Maggie #16 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 7 Years Old ID #2855

Meet Maggie, who just made the long trip up from MS to her foster home in PA.  Maggie was a stray that was found wandering in the neighborhood (and a regular at the country club!) whose owner couldn’t be found, and her wonderful finders took her in and cared for her until she could make the trip north. We already know she is the sweetest girl, but stay tuned for updates as she settles into her foster home.

Maggie profile


March 7, 2021

Maggie is doing great but as much as we love her, we know she deserves a home of her own.  So she’s accepting suitors. Might she be your new best friend?

7-8 yr old yellow lab



February 28, 2021

There is not a lot new to say about Maggie as she continues to be an easy girl to have around. She is house trained, crate trained (although we’re only crating her at night in our room so she doesn’t get up on the bed), and while she’d rather be on the bed, he goes right into the large crate with a plushy without a fuss.   She still follows us everywhere, and her tail is always wagging.  She takes two regular walks a day and we’re up to about 3.5 -4 miles total a day,  and it’s helping shed some of the extra weight. We did determine that she does not like green beans in her food though.  She systematically picks each beans up and tosses it out next to her bowl.  There are three other dogs to clean up after her though so they are not complaining. We’ve all enjoyed the snow, but now that it’s melting, we’d just assume get our yard back so we can run around more easily and play.

She got a good checkup at the vet, and several folks asked about her status and were interested in possibly adopting her.  She is your typical loving lab that likes to carry her stuffed toy around.

7 year old yellow lab

We had a visiting young dog for a few days and while Maggie thought she was a little over the top at times, she was happy to hang with her and thought she made a decent pillow.

7 year old yellow lab



February 22, 2021

Maggie is settling in nicely.  She is SUCH a sweetheart.  She wants nothing more than to be by your side, and if you have some pets and belly rubs to spare, she’s a happy recipient.  She is eating well, doing her business outside (no accidents) and even managing two decent walks a day.  I’m not sure he is used to much exercise, so we’ll build her up slowly but surely. It will help her with her weight loss.  And she walks beautifully on leash.

Wouldn’t we like to know how she ended up as a stray?  No owner came forward, but its so hard to imagine anyone willingly gave this sweet pup up.  She’s naturally quite clingy and literally gets up every time her fosters do.  FM herself finds it hard to sit still for too long, so Maggie is getting her exercise with all the movement.

While she has commandeered her part of the sectional, she is sleeping on a dog bed upstairs in the master bedroom.  She probably would like to get on the bed, but it’s a little high and she hasn’t tried.  However she settles quickly on the dog bed and sleeps the whole night through.

She’s headed to the vet shortly for another checkup, and we’ll report back after that.

yellow lab on dog bed

February 20, 2021

This sweet yellow nugget arrived early this morning, and she is as good as advertised.  She happily greeted the three resident labs, had a big drink of water, ate her breakfast, a short walk and now is working on another cat nap.  It’s no surprise that she’s having  trouble settling so in between naps, she is exploring and following us around- and easily going up and down the stairs, even the uncarpeted ones to the finished basement.   Maggie is house trained and has clearly lived in a home before as both here and when she was with her finders in MS, she quickly discovered that she prefers the furniture to dog beds.  The goal will be to keep her off the bed.  Wish us luck!

Maggie on the sectional

Maggie appears to be in good health but she may be surprised to learn that she is going on the green bean diet soon.  She should lose ~10-15 pounds to get back her girly physique.  Stay tuned for the results of her weight loss program.

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