Lucky #11 Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Male 3 Years Old ID #2959

June 27, 2021

Lucky playing with Frankie another Brookline dog at BCK

Here is a link to Frankie’s blog

June 4, 2021

Lucky will be getting fixed next Wednesday. Maybe sir humps a lot will stop humping other dogs haha. He doesn’t hump humans.

Lucky is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known once he gets over his bad manners when he first meets someone (jumping up) he is so gentle and affectionate. He could make a great therapy dog one day …

He has personality! He makes funny noises, loves cat food… his GI track does not.

He licks my cats … they rub up against him like he’s been here since he was a baby.

Sit, stay, lay down, no, off, speak, shake are all commands he knows.

He sleeps in funny positions like he’s broke!

He really will make his new family happy!!yellow Labrador Retriever mix

May 26, 2021

Today I spent the day at a sitter with lots of other dogs all up to date on shots because my foster mom had to go out of state for work. I was very good with all the dogs. I didn’t mark anywhere. Mom was really worried about me raising my leg everywhere. I listened well to the babysitters, played nice with all the other dogs.

I don’t like the car that much but I don’t get car sick. I just wine. I make my foster mom and everyone else laugh with my silly personality. I’m big long and lanky but don’t let that fool you; I’m a gentleman when it comes to cuddling.

I don’t need a ton of exercise but a moderate amount is good. I do not like to poop on a leash. I’m not a big fan of the crate. I like to sleep next to your feet!

My tail had a scar … it’s called happy tail. When I was at the humane league in their kennel, I ended up damaging my tail from wagging it so much. It will hurt … so young kids that size might just get whacked in the face by my happy tail. I would be gentle with them otherwise.

Did I mention I’m loud? Yeah, I have a very loud bark … and I know the speak command.

My foster mom fell in love with me but she knows she has a full house already and it’s better to let me get adopted so she can help other dogs & puppies.

May 24, 2021

Lucky was a little shy at first. He doesn’t do as well with male dogs as he does female. He’s fantastic with the 14-week-old I have visiting from another Foster. So good with her.yellow labrador retriever and black Labrador Retriever Mix

He’s great with cats. My one cat basically rubs up against his head.

He does like to lift his leg. Especially the first few days. This may change when he is fixed.

Not a fan of the crate. He is potty trained minus the marking.

Affectionate. soooo affectionate and gentle.

He has a sensitive stomach. So, no treats no bones etc… he loves bones though so I had to hide them all. He will grab a toy and growl but it’s playing, his tail never stops wagging and it can hurt when it hits you. lol 😆

He’s the kind of dog that follows you everywhere and is happy to be around you.

Lucky knows his name. He is really really smart. He knows how to sit, stay, lay down, speak and give him paw.

He likes to lay his head in my lap and let me pet his ears … so sweet.

He is thin. My vet ran lots of blood work and looked over the other blood work. She is happy with his weight. I’d rather see him with 4 -6 more lbs. He eats 2.5 cups I bet he’d eat more.

Sleeps in bed by my feet. Doesn’t seem to need a lot of exercise. FYI he will counter surf…

He just wants to love and be loved … I fell in love with him and almost couldn’t give him up!

May 20, 2021

Lucky is a very tall 61.7 lb yellow Labrador Retriever Mix from the shelter.

Lucky is one of the best dogs I’ve ever met! He’s goofy, friendly, great with my dogs, my cats.

He’s tall a lanky!

He did lift his leg and he gave my fridge my wall and sliding glass door a drink in the first 30 minutes.

He loves to cuddle and play. Lucky knows how to sit, lay down, speak, give paw and stay (well working on that) he does need to learn some manners when meeting people but he’s great otherwise 🙂

I’m falling in love ….

That’s a belly band he is wearing since he is lifting his leg A LOT.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

He’s doing fine with my cats and the puppy and playing my dogs too. He likes to bark

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