not doing well because she wouldn’t leave them alone and kept scratching and licking at them. The vet gave her a cone and put her on antibiotics and steroids. With the Lyme disease medication and the new additional medicine we’ve had to get creative in getting her to take all the medication. Needless to say, Lady isn’t a happy puppy wearing her cone.

chocolate/silver labrador retrieverOnce Lady is done with her current medication, she’ll get spayed. Looks like Lady will be with us for some time.

February 17, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverI wanted to give you an update on Lady after her first week with us. Everyday this lovely “lady” comes out of her shell. She has shown us how she can smile when she gets really excited, it’s too funny.  She hops up and down and spins when she thinks she’s going for a car ride, a walk or going out back to play.  Lady has adapted to our life quickly.

chocolate labrador retrieverOne of the funniest things Lady loves to do is roll around in the snow. She’s so big, but when she’s rolling around she does it with such ease, it’s so cute.

With the weather we haven’t been able to do too many fun activities, but we go for walks around the neighborhood. Lady is getting stronger and going on longer walks.

chocolate labrador retrieverOn Monday Lady had her Vet appointment, of course everyone loved her. She practically knocked everyone over with wanting to be petted.  Lady got her necessary shots and screenings. Unfortunately, she tested positive for Lyme, but we’ll put her on some medicine and it should be fine in a month.  Her weight is the biggest concern, but we’re working on that.  I think she already lost a ton of weight over the past week. Her face looks different, I can see an outline of her belly. I wish there were tummy tucks for these mama dogs to take away all that stretched out skin from having babies (but don’t we all).

Overall, I’m happy with her progress. She’s going to make a great dog for pretty much any type of home.

February 11, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverLady’s first 24hrs with us has gone really well.  We weren’t sure at first how she would react to transitioning from a farm dog to a domesticated dog, but I’m happy to say she’s had no problems.  Lady is such a happy and easy going dog. She enjoyed her car ride back our home. We took her for a walk to stretch her legs after the long car ride.  Unfortunately, we can’t walk her too far as she’s really overweight, but we’ll go further every day to get her stronger and healthier. She walks on a leash well and dogs don’t bother her.

chocolate labrador retrieverI would of loved to give a her bath yesterday too, but I didn’t think she would be able to get into our tub, so I had to wait until today and take her the local pet store that has self-service grooming.  She didn’t’ really enjoy it but did let me give her a warm bath to get all the stinky smell off her. I doubt she ever had a bath before and was hopping around wagging her tail afterwards.

chocolate labrador retrieverLady is getting along well with my resident dog and loves my kids. She can go up and down stairs, nothing really fazes her, which is great.  She laid at the front door most of the afternoon yesterday in the sun and by the evening she finally joined us in the living room and laid down on the bed we have for her.  She slept (and snored loudly) through the night and has had no accidents.  Lady has vet appointment on Feb 15th, so she’ll get all the vaccinations and screenings she needs to make her safe and healthy.

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