Luna #8 Black Labrador Retriever Female 3 Months Old ID #3244

October 12, 2023

Hi Everybody!  Luna here!  I’ve been such a good girl – busy working on my housetraining, crate time, and walking on a leash!  I’m getting better at all of it!   I’ve been so busy – enjoying the fall weather and chasing my foster brother everywhere!

FM says that I am a very confident young lady and that she is going to miss me very much – but will enjoy sleeping past 5:30 am.  I’m actually good in my crate overnight until I really have to go potty or until someone moves (and wakes me up) which happens nearly every morning!   Breakfast is calling after all…but I’ve learned that I need to go out and do my business first and then again right after breakfast.  I’m pretty much like clockwork!

I love going for walks – I’m about a 6 block kind of girl, but have gone further and further each time.  I love rope toys, bones, and balls (soccer or tennis) and I play with bounds of energy!  I do enjoy a good snooze, and have been working on doing those in my crate, but really do prefer to curl up on the couch.

Let’s just face it – I am adorable and have really been a super house guest.  I’m pretty chill unless I’m rough housing with the gang – which is usually followed by a nap.

Go Phillies!  Love and biscuits, Luna

October 3, 2023

Hi Everybody.  It’s me, Luna again.  Boy, am I glad Monday is over…I’m finding that I like weekends way better where there is time for more walks, trips to the beach, playing ball, or just snuggling on the couch with the humans.  So let’s fast forward this week already…and get back to the weekend!

According to all the reports that I’m hearing – I’m doing better at going quietly to bed in my crate, I just sometimes get myself so tired that I need to act up a little before I can settle down.  Last night was my best night yet so I know that I can do it.  YEAH ME!!  On the down side, I have had a couple of accidents in the house, but overall I’m doing really good considering that I never had to do this before.  Geez, give a girl a break!  I should mention that all #2’s have been outside…so again…YEAH ME! Black Labrador RetrieverI’m very curious, pretty brave, I love to play with the resident dogs (but I do need to tread lightly around the old girl – she gets a little grumpy with my shenanigans), I love to chase a soccer ball, I love meal time, and it’s super fun to get the zoomies at the same time as the big brown dog IN the house – you never know what (or who) we are going to knock over!  This is also apparently when you really need to escort me outside to do my business because sometimes I get so excited that I forget where I am…it happens!

FM says that I must be a genius…I have mastered the sound of the cookie jar – and I run right over and sit down like everyone else.  No one even has to ask me to sit – I just do it!  Well duh…I’m no dummy…I get a treat every time!Black Labrador RetrieverI’ll be looking forward to having more fun in some nice warm weather over the next couple of days!  Have a great night…I’ll check back in soon!

Love and biscuits,


September 29, 2023Black Labrador Retriever

Hi Brookline.  Happy Friday!   It’s me, Luna (Looney, Lu, LuLu…I have lots of names already!)  I’m one of the 7 puppies brought into Brookline on 9/27.   I’ve been pretty busy since Wednesday afternoon when I took one long ride, followed by a trip to the vet with my siblings, and then another long trek to Ocean City, NJ where I was quickly plopped into a nice warm tub.  I’ve been spending my days trying to fit in with the pack here, and slowly but surely I am winning the residents over. Black Labrador Retriever Foster mom says that I’m the perfect size (28 lbs.), and that I’m a super good girl and pretty smart – she also said (after my bath) that I have a beautiful shiny coat too!

I haven’t really had a chance to walk on a leash as it’s been raining cats and dogs since I got here.  I’ve been pretty good in my crate, but really do prefer it when there are people or dogs in my view.  I get pretty noisy if I’m in there and no one is around…I guess I need to work on that.  I have been sleeping in my crate at night though – so long as foster mom’s on the couch near me – from about 11:00 pm to 6:00 am.  I’ve been told that we are going to set up a second crate upstairs so that we don’t need to keep sleeping on the couch.  That sounds ok to me!

I’ve also been nearly perfect with housetraining – only 1 minor accident which if you ask me was the fault of all those cats and dogs that have been raining outside – not my fault!  I also did a thing called “sit” – hey, I was just doing what everybody else was doing and I got a biscuit and got lots of cheers!  Score one for me!  I think I’ll keep doing this.

Yesterday my human brother was home sick so I stayed in bed with him all day…that was a good day!  Today, I’ve been going non-stop with my new friends.    I’ll keep the updates coming…hopefully some new fun stuff is on my horizon…it’s the weekend after all and if it stops raining we’re going to go to the beach and chase seagulls!

Gotta run…almost time for grub!

More soon…love and biscuits, Luna

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