Lassie, Yellow Labrador Retriever Female, 7 years old


She is a sweet and friendly farm dog that has retired from breeding puppies. She is looking for a place to lay her head and call home.  She is currently in foster care with Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue. Keep checking back for more updates.

April 1, 2018

Lassie was spayed this past Tuesday & everything went very well. It took her about 48 hrs to get back to normal. She’s eating, walking & sleeping great.

She is so easy going.  She hasn’t met anyone that she didn’t want to be petted by. Next week I’ll restart her introductions to more dogs, but I’m very confident that she’ll be fine with new dogs.

Yellow Labrador Retriever in sun glasses


March 19, 2018

Yellow Lab in the snow
Snow Day!!

Hi everyone,
Lassie has been with me for 3 weeks now & continues to do very well. She loves meeting new people & dogs, though she can be a little nervous at first. She’s met 2 very high energy labs & she did growl a little at them when they both jumped all over her. Lassie then wagged her tail & continued to hang out with them. She’ll get better with all dogs in time.

She walks fairly well, pulls a little & gets distracted easily. But we’re working on that. She’s sleeping well & eating well. Lassie did lull me into a false sense of security.

For the first time in 3 weeks, she counter surfed & talk a couple of spare ribs off the table Sunday night. And Monday morning she got into an unopened bag of treats & ate a few. When I came home, she looked at me & her eyes said “What?” We’ll work on that also.
Lassie is so easy going, everyone she meets says she’s great.

Next Tuesday, Lassie is scheduled to be spayed. I’ll update everyone on how she did next week

March 13, 2018

It’s been 2 weeks since I started fostering Lassie. She continues to do very well. She loves mealtime, her walks & laying by my feet wherever I happen to be. She’s 100% house trained & knows sit, wait & the recall command.
Lassie sleeps all night on her bed next to me & I’ve left her alone for up to 3 hrs with free roam of the house with no issues.
Lassie likes everyone though I haven’t tested her with young kids yet. Since Lassie is a very low energy lab, she did very well with similar type dogs. Yesterday I walked her with a very high energy lab & she did ok, though she got annoyed with him after a while & let him know it by barking at him. She will get better as time goes on, though I feel she will be best in a home as the only dog or maybe with an older dog. At least as of now.
Lassie is also scheduled to be spayed & chipped on March 27. Overall, Lassie has been great & will continue to get better over the coming weeks.

March 5, 2018

Lassie has been with me for 8 days now & she is doing great. She seems to be getting more & more comfortable each day. She’s eating very well, loves going on walks. She walks fairly well, pulls a little & gets distracted easily. All the smells, sights & sounds are new to her.

Yellow Labrador Retriever with a green bandana standing          Yellow Labrador Retriever with a large stuffed bunny

She sleeps through the night on her bed right  next to me. I’ve left her alone for a couple of hours at a time with free access to the house. She’s done great, no issues.

Lassie still doesn’t know what to do with toys, that might take a while. She is good with people, I haven’t checked her with other dogs, that will be this week. All in all, Lassie is doing great, she’s so laid back & easy going. She barked for the first time today.

Stay tuned!

February 25, 2018

yellow lab in the bathroon

Back ground information from when Lassie first came into the rescue

Lassie has done really well for a farm dog.  She went into the vet’s office, thru 2 doors without being shy or timid.  She goes thru doorways good.  Once inside she wanted to see everyone that was in the office.  She did check out a cat in it’s carrier and only sniffed.  She has been friendly and outgoing with my neighbors and the UPS man that came to the house last night.  My son and daughter have stopped by to see her and she went right to them.
She goes up and down our steps, as we have a bi-level home.  She will go all thru the house to see where you are.  Lassie does not respect gates and knocks my tension gates over even when in as tight as I can get them.  The only time she has left a gate alone is when our resident lab is sleeping in the bedroom and I put a gate up at the door to keep Lassie out.  Lassie is content to be on this side of the gate with a human.  We have always been on the other side of the gate to monitor.  I have tried once to put Lassie in my laundry room which is about 12 x 12 and she did not like being shut up in the room.  So far when we have been here with her in the house and given her free roam, with resident dog gated in bedroom she is good.  She has not tried to chew anything, does not know really what toys are and is very content to lay and sleep wherever you are.
So far she has been exposed to the noises of diesel engines, my school bus and the UPS man going up and down the road last night.  This afternoon she heard a very loud airplane going overhead while we were outside (we live 3 miles for the Hagerstown Airport).  She is attentive to the noises but so far has not slinked down, cowered or acted scared.  She is walking pretty well on a leash, a little back and forth, but she does well for one week…..she is not scared of it.
As for house training….the first day here she did have a small #1 accident when I put her in ‘down time’ away from my resident dog and she had drank a lot of water Fri eve and Sat. AM.  Since then, even though she holds her urine for a long time, she has not had any other accidents.  She has held her water for 12, 15 & 20 hours…..and she is drinking an ok amount of water, I don’t think a lot.  For example with the 20 hour hold time…..yesterday she peed at noon.  (Over last weekend when she first came I was taking her out every 2 hours and she would not go.  When brought back in the house she had no accidents.)  Back to my example…..peed at noon yesterday and then did not pee again until about 8:45 this AM, even though she was taken out numerous times yesterday and again before 9 PM last night.  I checked all over the house and there were no accidents.  At 11:15 this AM she did a #1 and #2 on our walk.  I have heard other foster families say certain of their foster pups have had  to adjust to potty time.
As I told  you Steve, I tether her to my bed with 2 leashes so if she needs to go out and she would become restless I would hear her.  She has slept each night thru since she came here and has not woke me up to go potty.  She is eating better now.  Last Sat she was trying to bury her dry kibble but I have been putting some moist food with it and she is eating well.  She does get excited when I am preparing her food dish.  Otherwise she is very content to be wherever you are and sleep….she is in the computer room sleeping right beside me as I type this email.
I had her to the groomer’s Wed evening and she did so well in the tub and on the table that they put up and down. She let them trim her nails with no issue.  She rides good in the car.  Just this AM we went for a quick ride and for the first time she put her front legs up into the car onto the back seat but I still had to give her a boost.

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