Lucy #14 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Female 5-6 Months Old ID#2983

chocolate labrador retriever mixLucy is a five to six month old chocolate Labrador retriever that was found as a stray in Mississippi.  She is very friendly, and affectionate and loves to play. Please ready Lucy’s blog from the bottom up.

Lucy is now available:

October 18, 2021

The difference only a few days will make. This pretty little girl continues to surprise us with how fast she learns. Since her last update, she has turned the corner on bedtime and now walks in and lays down with just the mention of bedtime and Lucy’s labrador retriever mixLucy has had a couple of busy days of running errands and shopping. She now jumps up in the car on her own and continues to be a wonderful, calm traveler. She is eager to meet all people and will go right up to them for pets and to break out the lab lean. She met a number of new doggy friends while in line at the store waiting on her labrador retriever mixShe was perfectly behaved and everyone, both human and dog, loved her. She barked a little bit as she didn’t understand why she couldn’t romp and play with all her new doggy friends in the store.

October 12, 2021

In an effort to not just repeat how sweet and wonderful Lucy is, I’ll try to point out new things.

chocolate labrador retriever mixLucy has made great strides in learning to come when called. Although she prefers that you do it like Ricky Ricardo,  lllooooooccie! 🙂 She had some play time in the woods and every time you call her name she turns to look at you. And those eyes, they get you every time.chocolate labrador retriever mixShe and resident dog Bella have become buddies and play together often. When it’s get too much, or at least Bella thinks so, Lucy reacts appropriately to correction.

chocolate labrador retriever mixLucy has a bedtime game, at least that’s what we call it. She sleeps, begrudgingly, in a crate in our bedroom with the resident dogs on beds nearby on the floor. When she knows it’s bed time and we all head to the bedroom, she disappears and we have to go looking for her. We find her in the living room snuggled on the couch, we go get her and head back to the bedroom, she scoots back out and jumps up in the love seat, we go get her and head back to the bedroom, she jumps up on the big bed and relaxes like she belongs, we shoo her off, she squeezes herself into bed with Sadie or Bella, we scoop her out of there and point her towards the crate….. and she slowly walks in and lays down all defeated like she lost the game. The poor little nugget, it’s so adorable. Then she sleeps all night without a sound. We play this game every night. We’ve been considering allowing her to try her own bed on the floor, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

Today was the first day that all the humans in our house had to actually leave the house for work. She went into her crate willingly with a treat at 8am and was perfect all day (as was seen on the cameras) while the resident dogs were nearby but had free roam. The first person arrived home around 3pm and Lucy was happy to see them. A little while later, when foster mom got home, everyone was treated to a two mile woods walk!

Enjoy some of Lucy’s playtime with Bella.

October 4, 2021

chocolate labrador retriever mixLucy is settling in very well and we’re starting to see her personality and playfulness now. She sleeps all night in her crate without a sound and settles quickly in the crate when we have to leave her for a bit at home. Lucy loves her food, maybe a bit much, so she’s using a slow feeder bowl for now. She’s very gentle when taking treats, as well, and sits nice and calm waiting her turn.chocolate labrador retriever mixShe had a brief meeting with some neighbor kids (6yrs and 3yrs old). She never once jumped. Though she tended to push the smaller one over with the great lab lean! When they squatted down, she would sniff their hair and they’d giggle. She was perfectly behaved for this short time.

She loves her people and you can see the desire to please in those big brown eyes when she looks up at you for approval.chocolate labrador retriever mixWhile she likes to play and still has the puppy exuberance for pretty active play, she is also able to entertain herself with toys and bones. When play gets a bit too much, she can be redirected with a bone or a rope to chew on. Active but settles quickly would be an accurate description.chocolate labrador retriever mixLucy is missing three teeth (2 top front & one bottom canine). This is thought to be from some trauma when she was a young pup. However, you’d never know it. It is not evident in looking at her and has no effect on her eating kibble or treats, chewing bones or ropes, or playing. In fact, it’s adorable as her little tongue tends to slide out when she’s sleeping.chocolate labrador retriever mixLucy has also attended the Sadie class for great labs, as is seen in another pic, and she’s learned the art of exercise and relaxing on the porch.chocolate labrador retriever mixWe’ll be continuing to work on shake, stay, and hopefully come.

October 1, 2021

Lucy has landed! She made the trek from Mississippi to join the Brookline ranks. We picked her up this afternoon in Harrisburg and she was a model traveler for her additional 2.5 hrs to our place.chocolate labrador retriever mixWhen we got home she got tours around the yard from Bella and Sadie, followed by learning the art of porch sitting. Lucy has already won Bella over and they’re becoming fast friends.chocolate labrador retriever mixShe was also quick to learn that Brookline blankets are cozy.chocolate labrador retriever mixStay tuned as we learn more about this adorable dark chocolate nugget.

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