Lexi Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 2 Years Old

August 14, 2019

Hey Y’all.  Hope you have had a nice week. I sure have been, doing puppy stuff and finding more and more energy. My fetch skills have been improving according to my foster dad. He can throw far. My finding skills still need a li’l work. I have missed a few and needed some guidance to find them. I figured out that if we walk a certain way, that means fetch play at the end. As you can see in some pictures my foster dad has taken, I love balls. I have also followed Mojo in his naps. I could never be as good at naps as he is. He is so next level; no, he is the GOAT of naps. Lesi and Mojo, labrador retrievers chilling on the sofa Lexi and Mojo foster Labrador Retrievers


My foster dad finally got a good video of my bucking bronco happy to see you or ready to eat dance.   I hope you enjoy.  https://youtu.be/3uDviomxuCQ


I know they say Fosters are The Bridge of Love to our forever home; this Bridge will always be with me.   


With that said, I heard they posted me for adoption today; happy and sad, but most of all Loved.     




August 8, 2019

Good evening y’all. Well, a few interesting updates on me. Yesterday my foster dad took me to Pet Valu for a bath.  He had to lift me in as I was unsure about those steps. Once in, I was a statue, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the massaging lather. Oh, the warm water felt nice too. I was a little startled by the blow dryer at first, but that was nice and relaxing too.  Chocolate Labrador Lexi snoozing after her bath


This afternoon, I went to the Vet. The ladies there were so nice and I met some new people and saw some other dogs that were busy with their vet techs. The doctor came in and did a thorough exam and found a yeast infection in my ear.  So now, I have some meds for that. The doctor liked the way everything felt and sounded and said that I was progressing nicely post-puppies.  She said it would be a few more weeks before I can be spayed. They were all amazed at how calm I am.   Chocolate Lab Lexi waiting at the Vet's office


When we got home from Vet, we went for a walk and then played fetch off leash.  Yes I am playing fetch off leash and I am good. I chase the ball down and bring it right back to my foster dad.  We have been working on it for a few days. Today, I started dropping the ball when I get back. Guess what — I LOVE FETCH! Yesterday I did some jogging on leash as well which was lots of fun.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmJqqiXkGNE


I heard the weather is going to be cooler this next week. I am excited because that means more outdoor time.  Hope to update soon.  


A.L.F.       Lexi

August 6, 2019

Lexi chocolate Labrador lying in the grassMeet the beautiful Lexi, a healthy, gorgeous chocolate chunk with copper undertones. (I just want to take her to the salon and copy that color.) We have had sweet Lexi for a little over a week. She continues to blossom and become more comfortable! What we know about Lexi‘s past is that she has had two homes. Her first human bred her at six months old and gave her away to her second family who lived on an Amish farm. On that farm, she lived in a barn and was not allowed in the house. We were told she is almost 3 years old and has had already had FOUR litters of puppies. Her last litter was a month ago. Lexi was showing signs of stress, so they removed her from her puppies. She does not want to be a mom and who could blame her….she has never had a chance to be a puppy herself! Thanks to Brookline, her days of motherhood are behind her and she is not looking back. She will only know love and compassion the rest of her days!

Some behaviors we are working on include SOME counter surfing, an intense obsession with balls, basic sit and stay commands, and getting acclimated to car rides. I really believe at one point she was an indoor dog, which makes her story even sadder since she was relegated to outdoor living.  She has adjusted very well to living back inside of a home; nothing seems to phase her as far as noises and sounds. She continues to walk well on her leash and enjoys her twice daily walks. She is friendly to other dogs that she meets and does not seem to have a prey drive. She eats very nicely with the two other resident dogs and takes treats gently from your hand.

Lexi chocolate Labrador in the house

She gets along very well with our two resident males; however, she is showing signs of possessiveness with her humans and her ball. I’m told this common with farm dogs since they have not known very much love in their lifetimes.

We believe because Lexi is adapting to “normal“ life, she would do better in a home without small children (or perhaps small children who only visit) as they tend to move very fast and may stress her. Her ideal home would be one that would be patient with her, teach her basic commands, and be willing to take her to obedience training. She will definitely need to be walked and exercised daily. And, that will need to include a lot of fetching…that is her absolute favorite thing to do.

She still gets a little restless at night; I tend to think since she was an outdoor dog she was awake a lot during the night, but she’s improving.

Lexi is a real sweetheart that is just in need of some patience and a lot of love. She has had a rough beginning to life but we will make sure she has many happy years ahead.

She is not at a point in her cycle where we are able to have her spayed. Her milk is starting to dry, so she will have her pre-puppy shape back soon enough. Lexi will be available to the right people/family very soon, so keep watching for updates. Her adopting family will be required to enter into an agreement to have her spayed when the Vet determines that the time is appropriate.

August 1, 2019

Chocolate Lab Lexi squinting into the sun
Lexi – squinting

Hi y’all.  Well, it has been a good week so far.  I have learned a lot and have been curious about much more. I know this:  I love to play ball and fetch.  I could fetch all day and night if they would let me.  I love when my foster dad cleans my ears–oh, so soothing. I fall asleep in seconds standing up with my head in his hands.Chocolate Lab Lexi sniffing in the grass

I heard my foster dad say how pleased he is with my leash skills. I walk nicely and smell a lot.  I did have two skittish moments with noises I had never heard before.  I have met or seen a lot of dogs and cats and have just been calm and cool.

Yummy food — when breakfast and dinner time come around, I get so excited I just can’t hide it.  I rear up like a bucking bronc. I come totally off the floor and land very gracefully. We get oatmeal on our dinner. Yum yum!

I have been doing well adjusting to Max and Mojo.   Mojo and I like to lounge together.  Max likes his quiet time.

ALF (Always looking Forward)…..LexiChocolate Lab Lexi snoozing with buddy Mojo







July 29, 2019

Our latest house guest Lexi has landed and what a sweetheart! We cannot wait to show her how a dogs life should be!
We took our first walk and for never being on a leash she did quite well. Seemed to love the new smells. chocolate Labrador Retriever
She is eating and drinking and so far no accidents in the house…remember she lived outdoors her entire life.
She’s also adjusting well to indoor life. The sounds don’t seem to bother her at all. There was one incident with a golfer on TV that made her bark. It was comical.
I also made her a scrambled egg with her breakfast since we were told she enjoys them.
So far her favorite toys are balls, balls and balls. She prefers the squeaky ones and loves to fetch….imagine that a lab that likes to fetch!
She seems to have a bit of a crush on MoJo. Max, as usual, has made it crystal clear she should not make her moves on him but he did seem to admire her fetching skills.
She is napping in the middle of the living room now.chocolate Labrador Retriever
We could not be more pleased with her!

July 28, 2019

Lexi – my 1st sleepover


two dogs on sofa and one yellow labrador retriever on the floorAll was calm — I was resting, Mojo was resting, and Max was resting. Then at 8:45 I heard some loud noises, opened my eye, but that was it.  There were a few more noises, but we were all good. Around 10, I wanted to go outside, not for potty but to play fetch.  My foster dad is really good at it. We played a few rounds. Then we came back in and I found another ball.  Yep…it has a squeaker…so much fun. I could hear foster dad chuckle. This went on for a good bit with the lights off. Then I groomed myself for a li’l while before dozing off.  Chocolate labrador retriever

Around 3:30 am the resident pup (he’s 4 but smaller than me) awoke to go outside–perfect timing, I had to go potty as well, then I did some Lab rolls and Lab ear rubbing on the lawn, followed by Lab head and body rattle. Then we went back in and I continued with the head rattle, so my foster dad grabbed some kind of wipe (baby) and began to clean my ears. OOOH! it felt sooooooo good…thumping my leg good. Then I found my xl squeaker ball again and enjoyed that for a few, then found my xl tennis ball and kicked it around for a few. I was over by my foster dad grooming again and he began to massage and gently pat my back.  He must have done this before; it was relaxing and now I am ready to sleep (snore), I heard my foster dad say it’s adorable, just what a girl wants to hear.   Goodnight, well almost dawn (4:30).    


Lexi the lioness


July 27, 2019

Hey, ya’ll, my name is Lexi. My foster dad says I have the paws of a lioness.  I am a 3 yr old farm girl from north central pa.  I have lived on two different farms and have had 4 litters.  I’m done having litters!  Today I start a new life.  When the nice lady picked me up this morning, she took me to the vet to get a check up and a few shots, which wasn’t too bad.chocolate Labrador Retriever profile

Then we left and met up with my new foster dad and we got to see some of nature’s finest — hint, it rattles. Not fun, but everyone is ok. Then we headed to my new home, and along the way, we stopped for a short walk.  When we arrived home, I jumped out and went into the yard and began to smell; then I found a ball and wanted to play.

We also saw some more nature (a baby toad jumping across a sidewalk in back yard).  I had been reserved all day until now. I wanted water, then I had some oatmeal and some kibble and a treat (well what I thought was a treat, turns out it was medicine in disguise) what will surprise me next.  Then I met a fellow foster Mojo, handsome fella he is.  He was a gentle-dog and approached me nicely.   We smelled and smelled and wandered around for a bit.  I wanted to play, but he is not much for play, more of the lazy Lab.  Then I met my foster mom and  resident pup, Max. He was a little snarky from the other side of the fence as he is a bit smaller than me; however once he came in, he settled and was also a gentle-dog when he approached.  We walked around a bit and then we went in the house. I had been hesitant going in and out a few times before Max came. We all went in and chilled out for a few. FYI my new foster mom and their daughter are both nice.   Still getting used to this house thing, while inside foster dad had the TV on and I saw a girl on there and I started barking (deep bark and their 1st time hearing me bark) then the boys joined in and we all were jumping around like a bark band (Queen watch out) we will we will bark you! 2nd surprise of the day — TV.   Then we all laid down and took a nap (I snore).  4:30 is apparently dinner time according to Mojo.. Well, when foster dad came upstairs with food, I showed my excitement by rearing up a lil like a pony.  Kibble with oatmeal on top is dinner.  Yum yum.chocolate Labrador Retriever standing head turned

Rumor has it we might be doing something called a walk later.  Hmmm, he had to carry me about 40 feet when we stopped on the way home earlier. Hopefully he remembers that as I am still learning this Leash thing.

Signing off for now, I am drifting away to sleep and want to snore some more before this walk.

I Love my new foster home.

Lexi, the Lioness

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