Mac, Yellow Labrador Retriever Male, 4 Years Old

November 5, 2018

Day 3 for the Mac man. He continues to be sweet and lovable. If he had his way he would spent every second with his people, he thinks he is a lap dog. We had a few breakthroughs…

1. Mac picked up and chewed a bone then later he picked up and squeaked a toy. He wasn’t so sure about the toy but he likes chewing on an antler. He has been watching our resident bab and when he puts down a toy, Mac will go over and try it.

4 year old yellow lab Mac
I’m kind of liking this thing!

2. On one of our walks we went to the tennis courts and he engaged the resident lab in a game of chase around the courts!

We also found out that he does have a bark,  If we leave him alone and he can’t see us he will bark. He will go in the crate to get a treat but only if no one is nearby. He loves car rides. Mac is a dream on our walks; his leash skills are excellent and he walks on the left right at your leg. Around our property we do not need to leash him and he will happily chill in the garage while foster dad is working.

November 4, 2018

Mac continues to be a sweet lovable lab. We have had zero issues with him;  he sleeps well, eats like a Lab, has had no accidents and hasn’t been destructive.  Goof boy Mac! Mac received his Brookline welcome package and what a great package it is, it was filled with all kinds of great toys, treats, meds and a leash and collar.

Mac met the neighbor and his dogs and all went well; he loved our neighbor but was too cool to play or interact

4 year old yellow lab Mac
I love my walks

with his dogs. Mac loves going on walks and is very well leash trained; he does not pull and stays right by your left side. On our walk this morning he saw a deer and just simply looked and moved on. He knows basic commands especially if you have a treat in your hand. We still

4 year old yellow lab Mac
Happy boy

have not been able to get him to play with toys-  squeakers, bones and balls do not seem to interest him (we know in his former home another dog would not allow him to play with any toys so maybe this is why?) Mac still will not allow us to crate him. We have him gated in our family room, but if we leave the room he will whimper. Mac will likely be available for adoption in the next week.  Mac will make someone a great companion!

November 2, 2018

Mac has been with us for a little over a day. We took him to the Vet yesterday and he has Ehrlichia, so he started his meds today and all should be fine.  Mac has been our easiest foster so far. He is very chill.  So far we have not heard a single bark. Mac and our resident lab are doing well together. There hasn’t been much interaction but they walk well together and have not had any issues. And Mac walks great on a leash and knows basic commands. He is not a fan of the crate so we have had to gate off the living room and one of us has slept down there in the same room.

4 year old yellow lab Mac
a long day…

We are working on getting him crate-trained. Mac is a little clingy and wants to be close to one of us but who can blame him. So far Mac has zero interest in toys or playing; our resident dog tried to engage him a few times but Mac wasn’t interested. We have tried the whole basket of toys with him but so far no interest. Mac is a champion counter surfer and is always looking for an easy meal. Mac is a little overweight but he loves going on walks, so we should have him down to a good weight shortly.  Stay tuned for updates.


October 31, 2018

4 year old yellow lab Mac
What a stud

Mac came to Brookline when his owner got sick and could no longer take care of him.  He was clearly  a well loved dog, and we’re sure he’s going to make some family very happy.  Look for updates as he settles into his foster family.  Welcome to Brookline Mac!

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