Liberty #3 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 2.5 Months Old ID#2817

November 3, 2020

This little girl is so intelligent and eager to please! She has learned to sit for treats, go to the door and tap the bell to go out, whine in the crate when she has to go out in the middle of the night, responds to “no”, and is walking better on the leash/harness every day. She LOVES our resident lab, Boomer, and would crawl inside him if she could. She loves to snuggle with Boomer as well as everyone in the family. She is such a happy, joyful puppy and loves stuffed animals, squeaky toys, Nyla bones, marrow bones (which she steals directly out of Boomer’s mouth), and treats.

She loves to romp in the yard and chase tennis balls and loves going for walks (as long as they’re not too far and then she expects to be carried back like a queen). She constantly flings tug-of-war toys in Boomer’s face (especially when he’s sleeping) but then when he chases her , she squeaks and hides behind my legs.

black labrador retriever mixThe potty training is going well as long as she gets taken out regularly especially after she drinks. She loves to go outside despite rain, wind, or cold, does her business almost immediately without coaxing and runs back inside (which is VERY welcome at 2 am!).

Liberty has mastered most steps and now leaps up onto the hassock in one try and launches herself onto the couch from there (think flying squirrel). She still whines in the crate at night and gave an impressive howl last night. She is better when she has Boomer in the same room with her, though. Some family will be VERY lucky to adopt this little angel!

black labrador retriever mixWe’re looking forward to learning more about this little doll. She’s also proved to be photogenic. Here’s some of her finest moments.

November 1, 2020

black labrador retriever mixLibby took some time to settle in the crate last night. We listened to whimpering, moaning, and some little yappy barks for the first hour, then quiet UNTIL 2:30am when she decided it was playtime, and we needed to get up. Outside she went and did her business. I should have turned on the lights to look in her crate right away but I was punch-drunk with sleep. She had an accident and managed to schmear it throughout the crate, toys, blanket, etc but somehow (thankfully) not
on herself. So…. laundry at 2:45 am.

She went on a very long walk with Boomer this morning and then decided- enough is enough. She refused to continue so I carried her the entire walk home. She is better than the gym for my biceps!

She’s been eating really well and doing most of her business outside despite the rain. A few piddles in the house but better than expected. She actually went up to the bell and touched it with her nose today!!  She discovered the joys of a tennis ball today.

Libby has been snuggling a lot with Boomer. I think she misses her mom and littermates and he comforts her. She is such a sweetheart and the family who adopts her will be very lucky!

October 31, 2020

black labrador retriever mixI picked up Liberty (Libby for short) this morning. She promptly fell asleep in my arms, and slept for the car ride. She has had a fun day playing and snuggling and adores Boomer, our resident lab, already. Liberty is learning to tap the bell at the back door when she needs to go potty. So far, she has not had a single accident.

She had her mid-day meal, and enjoyed meeting the neighbors (through the fences) and romping in the yard. I took her for a short walk, and she is learning to adjust to the leash/harness. She is a playful puppy but settles nicely and is very loving and sweet.

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