Laila, Yellow Labrador Retriever Female, 6 Months Old


March 21, 2018:

Laila’s pad. Yellow Labrador Retriever sitting in her x penShe has her own space, bed and crate where she can be safe and I can keep an eye on her, but she can still be around the rest of us when I’m working in the office. Bruno resembles a caged tiger as he paces along the side of Laila’s dog pen. I think these two could literally play non-stop, all day. But Foster Mom is a party pooper and makes everyone take a nap now and then so she can get work done. Yellow Labrador Retriever laying in her x pen








March 20, 2018:

Non-stop playtime! Supervising Bruno and Laila – can’t wait until I can just sit and watch them from the deck. He still gets too carried away and starts jumping on her, holding her down, and biting her hard enough that she’ll whimper if I don’t stay close while they play. But she’s only been here since Friday, and they only started playing outside together on Sunday…so they have come a long way in a very short time!Yellow Labrador Retriever in her pink princess jacket








March 18, 2018:

Yellow Labrador Retriever in her pink princess dressMeet Laila, a 6 month old yellow Lab who was being surrendered by her owner at ACCT Philly this past Thursday.  Luckily, a volunteer there convinced her to contact Brookline, and the owner agreed to take Laila home again so that Brookline could evaluate her and bring her into foster care. After an examination, vaccinations, microchip, etc., (she still needs to be spayed), Laila came into foster care where she will live until a forever family adopts her after being spayed in a couple of weeks.
Yellow Labrador Retriever in her pink coatSo much has happened in the 24 hours she has been in foster care. She’s gone from shaking, quaking, shivering (she was terrified AND cold because the owner’s sister had just shaved her because she was shedding so much!!! Duh – she’s a dog AND a Lab – they shed!) and hunkering down in the back of a crate yesterday evening to running around my yard today with my girls (she has met Bruno, but it is to soon for the two of them to be loose together in the yard; Bruno can be a bit too rough when he’s excited!) She is sweet and absolutely adorable!

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