Lincoln Black Labrador Retriever Male 3 Months Old ID #3246

October 5, 2023

Lincoln continues to settle in well to living in a house. He was able to do stairs immediately although he does sometimes stumble or tumble going up and down due to his puppy exuberance.

Here he is “helping” with dinner prep. He loves to lay on the kitchen floor like a “frog.”Black Labrador Retriever

His house training is a work in progress. We believe he is not completely emptying his bladder before he comes back in the house which we will continue to work on. He has not had any poop accidents in the house which we consider a major victory. He willingly goes into his crate at night to sleep which is usually from 11 pm to 5 am.

He has learned the joys of belly rubs.Black Labrador Retriever

He is such a sweet and loving boy. We plan to make him available for adoption soon.

Although we have enjoyed having him with us, we are excited to help him find his forever home.

October 3, 2023

Hey it is me Lincoln reporting in again with an update from yesterday and today.  Friends of my foster parents stopped by to meet me yesterday. They heard such great things about me which should come as no surprise. I have been told I am quite the catch. After Josh was done playing with me, I needed to take a brief siesta. My foster sister, Molly came out to greet them and got lots of pets. I don’t think Molly likes me very much. Given the chance, I will get in her face to greet her and she just turns around and walks away. It is hard not to take it personally but my foster parents tell me she is an old girl who has no interest in playing with a young whipper snapper like me.Black Labrador RetrieverToday my foster parents took me to something called a picnic. I had a blast walking around with FD and meeting all of the dogs. The best part was catching up with two my litter mates, Hogart and Ruthie who are also enjoying life outside of the little pen we were living in. I know Peggy will be sharing a great video from the picnic today. I hope she got some great shots of me.

This is it for now because I am exhausted. I need to get my beauty sleep.

Love and kisses, Lincoln

September 29, 2023

Hey, it is me, Lincoln. I decided to take over from my FM because her updates are kind of boring you know what I mean. I am into my second full day, and I am settling in well except for the crate which is a work in progress. I chilled a good bit today with a three-hour afternoon nap, but I do have some concerns how things are run in this house. On Wednesday, just before I got here, my foster parents had their pool closed. Do they have impeccable timing or what? I guess these jokers never considered the fact that the L Man would want to take a dip. Anyway, I was hoping that Ellie May would consider taking me in so that I could enjoy their cement pond. The L Man deserves a place in Beverly Hills after living with my 6 littermates in a far too small, fenced enclosure. I have to fess up that I had my first accident in the house this afternoon. I overheard FM tell FD that it was her fault because it had been too long since I was last out for a walk. At least, she was smart enough not blame me.

I was hanging out with FD while he worked today, and I decided he needed someone to guard his Crocs.Black Labrador Retriever

Well, I am off for an evening walk with FD. Enjoy your evening. I know I will. As my FD always says Life is Good.

Love and kisses, Lincoln

September 28, 2023

Meet Lincoln, one of seven Labrador Retriever puppies who joined Brookline on September 27, 2023. After his Rescue Ride, we took a side trip to Pet Supplies Plus for a much-needed bath. He definitely smelled like the farm. He had a very good first night with us except that he does not enjoy being in his crate. He was barking/howling for a while last night until Mark decided to sleep in the living room with him and suddenly all was quiet. We have been feeding him his meals in his crate which we hope he will eventually see as a positive place to hang out. He has been accident free in the house which is great news. Mark has been walking him every one or two hours and he does relatively well on a leash although he does like to carry part of it in his mouth. Lincoln was “chilling” with Mark during his entire workday. Black Labrador RetrieverWe discovered he has an affinity for paper. He definitely has the “otter tail” which is in constant motion. He is such a happy boy. He loves to give us kisses. He received his Brookline “goodie” box yesterday and he loves his “stuffies”.

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