Laura Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old ID #3393

November 16, 2023

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a sweet, gentle 5-year-old, 76-pound former breeder momma but I’ve been told I don’t have to have puppies any more. I love this “living in a house” thing and I’m very good at it!  There were lots of dogs on the farm and there are 4 of us labs at my foster’s house.  I do really well with other dogs.  I’m crate trained and house trained now.  My foster parents say I’m a great dog.  I like to hear that!

The vet says I tore my cruciate ligaments years ago and they have scarred over.  I now get daily meds and a supplement to help with that. Daily walks are important for me as it helps me to keep up muscle tone.  That’s fine with me because I love to go for walks and sniff everything. I’m easy to walk because I don’t pull although if a squirrel ran by, I just might try! My foster parents think that I probably hurt my legs chasing squirrels because I have what my fosters call a “high prey drive”. If that means I really, really, really like chasing squirrels (and possibly other small mammals), they are absolutely right! That means I probably wouldn’t do well in a house with cats. Well, I would probably love it, but the cat wouldn’t.

I am very compliant and want to please my people. I love to get petted and sometimes roll over so I can get my belly rubbed. I’m a gentle soul and a loving girl. Are you looking for a lovable lab like me?

November 10, 2023

Laura is enduring her heat cycle with grace. She’ll wait for you to put on her fancy pants (not diapers, she’s a big girl!), but she will look downtrodden and sad so you feel guilty about it. yellow labrador retrieverHer hormones are at their peak, so she is constantly going up to our male resident (and neutered!) lab, Colin, and trying to woo him. She’s a very determined temptress! Other than that, she remains a calm, sweet, gentle girl.

Laura has discovered the joys of bones and antlers and has liberally seeded the family room with them so that something to chew is never more than a step or two away. It makes walking more dangerous for us humans, but it makes her happy so we mostly leave them be.  She deserves all the joys of being a family pet after years of being a breeder momma.

Laura will be attending a Brookline event on Saturday 11/18/23 at Kendra Scott 8 Coulter Avenue Ardmore, PA 19003.  She will be there with a wagging tail from 1-3pm for any families that are interested in meeting her.  We hope to see you there!

yellow labrador retriever
Laura left Alexis right

November 5, 2023Labrador Retriever

Laura is settling into homelife very well.  As a matter of fact, resident 3 legged and playful lab, Pepper, was finally able to entice her to play the other day.  Check out the video, adorable!

Laura goes right into her crate for a treat and settles well.  We tested her in the crate being left alone (well with 3 other dogs nearby) and she did very well.  I watched her on the camera.  She does have Alexis in a crate next to her, but I think she would be fine either way.  She does like the other dogs here though.

Labrador Retriever
Laura left Alexis right

Laura got brushed and her nails trimmed today with the Dremel.  She did very well.  Some of her nails were a little long, so hopefully she’ll be more comfortable with them a little shorter. She is also still in heat and doing a great job of wiggling her butt with a wagging tail to make her fancy pants slide down.  She’s a funny girl!Labrador Retriever

Laura was a little  more nervous with foster dad, which is pretty typical for these farm girls.  Today she rolled over and gave him her belly to rub.  She trusts him now!  Oh, and she always gaves my hand little kisses when she was nearby.  She did that with foster dad starting this weekend too.  Big steps for a farm girl!

Laura’s favorite thing to do is watch out the sliding glass door to alert us if any of those pesky squirrels have invaded.  She has a big bark when she lets it out!  Pepper is happy to have the help chasing squirrels out of the yard, so all is well there.  I am not sure how she would do with a cat though.  She’s never lived in a house with one.

Once Laura’s heat cycle is over, she’ll be ready to look for her furever family.  Stay tuned for this happy retired momma’s updates until then!

November 2, 2023

Today is Laura’s second day in foster care.  She did very well sleeping in the crate last night.  Foster dad (FD) slept downstairs to make sure she and Alexis settled and got some much needed sleep.  The only noise made was a wagging tail periodically banging against the crate. She was happy to greet the day with a wagging tail and a wiggle in her fancy pants!  She ate most of her breakfast, leaving just three kibbles.  Remember, she’s watching her weight.  She told me the calories were in those three kibbles, that’s why she avoided them!😉

Laura has done all of her potty business outside.  Yay for Laura!  We do go out regularly, but so far so good.  On one of our outings today a young squirrel was running around the yard.  I have not seen Laura move so quickly!  She ran out barking and chasing the squirrel with resident squirrel huntress Pepper right behind her.  Alexis and Colin were unphased.  It’s so funny how different all their personalities are.

We did notice some favoring of her back leg, especially when getting up and down from a sitting position.  The vet checked it and said it could be an old injury from life on the farm or some arthritis.  It doesn’t seem to cause her much concern at this point.  Last night she even managed to get herself up the stairs in the house.  We were all surprised by that.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Laura is definitely food motivated.  I was getting some wet food for Alexis to tempt her to eat today.  I turned around to get her bowl leaving the open can of wet dog food on the counter.  Laura had her paws up on the counter sniffing excitedly at the can of dog food.  A horrified gasp by me, foster mom (FM), and she quickly hopped down.  This is just something she needs to learn. She took correction very well and hopped down as quickly as she hopped up.  Everything in the house is new to her.

She did enjoy watching tv last night with me.  She went into Colin’s crate and decided that was her viewing crate.  She literally watched tv while laying in the crate with the door open.  I was calling it her viewing crate.

Laura is adjusting very well and we’re looking forward to watching her personality come out more and more as she acclimates to life in a home.  Today she greeted me with the cutest front paw hops when I came downstairs.  How can you not love that?!

November 1, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever

Laura got her rescue ride off the farm today.  Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe got a bath and some vetting.  The poor girl’s ears were terribly infected.  Her ears were cleaned and she got some medicine that will stay in them for 30 days.  Hopefully she’ll start feeling better soon.

Laura weighed in at 81lbs today at the vet.  She is slightly overweight, but not too much.  She ate about 3/4 of her dinner tonight, so maybe she was listening and decided to start her diet on her own!

Laura surprised all of us by going into heat at the vet’s office today.  So, she is sporting “fancy pants” in the house.  She’s so compliant to getting the diaper, I mean fancy pants, on her is a breeze.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Laura met resident labs Pepper and Colin and had no issues with anyone.  She’s a pretty easy going girl.  She gives the cutest little kisses on your hand when she wants attention.  She is so funny watching the tv.  She’s exhausted from her big day, but even as her eyes were getting heavy, she managed to watch Jeopardy with us.

Laura will be with us here for about a week until her foster mom gets back from her trip.  She sends love and little licks to everyone in Brookline’s blog land!

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