Lars Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Male 3 Months Old ID #2847

November 28, 2020

Well it has been a week and Lars is fitting in around here. He’s doing great with potty training and is even starting to scratch the back door to let us know he has to go out. He definitely doesn’t like the highway noise not far from our house so sometimes it takes us carrying him outside to do his business. He makes a quick dart to the door when he’s finished.

Our 4 yr. old black lab, Milo, is really starting to like having another dog around. It seems they like to rough house first thing in the morning then they off and on sleep the rest of the day.

Lars is liking his crate less and less at night. He barks for a few minutes when we first put him in and he seems to have an internal alarm clock for 2am. He goes back in his crate and sleeps for 2 more hours than does not want to go back in. So instead of letting him wake the kids up at 4am, I put him in my bed and he falls back to sleep. Oh well. There could be worse things than sleeping with a puppy.

Overall Lars is really making himself at home here. Attached are a few pictures. He has such a petite little face compared to our “block head” Milo.yellow Labrador Retriever

November 22, 2020

Today is day 2 and Lars seems to be settling in just fine here. He really has taken a liking to my youngest who is 6, probably because he’s the closest to his size. He has been trying really hard to get Milo’s attention and I think Milo is finally giving in.

Lars is doing great with crate training. He goes in with no problem and has not gone to the bathroom in his crate. He holds his bladder for 5-6 hrs. at night. During the day is a little different if he is not in his crate. He has to be let out every 15 minutes or so or he will go in the house. We are starting to work on the sit command and getting used to a leash.

Overall Lars seems pretty easy going. I did notice him laying down behind his crate, like he was hiding, when my boys were getting a little crazy during the football game. Other than that, he’s your typical puppy. Here are some pics and video of him playing.  Don’t mind the construction happening in my house 🙂

November 21, 2020

Puppy Lars came into foster care yesterday. After the long ride here and hour ride home, he was ready to run around. Lars took no time to fit in at our house. He quickly started playing with our 4 yr. old resident black lab, Milo. Milo, surprisingly, didn’t care about little Lars running with him and trying to get his toys. He was just happy someone was throwing a ball to him. After a few hours of play, Lars got tucked in around 8:30. I didn’t sleep so well worrying about him that I woke up around 1am and let him out. He did his business and went right back to bed. He woke up this morning and fit right into the morning routine. My two boys have been very diligent with letting him out that he has not had an accident yet. Yay Lars!  I have to remind the boys that he is a baby and needs lots of rest. What’s the saying, “A tired dog is a good dog.”  Well they are making sure he is tired.

So far so good for this little pup and his first-time foster family ❤️🐾


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