Lotus Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 4 Months Old ID#3070

chocolate labrador retrieverMeet little Miss Lotus!  She is an adorable almost 4 month old chocolate girl who came to Brookline with her two sisters from another rescue.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

October 27, 2022

Lotus has been settling into a good routine.  She has some energy in the morning but after a walk and some play time she settles in on a dog bed and is pretty easy to watch during the work day.  She sleeps through the night most nights and goes into the crate with no problem.  She’s done well with kids and gets along great with our resident dog.  Lotus weighed in today at 28 pounds.

October 22, 2022

Lotus here checking in.  FM went out for a girls weekend this Friday so I get to hang out with FD.  I have kennel cough so we had to go to the vet on Friday to get some medicine.  I was a good girl and all the vet techs came in and commented on my brindle paws and how cute and well behaved I was.  Then FD made steak for dinner and I put on my best sit and let my green eyes do the talking.  He could not resist my charm and let me try a piece of steak.
chocolate labrador retrieverThe resident dog and I proceeded to chase each other around the living room but she’s a little fast for me so I use a shortcut to keep up with her.

We then settled in on the couch to watch the Phillies win.  I even let FD sleep in till 8:30 on Saturday.  Today I helped take care of the leaves in the backyard and wasn’t scared of the backpack leaf blower.  We then went for a sniffari in the park and now it’s time for a nap

October 21, 2022

Lotus has been a joy to have in the house the last few days.  She almost always sleeps though the night unless she lets us know she needs a quick potty break and then goes right back to bed. chocolate labrador retrieverShe goes to bed around 11 and has been getting up around 6:40 every morning.  Lotus does not signal to go out and has had a couple accidents but she is really good about trying to go every time we take her out. During the work day Lotus is either running around with the resident dog or snoozing on one of the many dog beds. chocolate labrador retrieverLotus is enjoying her two walks a day and loves getting a lot of attention for all the neighbors.  Foster mom and dad had to go out the other evening and a neighbor stopped over to let her out.  Their middle school ages boys came over and comments on how soft she is.  She loved playing with them

October 18, 2022

Last night FM and FD made the mistake of not checking the weather in advance for our nightly walk.  About halfway through the loop the flood gates opened and we had a very wet puppy.  Lotus was not bothered at all by the rain or some thunder in the distance as we raced back home. The resident dog convinced her to play her favorite game chase.  They sprinted around the couches and she figured out a shortcut underneath the coffee table.  She settled again nicely into her crate but heard something in the middle of the night and started barking.  We took her out to the bathroom and then she settled back in after a couple minutes.  In the mornings she is very wiggly and energetic but she plays hard and then naps hard.  We started working on puppy push ups today (sit, down, and stand).  She has mastered sit, and it is more of an attack the floor but she is figuring out down.chocolate labrador retriever

October 17, 2022

Lotus has been a bundle of energy and entertainment.  She enjoyed two walks yesterday and walked a lot better then we were expecting on the harness.  We keep her crate open in our living room and like her sister Lucy she proceeded to bring many toys into the crate.chocolate labrador retrieverWe had to run out last night and she slept wonderfully in the crate while we were gone.  She had many zoomies last night and likes to flop herself down into a dog bed.  She settled down quickly last night in the crate and didn’t make a peep.  Knock on wood no accidents so far in the house.

October 16, 2022

Today we picked up Lotus from another rescue, and brought her to her new foster home.  Luckily she was a pleasure in the car and after a couple minutes of voracious sniffing, she settled down nicely for the 30 minute drive. chocolate labrador retrieverShe continued the sniffing in our backyard and ensured to check out every inch.  She is co-existing nicely with our 2 year old lab who is trying to teach her how to play. chocolate labrador retrieverShe is currently taking a nap in the puppy play pen.

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