Lucy #15 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 4 Months Old ID#3068

chocolate labrador retrieverMeet Lucy!  She is an adorable almost 4 month old chocolate girl who came to Brookline with her two sisters from another rescue.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

October 20, 2022

Hello Lab Lovers!

I am the foster pup staying at the Irwin’s. I haven’t had time to introduce myself as I’ve been quite busy!

The past few days I have been learning the weekday routine in the Irwin household. We start by getting up and going outside to “do our business.” I have been doing a good job of doing my business outside, but I had two accidents. My forever family will need to ensure they work with me at first as sometimes it takes us newbies a bit to learn the ropes of a new household.

I live with a lady who they call the “Mother of Dogs.” She gushes over everything I do! She thinks it’s so funny when I drag dirty laundry around the house, especially since most of the time I snatch the teenage boys clothes he left on the bathroom floor.

I have kennel cough and am getting medicine for it. At least that’s what the resident dogs say. I am not sure if I believe them as I think the Mother of Dogs is just giving me tiny balls of canned dog food. Speaking of food, I have learned to run out to the kitchen with the resident dogs when I hear the word “treat.” For a young puppers, I am picking up what they are putting down in this household! 😉 (Picking up what they are putting down is what the cool teenagers say these days.)

And on the subject of cool teenagers, I’ve got the best one in the world! He’s 17 and has a loud truck he calls “Big Blue.” When the resident dogs hear Big Blue barreling down the street, they begin to bark like crazy and run to the front window…so of course, I am learning to do that too!

The teen boy has the coolest room! He is a hunter and has bullets on his bedroom floor and I can smell the “fake pheasant ‘he has, which mom makes him keep in the garage.

The sidekick of the teen boy is Babe, the male resident dog. He is a Brookline Boy. Babe is about two years old and he is part German Shepard, so he is a big dog and still has a good bit of energy. I call him “Big Guy.” Well, the Big Guy is teaching me all kinds of things! Big Guy tells me he is “famous” as he attacked a killer skunk last week. According to the Big Guy, although the skunk was the size of a mountain, he took the skunk down with his bare paws! Foster mom said that what happened was that Babe got nailed by a skunk for sticking his nose where it didn’t belong, but that it’s a tradition that all labs who live in the Irwin house get nailed by a skunk at least once. The Big Guy still smells like skunk, despite going to the groomers for a bath. I love the Big Guy!!! Not only is he stinky, he is fun to play with. The Big Guy is very prey driven and so of course he gets along with the 17 year old. I’ve heard stories of the wild game they have hunted and brought back. The Big Guy can’t play too much with me this week as he said that he has to rest because him and the 17 year old are going hunting on Saturday. What fun! I love the Big Guy!

Foster mom throws the ball in the yard for Big Guy and he runs after it. I sometimes run after the Big Guy, just to tease him and get him thinking that I am going to steal the ball. Sometimes I do steal the ball when he drops it by foster mom’s feet and the Big Guy barks and I wag my tail like crazy! I hope my forever home has a cool dog like Big Guy!

I still have more to share about me and my adventures at the Irwin house, but I need to take a nap.


New Dog

October 17, 2022


This is Babe, one of the Irwin’s dogs. I too came from Brookline. I want to share with you some information about the puppers which came to our house on Saturday. They say her name is Lucy, but my family doesn’t think that she knows her name just yet.

Lucy is a typical puppy indeed! She likes to jump on the “teething table” (AKA coffee table) and then bounce over to the couch! Once on the couch she looks over the back to see what’s going on at the kitchen table. Speaking of which, mom walked away from the kitchen table during lunch today, leaving her chair pulled out, at which time Lucy proceeded to jump on it and then onto the kitchen table. Mom told her to get down and I told Lucy that it’s okay, I’ve done that before too. chocolate labrador retrieverSweetie is my 9-year-old chocolate lab sister, who is also a foster flunkie. Mom said that Lucy is “Sweetie’s Mini-Me!” Lucy likes to give Sweetie kisses!

Like a good resident dog, I’ve been keeping my eye on Lucy. On the first day she got here she took all of the toys out of the toy basket, one-by-one and put them in her crate. I couldn’t believe that mom would let a hoarder in the house! I kept cocking my head side to side, trying to figure out why a pipsqueak would be so brazen!

Yesterday Lucy went for a walk with foster mom, her adult daughter, their friend Amy, who is a veterinarian, and Tank who is the adult daughter’s chocolate lab. Lucy said that Amy was petting her, but she could tell she was getting checked out like they do in the vets office!

Lucy said that she carried part of her leash in her mouth while walking. I heard mom say that they couldn’t believe that Lucy could walk so well for so long!

Lucy said Tank is cool and is like the big brother everyone wants. Lucy said that Tank was jumping in the creek during the walk, showing her how to fetch a stick. Tank is a real role model like that! Mom didn’t want Lucy to overdo it, so she didn’t take her down to the creek.

I think Lucy will make a good dog to a lucky family!


October 16, 2022

Lucy came to the Irwin household on Saturday late afternoon. She’s a playful pup who is getting along well with the resident dogs. We’ve had two beautiful October days so the sliding glass door which leads to the fenced in yard has been open, which Lucy has been exploring.

Lucy is going up and down the deck steps without any issues. She’s found it fun to jump on the dog teething table (aka the coffee table) to the couch, and then off the back of the couch to the carpet!chocolate labrador retrieverLucy has seen herself in the glass on the stove and has watched TV a few times, but only for a few second as her attention span is quite short. Lucy likes to be around her humans too, but so far she hasn’t gotten stepped on nor tripped anyone!

There is a crate for Lucy in the living room. The door of the crate is kept open so she can go into it when she wants. Last evening, one-by-one she carried each toy from the basket into her crate!

She slept in her crate last night but did take about 20 minutes to settle.

More to come later!

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