Leo FKA Leon Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 10 Months Old ID #2797

January 18, 2021

Two firsts for Leo today – a bath and the stairs!  Leo has ignored our stairs, but today we encouraged him to go up them to get a bath.  He was a little hesitant (on the stairs and getting into the bathtub) but did fine with some encouragement and cheese.  We had to hang onto him to keep him from jumping out of the bath, but other than that he was just fine.  I was most impressed that he held off on shaking until he was out of the tub and had been partly dried off!

He got to meet some two dogs this week and run off leash with them in a fenced yard, and loved it.  He also took a big nap those afternoons!

We are still working on his mouthiness with all of us, but exercise, things to chew, outside time, and taking a break in his crate are tools that help.  Photo attached after he was grabbing onto the 8-year old’s pant leg.  But he also allows the same kiddo to use him as a pillow.

December 28, 2020

Leo has had a busy past week or so.  He went to the vet for a checkup, got a harness, met some neighborhood dogs, and explored a river trail.  He is up to 64 pounds, and still needs to gain some weight so we upped his meals to 2 cups twice a day.  The harness helps with the pulling and makes sure he doesn’t slip out of his collar.  He is pulling much less on walks in the neighborhood, but on the trail, he was very interested in everything going on around him (other dogs, other people) and pulled a bunch to see what was next down the trail.  He also was asleep 5 minutes after the walk from all the excitement.  He met a 12-week-old bulldog puppy with tail wagging.  He met two dogs in the neighborhood and played with them on leash until he thought they were being too pushy and he moved away.

He left all the presents and Christmas tree alone, but did chew part of a rug when we thought he was chewing a bone.  He gets mouthy sometimes, and we are learning it means something – he has extra energy and wants a walk, he needs to go to the bathroom, wants something to do, etc.  He will definitely benefit from training, and wants to learn (unless there is a squirrel to watch!).  We will miss him when he finds his forever home!

December 7, 2020

Leo’s been with us just over two weeks.  This week he found the dog toy bin and now goes to pick out a bone or stuffy.  He doesn’t mind the cold weather outside, but seems to like the warmth of the fireplace once back inside.yellow Labrador Retriever

He loves looking out the windows and watching for cats, squirrels, and people. yellow Labrador Retriever and boy He really likes shoes and socks, so he is teaching the rest of the family that they need to put them away (thank you Leo!).  We try to have him chase a tennis ball outside on a long leash a few times a day, and that seems to keep the energy levels manageable.

November 29, 2020

Yesterday marked one week that Leo has been with us.  We’ve learned:

1) he loves to chase tennis balls and sticks, and he is very fast!yellow Labrador Retriever

2) he is very interested in activities in the kitchen, and prefers cheese and meat to apples and cucumber. yellow Labrador Retriever

3) he will whine if someone leaves the room, but then settle down.

4) he’s learning that a dog bed is comfortable and squeaky toys are fun to pounce on.

He is a quick learner, and we are working with him on his name, “here”, and “drop it” – he gets them more quickly if there is cheese involved!  He responds well to “leave it” or “eh eh” if he picks up something he is not supposed to (he would love to chew on our shoes and socks).

November 23, 2020

Day 2 with Leo went well.  We have nicknamed him “Leo the Lovebug”. He has figured out that belly rubs are good!yellow Labrador Retriever and boy  He sleeps through the night in his crate, settles when we put him in there, and put himself to bed in the crate around 9:30 tonight.  I’m not sure how it is comfortable for him to be half in and half out of the crate!yellow Labrador Retriever

November 21, 2020

We got Leon, who we are going to call Leo, yesterday afternoon.  He is a male, yellow/fox red color, Brookline id# 2797.

He did great in the crate for the car ride home, and then we walked him around outside our house.yellow Labrador Retriever and three people He is certainly still a puppy, with puppy playfulness and super soft fur.   His nose is perfect height to check out the contents in the fridge.yellow Labrador Retriever nose in frig He also loves to get loves, and has a great lab lean.  He settled very well in the crate while we ate dinner – a little whining and then laid down.  He ate his dinner fine – some out of my hand and some out of his bowl.

He settled in the crate at bedtime (around 11) and he was quiet all night until 7 am, when we got up and let him out.   yellow Labrador Retriever He had a walk this morning in the neighborhood.  He pulls a little on the leash, but I think with a little training can learn not to.  He hasn’t figured out settling when out of the crate yet (he’ll chew on the bone for a couple minutes then get up to check things out).  I’m sure that will come as he gets more comfortable.  He interacts well with our kids (age 8 and 12), and is already picking up some commands (sit, here).

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