Magnum Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 11 Years Old

August 19, 2019

Yellow Labrador Retriever blue ballMagnum had his 3 week post neuter evaluation to check if his prostate might be shrinking. Unfortunately there was no change and he continues to be incontinent. The vet recommended a course of antibiotics thinking he may have a prostatitis with another check in 3 weeks. If there is no change, at that time he’s thinking a biopsy might be indicated, but we’ll cross that bridge when and if we have to. In the meantime Magnum continues to be a great companion! He is always a happy boy.  He’s not a snuggle bug, but he’s definitely learning the Lab Lean. He has just started to be my constant shadow, but he’s just as happy hanging out in one of his beds, the back porch or the yard. As long as a ball is in sight he’s content and can be trusted to be left alone. He’s such a good boy that changing the belly band isn’t a chore….he’s worth the slight inconvenience and he’s so good about having it on before he comes in the house. What a good boy!

Yellow Labrador Retriever

August 3, 2019

We got the pathology report back on the testicular tumor that was found when Magnum was neutered. It was benign!! YES! Now on to conquering the incontinence problem, keeping fingers crossed! He has been transitioning to his renal support diet with great success. I don’t know who will be happier to trash the cone, him or me, but we’re saving that excitement till Monday, just to be safe. After that let the ball games begin!

July 30, 2019

Magnum was neutered yesterday. He did well during the surgery and is very happy to be recuperating at home, except for that #$#* cone! Unfortunately they found a testicular tumor in one of the specimens and it was sent off for histology. Magnum also is suffering with an enlarged prostate, which may be responsible for his leaking problem. The vet will evaluate Magnum in 2 weeks to evaluate the status of his prostate; the hope is that once the testosterone is gone the prostate will shrink, taking some pressure off of the bladder and stop his leaking problem. So, keep your fingers crossed! It was also suggested that he be changed to a renal support diet as his bloodwork kidney values have been elevated since his first evaluation in the shelter.
In spite of all the changes in Magnum’s life he continues to be a happy, upbeat little guy with a wonderful attitude. He knows sit, down, paw and especially beg, all the best “Lab” tricks, but not much of a snuggle bug. He just likes to be near by, hopefully with at least one ball in eyesight.

July 17, 2019

This smiley boy is now with his regular foster and he is doing  great.  We want to emphasize that Magnum is 11 years young as he has a lot of pep in his step and loves playing outside and going for walks.  Magnum is a great house guest but he does have an issue with leaking so he’s going to the vet to get that all figured out.  However, the belly band is a great invention and he has no problems keeping it on.  We think he looks rather dashing:)  Stay tuned for updates from his foster mom.  But in the meantime, look how cute he is waiting for a piece of hot dog, his new favorite treat!

July 10, 2019

He has been a great dog so far. He is just laying here with me right now with his belly band on. We weren’t sure about the marking so I thought I would not take any chances. When I took him for a walk today he did all of his business and he had a bath and was brushed. He seems to be a happy energetic little guy. He could use just a few pounds though. He lost weight in the shelter. Will be going to his permanent Foster home next week.


July 9, 2019

Meet Magnum.  Magnum was rescued from a hoarding situation and ended up in a shelter.  Luckily for Brookline was able to evaluate him and find him a foster so now he’s living the good life.   Here he is on his rescue ride.  Welcome to Brookline Magnum!

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