Momma Ray, 7 year old black lab

February 7, 2018

Momma Ray black labrador retrieverSeems like I have lived here my whole life, and yet it’s only been 3 weeks!

Eileen says I’ve come so far. She tells me all the time how pretty I am; imagine that! Even though I’m 7-yrs old and have had at least 2 litters (Eileen thinks possibly more), causing a saggy tummy and a few enlarged nipples, plus some facial scars from possible defensive tactics, she still thinks I’m pretty! She also praises me for my dark, soulful eyes, my shiny coat of black, thick hair, for my patient and quiet personality, and for my tremendously affectionate nature. She says she loves me – and I believe her! black labrador retriever two other dogs sitting

So much has changed over these 3 weeks! The changes to my kibble and fish oil capsules are working their magic and I am not itching nearly as much. I’ve lost a few pounds, which is helping me be more agile, and I’ve learned to walk UP and DOWN the inside staircase to the 2nd floor of the house. This accomplishment – which I worked very hard to master – means that I can now hang out all day in Eileen’s office AND sleep in Eileen’s bedroom with the whole pack!

If I feel like being alone though, I can go downstairs and spend time in the TV room or kitchen by myself. It’s great being trusted to have access to both floors of the house!

Life is so different from living on the farm, but I am adjusting and learning to appreciate this new world. Most of all, I am truly looking forward to meeting my forever family and bringing joy and happiness into their lives!

February 2, 2018

 black labrador retriever sleeping under blanketMomma was spayed yesterday and had a couple bad teeth pulled. Poor baby has laid low all day today, snuggled under a blanket. Last night was rough – she was very unsteady on her feet and disoriented from the anesthesia when I got her home. Concerned about getting her out of the car and up the stairs into the house, I asked my friend Jerry to meet me here to help. Momma awkwardly slid-slinked out of the car, stood up and walked over to my neighbor’s lawn (presumably to pee). After less than a minute of wobbly sniffing, and without peeing, she laid down flat on the grass! Poor Jerry had to carefully and strategically lift 57 lbs of totally relaxed dog, carry her into the house, and lay her gently on her dog bed in the kitchen.<3

Around 8;30-9:00 p.m. my daughter’s boyfriend Connor came over and carried Momma out to the yard – and much to our surprise and delight – she stood and sniffed unsteadily for a moment, then walked a short way from us and peed. (I always sigh a huge sigh with that first post-spay pee.) Then she surprised us even more by going to the steps where she allowed me to guide her slowly back up and into the kitchen to her bed. She did not want to be carried! black labrador retriever sleeping on floor

She wouldn’t eat or drink anything last night, though I did use a syringe to squeeze some water with crushed pain meds into her mouth – she didn’t care for that at all! I’m sure her mouth was very sore. I’m such a softie when I see my fosters in pain, so I got a sleeping bag and air mattress and slept on the floor next to her all night. She was very restless, so I was very restless, but it gave me peace of mind knowing that she was okay, and I think she felt some relief (her tail still wagged when I spoke softly and petted her) knowing I was there.<3

She has eaten a little bit today, been out twice to pee, and is drinking enough water. It is tough getting her to take Tramadol, though! I put a little of the pill into a piece of chicken, hotdog, and even scrambled eggs – so she did get enough of it throughout the day. She isn’t letting me near her with that syringe again! She is a trooper, and by tomorrow I trust she will be on her way to feeling like her regular self!

 black labrador retriever on sofaShe looks at me with her big, dark eyes and I just melt. She’s going to make some family very happy one day…soon!

Foster mom Eileen


January 24, 2018

Meet sweet Mamma Ray! For 7 years she has lived her life as a farm dog – then her owner lost the farm through foreclosure. When I got her, Momma did not know how to climb into my car, was afraid to walk up my back deck steps because they are open, was not housebroken and did NOT want to be in a crate, and did not give any of the dog treats I tempted her with a second look or sniff!
 black labrador retriever standing on deck head up tongue out
She was overwhelmed by all the new things, people and places she had endured since losing the only home she had ever known. Yet once again, the resilience, adaptability and forgiving nature of dogs came to Momma’s aid, along with all the wonderful and dedicated people at Brookline!

In this short amount of time she’s been with us, Momma has gotten her first bath and grooming (courtesy of the awesome, kind and patient Helen Rubino and staff at Scissors N Suds), learned to walk up those deck steps, has not had one accident or even a close call in my house, does not bark when people come to the house (!), rests quietly in the kitchen or TV room, is eating food from a bowl instead of off the ground for first time in her life, has learned that dog treats ARE in fact quite good, and she will now sit (usually) to get a milkbone!

Despite being a relatively large dog – guessing about 55 lbs. – she is not rough, rowdy, or in anyway destructive. She loves to be petted and patted – and shows me her appreciation by vigorously wagging her tail and wiggling her backside! Since she has not yet walked up the inside carpeted stairs to the 2nd floor she patiently and quietly lays on one of the (new) TV room couches, which I have strategically 

​covered with comforters and blankets, until I return downstairs periodically to check on her and let her out. She has been so quiet while here, that it would be easy to forget that she’s even in the house. 

​Last night, after I was out for a couple of hours to have dinner with a friend (first night I was out since she arrived) she barked when she  black labrador retriever laying on decksaw me! I was surprised, because she’s been so quiet. I get up early – typically 4:30 a.m.. and it was 9 p.m., so I was tired. After putting all the dogs out, checking her water bowl, and giving her a milkbone, I turned off lights and headed upstairs to bed. She followed me to the steps and I though momentarily that she might just follow me up, but instead she began to pace and whine, agitated and unhappy. I went over to the couch and sat down, calling her to my side…she quickly obliged, jumping up beside me. I urged her to lie down next to me by gently guiding her down, and in a few seconds her head was in my lap! I sat with her for nearly a half hour, petting, soothing, and speaking softly to her. She relaxed with that release of air that dogs do when they are letting go of stress, and began to breathe the breath of contented sleep. I carefully lifted her head off my lap and walked out and up the stairs. She stirred briefly, then settled right down – and not a peep from her for the rest of the night! 

​She is an angel. So gentle. So accepting. So appreciative. So smaart. She has already learned the command “Sit” now that she has found out that dog biscuits are yummy!And I can see her true personality emerging a bit every single day. I think that soon, I will be adding playful and curious to that list of adjectives! 

​Looking forward to learning more about Momma Ray – every day!!!






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