Lori Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 2.5 Months Old ID#2880

black labrador retriever mixLori is a black Labrador Retriever mix puppy who came into Brookline’s care with her mom, Claire and three siblings, Newt, Peach, and Janie.  Claire and her pups were found abandoned in a neighborhood in MS, and were luckily found, and brought to a temporary foster home.  After a long journey North, they are now in a Brookline foster home.  Please read Lori’s blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

July 17, 2021

black labrador retriever mixSweet little Lori has been with us one week now and is settling in great!  She has the potty training almost mastered!  We still have an occasional accident during the day but doing great!  We have even been going to the door and ringing the bell to tell us she has to go out!  black labrador retriever mixShe also knows how to sit and working on no.  She is your typical puppy who thinks toes are meant to be nibbled on and learning they are not.  black labrador retriever mixShe loves going on walks and sits and is ready to get her harness put on.  She has met a couple neighbor dogs and has to learn that not all dogs like her up in their faces right away.  Resident dog Izzy is very tolerant of her and having her ears, lips, and even legs being chewed on but we are teaching her to stop.  Izzy has let her nap with her!  She also thinks Izzy is her personal climbing gym and will climb on her and also sit on her head!  black labrador retriever mixShe loves playing with all of her toys.  She got her box from the rescue this week and the toy bone was her favorite.  She will also go into her crate when she’s ready for a nap and goes right in at bedtime and right to sleep!  She sleeps all night with no accidents!  black labrador retriever mixEveryone who has met her wants to taker her home!  She is the sweetest pup and will be a terrific dog for a family!

July 12, 2021

I always forget how much work a puppy is to we get a new one!  Lol!  Lori has found things in my house that I didn’t even know I lost!  She seems to find everything to put in her mouth!  She tried to see if the cord on the vacuum tasted good but luckily we saw her and stopped that!  She loves to play with her toys but always finds the stuffing in them quick!  black labrador retriever mixShe has tried to play with resident lab, Izzy, but she still has no interest and walks away from her!  We are loving walks and does pretty good but thinks she needs to walk right beside Izzy the whole time!  black labrador retriever mixWe worked on potty training today and did pretty good with only 2 accidents!  She knows which door we go out of and as soon as we go out, we do our business!  So we are hopeful she is getting the hang of it!  We had another great night in the crate.  We go right in and to bed for the whole night with no accidents!black labrador retriever mixFM had to leave the house for about an hour or so today and she did great in her crate!  We love food and are super excited when see the bowls come out!  She is definitely food motivated!  We are working on commands before She eats and She has almost mastered the sitting command already! We take a couple naps throughout the day to rest up to play hard!  FM wishes she could take naps at the same time to rest up too!  She met some more neighbors today while on the walk and she loves everyone she has met and the feelings are mutual! She is settling in great and enjoying her days!

July 11, 2021

We picked up 10 week old Lori, one of our MS pups, early yesterday morning.  She is definitely very energetic and loves to play!  But when she crashes, she crashes hard!  Lol!  Resident dog, Izzy, is always laid back with new fosters although she doesn’t care to engage in playtime with Lori!  black labrador retriever mixLori is your typical puppy, trying to chew anything and everything including toes!  She goes right in her crate and does great with it!  We also picked up foster, Lylah, for another foster home, and had her for the night.  Lori and Lylah had a great time playing together all day yesterday!  They both did good with potty training and both slept all through the night with no accidents!!  black labrador retriever mixWe got up around 6:30am, and did a pee break and went back to bed for a little.  Lori was sad to see Lylah go this morning, and so were we!  Lori had a couple accidents today but does go every time we go outside.  Lori is definitely food driven so hopefully training will go well!  black labrador retriever mixShe is the sweetest little love bug and we are excited to see how she does with potty training this week!!

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