Linus Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 1 Year Old

November 21, 2019

I am slowly figuring things out here in my foster home.

It was quite a shock to my system to leave the home I had been in before and move in with foster mom and dad and the two resident dogs. So much to take in, so many things they were saying to me that I didn’t understand, new places to smell and do my business in. I was really scared of it all coming at me at once, and I still am if I am honest.

But I am also oh-so-happy I did it! And I am loving all this praise (and treats) I get for learning new things and for being a good boy! It’s nice to sit with the humans and get love and attention. It’s so nice, in fact, that I try and get onto the bed so we can snuggle all night long. Sometimes they are too tired to tell me to get off, and that’s when I get my best sleep.

I almost forgot! I went to an adoption event this past weekend with the humans. They said I did really well.

I did have to go behind the counter and find a safe spot every now and again, but I did my best to meet new people, including a bunch of children who came around the counter to say hi. I’d say I’m shy, maybe nervous around new people, but I would never ever do anything about it. It just takes me a second to warm up, but I’m finding that I really like all the humans and dogs I have been meeting.

They say it is time for me to find a forever family. I hope I find someone who will keep teaching me stuff and someone who will let me run around in dizzy circles in their yard. I certainly would not mind at all if I had a big brother or sister to play with. The resident dogs here do their best to keep up with me, but they’re older, so they don’t play much. Anyway, I should probably stay away from cats (are they like the squirrels we see on walks?!?), but as I learned recently, I actually don’t mind children who know how to approach me calmly. But they can always bring a cheese stick if they want to get my attention quicker.

That’s it for Labrador Retriever sleeping

Paws and best wishes.

November 12, 2019

Hi Everyone! It’s me, Linus. I thought I’d try my paws at writing my own blog this time.

I’m having lots of fun at my foster home, but I guess it’s time for me to start thinking about what kind of family I would like to live with forever. The truth is, I really like the two dogs I live with now. I just feel so much more comfortable and confident when I am around them. They’ve taught me so much about living with humans and how to be a dog. So, in my new home, I would really like to have a dog friend to play with and hang around. Just so you all know, I like both boy and girl dogs.three Labrador Retrievers on sofa

Don’t get me wrong, though: When I am not hanging around with the other dogs, I really like to cuddle with my humans. When they let me, I will sleep with them on the bed at night. But I could also get used to a dog bed. I’m a pretty quick learner. I picked up the whole command process for putting on my harness like a champ. And I had no problem learning to walk on a leash and where to do my business.

Some other things I might like in my forever home? Would it be too much to ask for someone to give me soft, gentle pets and the occasional massage behind my ears? Butt rubs are nice, too. How about some time playing ball? Or running in the yard? The humans say I am the fastest dog they have ever seen. I don’t know about that, but I do know I just love the feel of the wind flashing over my ears as I zoom around as fast as I can.

I guess I should also say that I would like to live with a human family that is willing to be a little patient and gentle with me. I really try to do what the humans tells me—you can see it in my eyes that I want to do what you are trying to tell me. But I just don’t know a whole lot just yet. I will be a good boy if you show me how. I also get distracted easily, so I need a quieter home where there aren’t a lot of loud noises. I haven’t met any of these things called cats or kids, but I imagine if they are skittish or loud, I might not like them very much. But … who knows, right?

That’s it for now, I guess. I’m supposed to go with the humans to some event this weekend to meet people, so we’ll see how that’s goes. I don’t mind the car so much, so getting there won’t be an issue. But I will have to find out how I handle all the commotion.

Welcome to Brookline Linus!

black lab dogThis 14-month-old lab mix is just figuring out what it means to be a puppy. Sadly, this little guy was found on the side of the road and had a rather lonely start of things. But all of that is behind him now. Linus has already started his path to a new life.

Linus has been a very welcome addition to our little pack. Being such a young pup, he looks to the other dogs for cues on how to respond to things. Now, instead of running to his safe space on the couch when a treat is offered, he follows the lead of the resident dogs and comes to us instead. Linus is definitely a smart dog and a fast learner, and we are already starting some light command training (sit, harness, come). Through it all, our resident dogs have been the biggest help in his transition, so it might be good if he finds a permanent home with a resident dog.

Something we are working on with Linus is his fear response. He can best be described as skittish and nervous when he meets new people but warms up quickly (after some affection and some treats, of course; he’s food motivated, although a little snobbish about what treats he likes). Although Linus has only been with us a few days, we are already starting to see a change in this guy’s confidence. Still, sudden loud noises can be a problem, especially on the walk, when he might start to bolt. Other than that, he is very good on the leash and walks easily.


What has been great to see with Linus is that in just a few short days he has already started to come out of his shell. We are starting to see a sweet and affectionate dog emerge, on who might just need an extra moment to warm up to new things and experiences.

Check out this video of Linus playing with our resident older blind guy Nummy! This playful pup really loves to run and play.

For 14 months this boy is a dream. While he loves to run and play he also settles nicely. We have been only gating him in our family room when we leave the house and he has behaved beautifully. He is still a pup however so sometimes we do notice his “puppy” side coming out and he may grab a shoe or a cap but he gives it up easily and learns quickly.

October 3, 2019 (original entry when Linus was being surrendered with resident sib Zoe)

young black lab mixes

Linus 1 yr. old was found along the side of a road in Texas, dumped there with his littermates.  Only he and one other dog survived.  1 ½ yr. old Zoe was found abandoned in Georgia, and shipped north to be adopted.  These 2 youngsters are now living together and best of friends.  You see, Linus was very fearful until Zoe came into his life – now he’s found someone to show him the ropes and help him understand that humans can be trusted.

The owner is very sad to surrender them, but he realizes he can’t give them the time and exercise they need.  His job has changed, and he is traveling more, which is not helping.

These dogs are very sweet and very loving, but Linus will need a patient family who will give him time to learn to trust.  Zoe, on the other hand, is a ball of energy and just LOVES everyone she meets!

They would do best in a home with older children or no kids, as sudden movements and noises frighten Linus.  He would also not do well in the hustle and bustle of a busy setting.  They would also love a fenced yard, so they can run around and play.






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