Lexi #4 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old ID #3065

chocolate labrador retrieverMeet Lexi!  She is sweet 5 year old chocolate Labrador that arrived into Brookline’s care from Juniata County with her sister, Kassy!

Please read her blog from the bottom up!

February 27, 2024

Lexi is just chilling like she always does since my last blog on her. She had a good Thanksgiving and Christmas. She did not miss out on any presents or extra treats. She just loves being apart of the pack and a part of this family. We just love her to pieces!Chocolate Labrador RetrieverShe is always up for a treat, belly rub, a walk in the park, a pet from anyone or relaxing with one of the dogs! She just loves to be loved! Who doesn’t? Right!

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi is still leaking and that will never change. Lexi has learned to deal with the diaper and so has the rest of the family. We have boat load of diapers as she needs to be changed multiple times a day. I am just happy that she is use to getting a diaper change and does not bother with it when they are on her. For everything she has gone though in her life, she is just so easy going!

October 14, 2023

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Miss. Lexi Doodle is right in the mix of things here. She loves her treats, the baby pool to cool off, laying in the sun, squeaky balls and being a lap dog. She loves her people and does not want to miss a thing or a treat. Such a lab thing!

Lexi still leaks and we have tried medication and surgeries and unfortunately Lexi will never not leak or get bladder infections. We just keep an eye on her and take her to the vet when we feel she she as infection. We are just glad she has gotten use to diapers. Yay!Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverUntil next time…..

July 18, 2023

Miss Lexi is doing well. She is still our happy go lucky dog. Nothing really gets her down. Her tail never stops wagging, taking a treat from someone or receiving a pet or two. We are working on her not jumping on certain people in the household. I think this certain person always has treats in his pocket and she know it. 🙂

Her leaking is still there and will never go away. Somedays its lot and other days its controlled. Her anxiety comes and goes but medication helps her a lot.

Here are some photos of Lexi! Enjoy..until next time.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever

May 23, 2023

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi has continued to worm her way into our hearts even more than she did before. Lexi is just that type of dog.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverShe loves all people, every dog that she meets, taking a ride in the car, playing with an inside toy, running around the yard trying to catch a ball or just relaxing near a human. She is easy to fall in love with and laugh at her when she sticks her head into the dog bowl that is filled with water. She could easily be a water dog.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi went back to the vet for a procedure to help with her leaking. The jury is still out if it curbed her leaking, only time will tell. We have started trying to have her wear a diaper when someone is home to monitor her as she is very sneaky when it comes to keeping her diaper on.

We have taken her to 2 meet and greets with Brookline along with a trip to my son’s soccer game as well. Each time she was a hit and was so well behaved. She loves being around people and enjoys the attention she receives from strangers. She really just loves to be a part of things and enjoys anyone willing to stop and pay her some attention.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverUntil the next time!!

April 3, 2023

Lexi is now up for adoption!

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverUntil the right forever home comes along for Lexi, we are just enjoying having her around. Lexi is doing well. Her leaking has not gotten worse, just maintaining. She loves having her people around and enjoying Natalie’s company.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi enjoys being outside especially if people are outside with her. Lexi would be a great walking partner as she can walk a couple of miles easily.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverWe always knew she loves the water and would love to have a pond or a pool in her forever home but we found out she loves to play ball. I have attached a video of her!  Enjoy!

February 22, 2023

Lexi had a set back a couple of weeks ago. Lexi decided to eat something she should not have and found herself at the vet office. Unfortunately, she had to have surgery. It took her about 10 days to start feeling like the Lexi-doodle we all know and love. Lexi is now back to herself and we are so happy she is. We are finishing up her last week of antibiotic and she will be ready to find her forever home. chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi is a sweet, loving and full of energy lab. Lexi-doodle gets along with men, woman and children. Depending on her mood, she can be shy with new people but she warms up pretty quickly. She gets along with other dogs. Cats are not recommended in her forever home. Lexi would like a fence but does not need one, especially if you take her on daily walks and let her get her energy out each day. Lexi is great in the car too!
chocolate labrador retrieverLexi LOVES people and wants to be around them when they are home. She loves to receive pets and will get a bit pushy if she thinks she is not getting her fair share of them. Lexi does not need someone home all day but someone home a good amount will make her very happy. Having another dog in the house would be helpful for Lexi too.
chocolate labrador retrieverLexi’s leaky bladder is about 90% fixed and she does have a tendency to get bladder infections. Even with having the issues she has had, she is a wonderful dog who loves to be loved. If you love her, she will give you all the love in return.

Keep an eye out as she will be available really soon.

January 27, 2023

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi continues to be a joy to have here at our house. She loves everyone and never wants to miss a treat or a pet. Lexi can get a bit too excited and does not always knows her own strength. Since she does not know her own strength, we think she could knock down a younger child, so kids over the age of 5 would be best for her.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverWe are still working on her medication dosage for her leaky bladder and her anxiety. Lexi has made great strides with her anxiety. The medication is really helping her and I am not seeing much anxiety. Lexi bladder leakage is about 90-95% fixed but she does still leak especially when she is relaxing on the couch or a chair. I am going to try using a diaper again and see if she will tolerate it. Fingers crossed.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi likes being apart of a pack but she also likes to be the only dog getting all of the attention from her people. I think in her forever home, she could be the only dog if someone is home most of the time but she would enjoy having the company of another dog in the household as well.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverWe are hoping to have Lexi up for adoption soon, fingers crossed!

January 12, 2023

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi or Lexi-Doodle as we call her, had a great Christmas! She enjoyed all the excitement, all the sounds and all of the yummy smells that came with the day. She could not get enough of it. Lexi got extra special treats, rope toy and a new stuffed animal. She really loves that stuffy.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi is still enjoying being part of the pack. All of the dogs get along quite well but I think Lexi really likes spending time with our resident yellow lab, Natalie. Lexi has the most energy of the dogs and at times needs to let off some steam outside. She enjoys being outside but equally likes to be inside too.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi likes being the center of attention and will push her way to the front of the pack to get that extra treat or an extra pet. We are working on that as she can be a bit pushy or grabby if not corrected. She listens when corrected. I think the years of fighting for attention and her young age, she comes off a bit pushy. I would say Lexi is happiest and sweetest dog I have ever fostered. With all of the medical issues she has going on, she never stops wagging or thumping her tail. Lexi-Doodle just wants to be loved.  Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverI took Lexi back to the vet to discuss Lexi’s bladder issue. Lexi’s leaking is improving ten folds but she still leaks at times. We are going to try a new medication to hopefully stop the excess leaking. I find when she falls asleep and gets up, that is when I will see her leaking. Lexi does great at the vet but stays close to me when in the office. Chocolate Labrador Retriever

December 12, 2022

I am not sure who had a better time this weekend, Lexi or us! Lexi had her very 1st holiday experience being a family dog. She was apart of our Christmas tradition of making Christmas cookies. She did not miss a thing. Lexi was in her glory. The tail never stopped thumbing and her nose never stopped sniffing. Lexi was so well behaved and she enjoyed the entire weekend! chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverThis experience this weekend with her, can not be put into words. You can see her becoming comfortable being a pet and wanting to be apart of the things going on in the house. This weekend showed us she will make a great addition to someone family! These pictures say it all! Enjoy!chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever

December 4, 2022

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi finally got into the surgeon to address her incontinence issues.  She wound up spending a total of 11 days at the clinic recovering and receiving care.  So far, the results have been very encouraging!  She hasn’t been perfect but we’re working to now house train her which was a ridiculous prospect before!  She’s had several dry crates in the morning recently and only rarely leaves wet spots around.  It’s a massive step forward and the progress is incredibly encouraging.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverUpon returning from her surgery she has also shown MUCH less anxiety!  Her anxiety around people is virtually gone as she is comfortable walking up to anyone, including the men in the house and accepts petting and attention happily.  We also haven’t seen any new victims of chewing since the surgery although she still loves to chew on soft toys and stuffed animals have to be kept out of reach.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverLexi is a ball of energy especially first thing in the morning but she’ll calm down after a couple of minutes. She loves to sit with people and will happily plop down next to you and nap.  She will hop around when she’s excited and sometimes will forget she’s not a small dog and try to jump in your lap.

She is getting along with the resident dogs splendidly, does great in the car, enjoys running outside and laying in the sun.  Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever

October 30, 2022

chocolate labrador retrieverWhat a month it has been with Lexi! Lexi has definitely made herself at home this past month. You can see her become more and more comfortable with the world around her and I think she is loving what she is seeing. Lexi loves being around people of all ages, especially people who will give her a treat and a good, long pet. Her tail never stops wagging and thumping. You can hear her tail thumping a mile away when she sees someone. Lexi loves to snuggle with you especially when you are on the couch. chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi enjoys the company of our resident dogs, Captain and Natalie. They get along nicely!chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi does have some general anxiety but it does not seem to hold her back from anything. Her anxiety is shown in pacing at times, chewing on wood trim or doing multiple laps around the kitchen table. Even with her anxiety, she settles nicely after a couple of minutes and you can find her snoozing away on the kitchen floor, on the deck or on the couch. I have found as the weeks go by, her chewing on the wood trim has has lessened a good amount. I would not say she is trust worthy when left alone but she is getting there. Lexi is crate trained and has no problem going in at night or when nobody is home.chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi had a set back to get her leaky bladder fixed a couple of weeks ago. Lexi was all set to have her surgery but the vet discovered Lexi had a bad UTI. The vet decided to post-pone the surgery until the UTI was cleared up. Lexi has been on a heavy dose of antibiotics since then. Her surgery is now schedule for next Monday. We are hoping the vet can fix her leaky bladder!! Wish her luck!!

September 28, 2022

Last Thursday, Lexi and I took a ride to see a specialist to hopefully get some answers on her leaking. The ride was a 45 minute ride each way and she was great in the car. Lexi just sat there and enjoyed the ride. chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi was so well behaved at the vets office. I think she was just enjoying meeting all the new people and the other dogs. She had no problem going with the vet tech to get an ultrasound. The vet tech said some farm dogs have an issue with having to be on their back while having the ultrasound done. Not Lexi, she just laid on her back and gave them no issues while having the ultrasound done. The doctor looked at the ultrasound and as we thought, Lexi will need surgery to correct her incontinence. Lexi will have the surgery next month. We are hoping this surgery will stop her leaking. Wish her luck!chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever

September 20, 2022

Miss. Lexi is making herself quite at home here as you can tell by the photo below.chocolate labrador retriever

She is such a sweet dog and just wants to be loved. And of course petted too!!chocolate labrador retriever

Lexi has been with us just over 5 weeks now and Lexi has settled into a routine here. Lexi likes being off the farm and living with our family. Lexi likes to be outside especially if someone or another dog is outside with her. You will usually find her on a deck or chewing a stick she finds in the yard. If you go inside without her, she wants to be inside as well. Lexi does have some separation anxiety, which I plan on talking with the doctor about. She just wants to know you are still around! We could never forget about Miss. Lexi!chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever

My resident dogs gets along well. They eat in the same area and drink from the same water bowl. Lexi and my resident dog Natalie share the same over sized chair. They both love this chair!chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever

Lexi has her doctor’s appointment this week, so wish us well!! Hopefully we can find out what is causing her incontinence.

September 4, 2022

chocolate labrador retrieverLexi has been with us for 3 weeks and she is settling in nicely. Lexi loves everyone and everything. She has a good amount of energy especially in the morning but she will settle down after she gets her pets and attention from everyone in the house. She’s a snuggly load sometimes but will happily snuggle up next to you after she gets comfortable.chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi’s appetite has grown since her 1st week with us. In the beginning she would not finish her meals, probably because there was lot of new sights and sounds, but now she eats all of her meals. We are still working on Lexi taking treats with less gusto. Some treats she takes nicely and others treats, Lexi takes them with more vigor than I would like. A work in progress…chocolate labrador retrieverSince Lexi is incontinent and we wont be seeing a specialist until the end of the September to address her issue, we have decided to use pee pads instead of diapers. Lexi hates diapers. Lexi will either find a way to get it off in one piece or chew it off. Once she found out how to rub up against things to get the diaper off, it was pretty much impossible to keep them on her.  So pee pads are the way works best for everyone. We put pee pads on her favorite chair so she can enjoy the chair when inside.chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi loves being outside, especially when she finds a shady spot in the grass or a spot on the deck. All the dogs like being on the deck together and interact great with each other even on the smaller side deck!chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi is an absolutely lovable dog that seems to just enjoy people and the life she’s gotten since leaving the farm.  We love having her around and look forward to getting her only issue worked out and off to her forever home!

August 20, 2022

Lexi has flown the coop and has landed in her foster home until she is ready to find her forever home!! Lexi came to our house on Sunday afternoon and has adapted to her new home like she has lived in a home for her whole life.
chocolate labrador retrieverchocolate labrador retrieverLexi was introduced to my two residents dogs and they did great. Each dog was respectful of each others space.
chocolate labrador retrieverLexi loves all types of people. Though, I have found Lexi’s tail thumps hardest when she sees my 8 year old son or my husband. She loves people especially ones that give pets! Even though she loves people, she is not a Velcro dog at all. Lexi has no problem finding a comfy place to lay and she is golden!
chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi is a 5 years old dog and with any 5 year old dog, she has energy to burn off. I am happy to say she can settle very nicely when that energy wears off. I have found her napping on the over-sized chair or in her crate. Lexi is crate trained and has no problem going into her crate at night or if I have to go out for a while. I think she finds comfort in the crate.
chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi shows no food motivation at this moment. She takes her time at meal time. We are working with Lexi on taking treats with less eagerness. The word “gentle” works well for Lexi. Lexi does know the command for sit and down.

Lexi has an appointment at the end of the month to hopefully help her with her incontinence issue! Wish us luck!!
chocolate labrador retriever

July 28, 2022

Lexi came into rescue  over a month ago, and still hasn’t found an available foster to get her acclimated to life in a home yet, but she is still learning lots of new things at Kamp like the joys of a squeaky hedgehog!chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverBefore her surgery, Lexi really had fun cooling off in the pool in the hot weather!chocolate labrador retrieverShe had surgery late last week to be spay.  Lexi does have some urinary incontinence that is being treated with Proin but without a lot of success so while they had her under they did explore to see if they could find the potential cause of her leakiness. Instead they found parts of two leashes and a sheet in her stomach that she has had in her since her time on the farm! Oh my!

She has been taking it easy at Kamp after surgery but has been able to get out on some slow walks during recovery.  Recovery at Kamp is hard since there is not always someone to dote and love on this sweet patient. Due to her surgeries she needs small frequent meals and a few different medications throughout the day to help ease her discomfort.  Lexi deserves to be getting some constant loving in a quiet home to help her feel better faster!

chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverLexi is looking for a cat-free/small dog free home with someone who is home more often than not that can work with her to help solve her medical issues and get her feeling better.  Is it you?


July 14, 2022

Lexi loves exploring the big yard, going for walks and playing in the kiddie pool and the pond! chocolate labrador retriever Both she and her sister, Kassy, are very curious and friendly and are enjoying lots of love from the staff at BCK.  They have also met and played with several other dogs.  They are still not interested in toys, but like bones.  Lexi is a pro at leash walking!

Lexi will be spayed soon – send good thoughts for an easy spay, and stay tuned for updates.

July 7, 2022

Lexi is loving her new found freedom at BCK.

She loves being able to run around the huge fenced yards, but especially loves the pond!  It turns out she is a real water girl, and loves nothing more than to splash around on these hot days.

She and sister Kassy are learning how fun life can be now that they are done having babies.

Lexi is great on leash and loves everyone she meets!  She is a super friendly, very affectionate young lady.

She also loves other dogs – she has done well with every one she has met.

Lexi and her sister, Kassy, are still waiting for a foster home so they can learn more about all the good things that life has to offer!  They’ve heard that living with people full-time is awesome!

June 20, 2022

Since Lexi was not a big fan of the foster’s cat, she joined her sister, Kassy at Canine Kamp until another foster home can be found for her.  Her trainer just met her today, and reported that she is very sweet, and doing well. chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverShe did say that Lexi walked nicely on the leash and like her sister wasn’t at all interested in her boring treats or the ball.  Please stay tuned for more updates as they learn more about her at Kamp.

June 19, 2022

Today I pick up Lexi. Kassy continued on her way with to BCK, where she’ll stay temporarily until a foster home becomes available. Lexi was very good in the car, she sat in the back nicely with her nose out the window until we reached the highway then she put her nose in and enjoyed the AC.chocolate labrador retriever

On the way home we stopped at a pet wash station and we both got a bath. LOL. She was not a fan and was very scared but was such a good girl for it. I didn’t even attempt the drier. I noticed she leaked some urine on the blanket in the back seat and on her leash.

We sent our puppy, Mazie (7 months) to doggy daycare today as we were out of the house most of the day and I figured it would help burn off her puppy energy so she wouldn’t overwhelm Lexi. When Lexi and I arrived at home no one was back yet so I let her check out the backyard, she enjoyed some sniffs, checked out some toys and did her business (pees and poop). She looked interested in the ball so I threw it and she chased it but didn’t pick it up.chocolate labrador retriever

Lexi and I took a walk to the ball park around the corner to meet my daughter, husband and Mazie. She walked well on her leash and seem to enjoy the walk. We did walk down a busy street and she didn’t seem to mind the traffic sounds.

She met my daughter, Madelyn (6yo) first and met her with a wagging tail and kisses on her hand. Then she met Mazie on leash and all seemed to be good, we took a walk around the ball park together and the dogs seemed fine with each other so we proceeded home. My husband and daughter walked Lexi back and ❤ They I drove Mazie home. We let them sniff again in the back yard and then gave them free roam together for a bit and all is well. Mazie did try to mount Lexi one time and Lexi corrected her and that was that, no issues thus far between the dogs.chocolate labrador retriever

We brought Lexi in and she checked out the house and all the rooms, we locked our one cat in the bathroom while Lexi checked everything out. He can be a bit of bully to new pets so we’ll keep them separate for a few days. She checked out some left overs on the counter my husband was heating up. For a dog that’s lived her whole life outside she sure does know her way around the kitchen. She didn’t have any true accidents in the houses but she seems to be leaking urine and urinating very frequently. I’m hoping it’s just anxiousness but I think the leaking could be a more chronic issue or UTI.

We’ve been enjoying a lot of time outside with both pups with some intervals of checking out inside. Lexi is far more content outside and sat in my lap in the grass let me rub her, brush her and soaked up all the love she could. She’s been really great with everyone and enjoying as much attention as she can get.

We wanted to start dinner so I put Lexi in my husband’s office, in her crate with her dinner and a knuckle bone. She didn’t touch her dinner or the bone but she has been loving the freeze-dried chicken livers treats I’ve been giving her. I have some homemade dog food and I’m going to use that to entice her to eat. We left Lexi in the crate for about 15 minutes while we prepared dinner and fed Mazie. We came back to a broken crate; she broke the plastic bottom piece and must have bent the frame of the door trying to get herself out. My husband had to bend it back to free her. She was overly stressed and ran out back and hide under my patio table. It took her about 10 minutes to settle and come out and rest at my feet while I sat outside.

We are brainstorming some ideas for sleeping arrangements tonight because the crate just seems to really put her over the edge. She does enjoy sitting close on the couch so I see that in our future for tonight.

Overall, Lexi is the sweetest, most beautiful love bug. I know it’s going to take her a bit to settle into life off the farm and into a home with endless amount of love.

Will update again soon.

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