Libby, Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female, 4 Years Old

June 19, 2018

chocolate Labrador retriever resting head in hand
I’m happy FM is home!

chocolate labrador retriever laying in the garden

wouldn’t let her out of my site.  But just between you and me, I think my foster dad is pretty cool too.

I love, love, love my walks- so many things to see and smell but I’m a complete cuddle bug  when I’m tired and full.  If you have any questions about me, please let my foster family know (

two chocolate one yellow one black labrador retriever in grass
That’s me in the back!

June 1, 2018

Chocolate Labrador Retriever shaking handsLibby has been with us for a little less than two weeks and it has been rewarding to watch her transformation, and she’s going to be a catch for the right family.  Libby’s picky days are over and she now eats her kibble with just a little yogurt and licks the bowl clean.  Of course her fur siblings have not shown the technique of inhaling it, so we give her a head start.

Most importantly Libby now loves her fur siblings and the occasional growling is a thing of the past.  And she is ignoring the cat even more so the cat is getting more comfortable being in the same room with her.  Good girl Libby!

Libby was a little gimpy her first few days because we run a doggie boot camp here (lol) with two long walks a day, but she is  getting in shape and looking and feeling good- no sore muscles any more.

I’ve never had a farm dog find the furniture so quickly but she is determined to sleep with her people so she’d probably do best in a home where that’s desired!  During the day time she chooses the floor, but we did catch 3 out of the 4 of our dogs (herself included) on the couch with out newly inquired doggie cam 🙂


Libby is learning to chew on nylabones and the like, and she also enjoys stuffed animals although sometimes she barks at chocolate Labrador Retriever laying on floor with toysthem because she seems to think they are real.

Libby goes to the vet next week and I expect to post her shortly thereafter.  Therefore who ever adopts her will need to get her spayed but not for another month or so.  With the pups she’s had, it’s better for her to wait.  She is a bit itchy too and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it.  Now that she’s eating what she is supposed to be eating(no goodies as enticement), it’ll be easier to rule out food allergies.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she has mild seasonal allergies, since it’s a horrible year for that round here.

For questions or more information on Libby, please contact

May 24, 2018

Miss Libby here reporting in that all is going well in my foster home.  I didn’t like sleeping downstairs by myself so I decided I’d better learn how to use the stairs so I could sleep upstairs with my foster parents.  FM says I was a quick study and learned in less than 5 minutes. Easy peesy.  Now I sleep in my crate all night long in my foster parents room and never make a fuss,  Apparently they think I don’t even snore. Shhhh.  Don’t let them know that everyone snores once in awhile.

Black and chocolate labrador retrievers walking side by sideI’m still not a huge fan of kibble and tend to finish the goodies added to it to entice me to eat.  Mostly I’m not used to finishing my food immediately.  Before I lived in a hutch and my food was brought to me and I could pick at it for as long as I wanted  Not so here where my three fur siblings will happily finish my meal, so FM says I’m going to have to learn to pick up the pace.  She also said she is running out of goodies soon so I my have to be less fussy.   Uh oh.  That doesn’t sound good.

I love to check out what’s going on but supposedly I am not supposed to put my paws up on the counter.  How’s a girl supposed to check things out when you can’t see!  I am a good girl and am not supposed to grab anything  but foster mom says I need to learn to keep all four paws on the ground before I give in to temptation.

chocolate labrador retriever paws on kitchen counter
What’s for lunch?

I still love, love, love my people and I’m still scared they may go away so apparently I am what FM calls a cling-on and I get pretty excited when we’re moving around.  So I guess the house is dirty and not picked up by FM says she is getting a lot of computer work done because when she sits down (finally), I curl up quietly by her feet and am a happy chappy.

May 21, 2018

Little Miss Libby has been through a lot of changes in 24 hours.  She is going to need days (or maybe weeks) to decompress and realize that her rabbit hutch days are over.  She’s currently in foster with a mom and dad, a teenager and 3 dogs and a cat.  She’s as SWEET as can be with people, but she’s a bit grumpy with the dogs in the house.  Outside, however, she is happy to go for walks with them.  Foster mom is hopeful that this grumbling will end soon.  It’s not that atypical for a foster dog to feel this way, especially since her entire life she has been near dogs but not allowed to socialize/interact.I'm on your left!

Libby is not sure she loves her crate but we’ll work on that too.  She still needs to learn to use stairs, and to eat regular dog kibble.  For now she’s mostly picking out the good treats FM put in the bowl to try to entice her.  No accidents in the house which is great news.  Clearly she’s a smart girl 🙂


Stay tuned for updates as we get to know this little lady.


May 20th, 2018

Meet pretty Miss Libby whose breeding days are over.  In fact she was one of the last of the dogs to be pulled from a now defunct puppy mill and we couldn’t be happier to have her.  She didn’t know her farm name so her foster family picked Libby.  Libby is short for “liberty” and indeed this marks the beginning of her new life, free from the rabbit hutch/puppy mill farm.    Libby also comes from the Hebrew root Lev, which means beloved, and that seemed fitting since our promise to Libby is that she will be loved and cherished the rest of her days to make up for a horrible start.

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